Shanghai Metro Map and Timetable

Update Metro Line #4, #6, #8 Opens January 2, 2008

The good news, Metro Line #4, #6, #8, #9 finally open on Dec 29, 2007.

Here are my introduction of the new lines:

End of Update

My friend Alex sent me a very good map of Shanghai Metro Plan (including Metro Line #1 to #9) and the Shanghai Metro Time Table (Metro Line #1, #2 and #3)

Credit: Anonymous


Credit: Anonymous

It is amazing to see 6 more metro lines will be constructed in the near future. Currently, more than 100 metro stations are being constructed at the same time.

129 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Map and Timetable

  1. Hi! The metro map is very useful!!

    My hotel is near Yu Garden, Renmin Lu and wld be travelling via the Maglev and the metro to Ren Min Guang Chang station. Will it be easy to get a cab to my hotel from the train station? or is there a nearer train station which I cld alight at?

  2. Hi

    I’m Carsten, and I live in New Harbour Apt’s, Yongshan Lu, Puxi.

    I have some views on the traffic here :

    I work in Jinqiao district and occasionally in Minhang New Development Zone.

    I usually go by the bus to Jinqiao Lu (28 min.,1½ Yuan). If I take a taxi it is 33 Yuan.

    If I go to Minhang, I take the Metro line 1 from Peoples Square to Xinchuang and change to Metro Line 5 (the new one). See the map on

    All in all 6 Yuan, 1hr.5 min. I guess the taxi will be 80-100 Yuan.

    Line no. 5 has Alstom train sets, and these are much noisier than the Siemens at line 1-2-3. The seats are just terrible. (I guess that they must have been cheaper than Siemens.) And the speed is killingly slow. BUT, an important thing is, that it is faster and far, far safer than going by taxi !

    If it is a short distance, I’d rather walk than go by taxi. (I want to spend my life with two good legs and my brain in full function.)

    The transportation card is a wonderful thing – I wish we had this system in my country Denmark. But the bus requires cash in some cases, bring some 1 Yuans and ½ Yuans in your pocket.

    A hint is to learn the amounts for money (the numbers). It will be much easier if you understand how much they require, as not all shanghainese carry calculators or speak english ! It’s not that difficult.

    I hope these informations may be useful for someone.

  3. Good Day. I am going to be visiting Shanghai beginning on June 30. I hope to stay at the Charms (Zhongfu) Hotel at 619 Jiu Jang Road. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get there after I get off the Maglev?


  4. Take Metro #2 after you get off Maglev and get out from the Henan Middle Red. Station. Walk ahead westwards and you will find the hotel.

  5. Thanks for the information. I am truly looking forward to visiting Shanghai, as the first stop on my tour of China. Another favour….I will be arriving after 8:30 in the evening. Will I be able to cash traveller’s cheques or exchange for CNY at that hour in the terminal?

  6. Thank you once again.

    I know I am starting to use you as a personal information office, but if you don’t mind………..

    I understand that it is custom to bring presents to people when you visit. Can you think of anything appropriate from Canada?

  7. What is the best way to get from PuDong airport to the Shanghai train station via metro (and/or maglev where appropriate)? How long will it take?


  8. Hi there…

    I will have a 1st time business trip to China. Wonder what’s the best way for the following city:-


    Please advice whether any train service for the above city.


  9. Hi, My first time to Shanghai. I need to go to Xinzhuang Industrial Development Zone in Minhang from Shanghai Yangtze Renaissance Hotel near ShanghaiMart. What is the best way to go their, by taxi, by train or by tube, and how long does it take by those transports. Thanks!


  10. Simon, the safest, cheapest and perhaps fastest way is to find the nearest Line no. 1 subway and go to Xinzhuang Station.

    You go up in the hall and finds the entrance for Line no. 5 nearby (you have to pay out at line no. 1 and pay again at line no. 5).

    This brand new line goes south to Minhang Industrial Development Zone.

    From People’s square it takes an hour to the end of line no. 5 in Minhang.

    It can easily take 1.5 hours by taxi.

    See a good map of the lines at

  11. Hi,

    Good map and good job for loading it. As I do not understand chinese could you tell me if the metro extends to the new Shanghai Racing Circuit holding the F1 race in September – Thanks Ian (UK)

  12. Hello! I’ll be visiting Shanghai in September.

    I’ll be staying at the Hilton Hotel, No. 250 Hua Shan Road.

    Can someone tell me the easiest way to get there after I get

    off the Maglev?

  13. Oh. Kristiina, you are lucky since the Hilton Hotel is near the Jing An Station of Metro Line No. 2 and the Long Yang Station is also on the Metro Line 2.

    So take Metro Line 2 after you get off Maglev and go out at Jing An Station. Then the Hilton Hotel is only 5 minutes walk.

  14. Hi,

    I am going to stay in Shanghai Everbright and Convention Hotel. Can you tell me how to get there from Pudong Airport? Taxi, metro?



  15. Hello There,

    I’m arriving in Shanghai by train and need to get to PVG. What’s the easiest way to get to the airport? I understand there’s a bus (#5?), where would I catch it?

    How far would it be by taxi and what might be the cost?

    Thx, Scott

  16. I am arriving at Pudong International Airport. I want to go to Hotel Holiday Inn, Heng Feng Road, Downtown, Shanghai (Near Shanghai Railway Station). Please advise me how to go ther. Can I take Airport Bus?

    Also, I want to go to Shanghai International Expo Centre from Hotel Holiday Inn. Should I take bus or train? Which number? Please guide…

  17. Hi, i want to go to Pudong Airport from Hong Feng Road, JinQiao (Near Ramada Plaza). What is the nice way to go to Pudong Airport.

  18. Hi, I want to go from Pudong Airport to Ramada Plaza at Nanjing Lu. Bus No. 5 stops at People’ Square, is that convenient? Do you know where exactely the bus stop is? Hotel shuttle bus line C seems to be an alternative. Do you know how much it is? Which is more convenient with big luggage?

  19. > I will be staying at Peace Hotel. What should I do after getting off the Maglev?

    A) Most convenient: Take a taxi from Long Yang Station directly to the Peace Hotel

    B) Get onto Metro #2 (just adjacent to Maglev Station), buy a 3 Yuan ticket, take the Metro direction Zhong Shan Park (NOT Hitec Station) to HeNanLu Station, Get off and take a short taxi ride to the Peace hotel.

    C) Only if you have almost no luggage and know your way: Do B) to HeNan Station, walk East on Nanjing Lu, you will hit Peace hotel on the left just before the Bund. It is probably a 8-10 Min walk.


  20. Hi. I will be visiting Shanghai in December. Where can I get information about the current Maglev train timetable?

    Thank you.


  21. > Hi. I will be visiting Shanghai in December. Where can I get information about the current Maglev train timetable?

    You won´t need a detailed time table! Service is from 8:20 to 17:30 (8:30 from the airport) every day, at 20 min intervals.


  22. This is my first time go to shanghai,do you know how to go magnificent international plaza & Hotel.location -xi zhang road &

    xin tian di.Any good advice ?

    Thanks you so much.


  23. Hi!

    I am going to visit Shanghai in January 2005 and I am planning to go from Pudong airport to Hotel Equatorial. May I know which metro can I use?

    Also, what are the tourist places in and around the city that can be accessed by metro/other transport means?



  24. Hi!! I am going to study in shanghai at Jiaotong University. This is my first time to shanghai. Can you suggest me how to go to jiaotong university (Fan Yu road)? Can i go by Meglev? or taxi is easier, or shuttle bus. Thank you in advance…..PiN

  25. hi…

    can anyone help me?! :-) im travelling to shanghai 4 da 1st time…i cant really find info on how to get to the hotel im gonna be staying @!!! gonna be staying @ North Square Hotel @ Zhongxing Rd in Zhabei…what will be the cheapest transport there??meglev?taxi???metro how do i get there??? …ever greatful :-D

  26. Where in Shanghai can I find good quality costume jewelry. Is there a wholesale market for costume jewelry. I would like to bring some home for resale. I know of Pearl City.

    Thank you

  27. There is a small ally outside Yu Yuan Garden near north east entrance full of costume jewellery wholesalers, my wife told me the selection is comprehensive and the price is good, but no bargaining. It is up to you to discover.


  28. Hi!

    I’m very interested in the new M7 line that will be built quite close to the Shanghai University new campus. Do you have any clue when it will become operational. Because at the moment it takes quite a lot of time to get from there to the central Shanghai area… :(

    Thank you.

  29. LOOKING FOR INTERN / ART STUDENT, ETC. IN SHANGHAI: Hello, I’m a commercial and fine art photographer from New York City. I’ll be in Shanghai starting next week from Feb. 25 to March 15th. I’d like to have an intern, art or photography student accompany me some evenings while I photograph on Shanghai subway station platforms. This is an ongoing series that I do in different cities. Part of it can be viewed here:

    The person doesn’t have to know anything about photography; just dress warm & comfortably and keep an eye on what’s happening around me so I can concentrate on taking photographs on a tripod. It would be good if they speak Chinese and some English, have a nice attitude, low-key, reliable on timing and have a cell phone so I can reach them easily. In exchange, I’d be happy to consult with them about their photography, cameras, info about the arts in NY or professional photography industry. If you are interested or know someone, please e-mail me from the website above ASAP with name, availability, age, e-mail address, home and cell phone # and a few sentences about yourself. Thanks!

    P.S. If you know an art school or someplace else where I can put this request, please let me know. Thank you.

  30. Saunders,

    I have helped to forward the request to some of my friends. Most university BBS requires strictly registration approval. Some ban all IP from outside.

  31. Hello, I’ll be going to Shanghai with my mom in mid April. Can someone recommend a hotel that’s centrally located to the shopping area or at least close to a subway station that runs to the shopping area. My mom is in her 70s so I want a hotel that’s offers good service and is located in a safe area. Thanks.

  32. hi there..

    i’ll be in shanghai this may and will be staying at Hotel Nikko Pudong.. i’ve searched via every search engine but fail to find a way to get there… cud u advise me the best way to get there? I wud love to try out the maglev as well.. thanks!

  33. I am hoping to go on a business trip to China in order to purchase freshwater pearls and gemstones for my jewllery design business. I have been told to go to the Yu Garden Precinct in Shanghai where I will find all the pearl and gemstone wholesalers. Is this information correct?

    I am also looking for a reputable place to stay which would be conveniently situated. Please help!

  34. hi, Jian Shuo,

    Thanks for the metro map and timetable. It would be helpful for my trip to shanghai in June.

  35. Hi!

    Whats the fastest way of going from Pu Dong airport till Hongqiao airport? Can we take the Metro or is Taxi faster?

    Best regards



  36. Returning home on Sunday and I wonder where the bus stop for Pudong Int’l Airport is at People’s Square?

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  38. Hi I will going to Shanghai this weekend. I am offered Shanghai Charms or Exhibition hotel by the agency. Any comments on these 2 hotels? Which will be more convenient since i will traveling more by metro. Tks for your advice.

  39. Can you help me with details of wholesale markets for costume jewellery is in Shanghai?

  40. Hi.

    I will be visiting Shanghai from South Africa and staying in the Shanghai You You hotel.

    Please tell me how I can get to and from the hotel and airport using the Metro.

    Thanks Very much.



  41. Hi folks,

    I am very confused about the different lines and the maglev.

    Is there a train serving pudong airport? From the above post, i remembered i saw someone mentioning that there is one bus serving the airport to the train station. Is that true? Which metro station will that be then?

    Thank you!

  42. Please could you let me know if the Maglev train operates to the airport day and night.

    If so please let me know what time it starts operating in the mornings.

    Thank You

  43. Hi,

    I am trying to find out which Metro station is nearest the hotel I will be at?.

    Magnificent Plaza Hotel 381 Xi Zhang South Road,

    Any Help Appreciated



  44. I’ll check in at YMCA Shanghai hotel. My domestic flight will land at Shanghai Hong Qiao Airport. Is the line 2 Metro linking Hong Qiao Airport to People’s Park operational already as of today, Sept. 01,2005? If not, what airport shuttle bus# do I need to take to bring me nearest to my hotel? Some one told me to take bus F to YMCA Shanghai hotel, where can I take bus F?

  45. I would like to get to the Grand Hyatt Shanghai from the airport. Once I get off the Mag Lev what should I do? Thank you!

  46. Hi I have to go to ZF Sachs AG SAS in Minhang District, especialy to Yuanjiang Rd.4440,Minhang District. How do i get there. With Metro line 5???? Maybe someone can help.

    Thx a lot!!!

  47. Hello All,

    I am wondering when the planned SH metro line 8 will come into operation, anyone have an idea?

    Thanks in advance!


  48. I will visit shanghai. I have to go to Chang Nan Road, Songjian Dist., Shanghai. Can anyone guide me how to go from pudong intl. airport and distance & time.

  49. Hi Jian Shuo Wang,

    Thanks for this web site. I finally found the map of shanghai metro english version at

    I won’t find it unless you guys puts information in this site.

    Again, thanks guys.


  50. Hi Mr Wang,

    Chanced upon your website when I was researching for our first trip to Shanghai & Beijing during the last December holidays. Your detailed information about the trains shuttling between these 2 cities (and the photos) were very helpful. We were initially quite skeptical about the quality and service, but after checking out the info on your website, we decided to take the train anyway. And we enjoyed the trip tremendously! The trains saved us quite a bit of money and we made friends with our cabin mates as we took the 4-bedded soft sleeper.

    And we found out the if we buy our tickets from the Shanghai Railway, the ticket price include a packed dinner.

    Once again, thanks for your help and I look forward to more information being posted on your website.

  51. Hi Wang Jianshuo!

    What a great website you have! Keep up the good work!

    Jia You!


  52. Am visiting Sahnghai in Nov and want to take a ride in the maglev What is the best way to buy a ticket? On the day from the metro station?(we will get on near the Sofitel) or can the hotel arrange tickets for us Do we buy a separate ticket from Longyang Rd station to the airport?

  53. The easist way to buy Maglev ticket is just directly go there, and buy ticket at the ticket window. There are always not too many people take it, so you are 100% sure to get a ticket at the last minute. Hotel desk may not be able to help.

    You can buy one way or two way from Long Yang Road station to the Airport. I heard two way, you only pay 80 RMB, while one way is 50 RMB.

  54. planning to take a train to Nanjing from Shanghai and stay for a few days.

    a) Is there an express train to Nanjing?

    b) Can you buy tickets in advance from Australia?

    c) Which station does the train to Nanjing leave from?

  55. Hi. I am coming to Shanghai on friday.

    Is it difficult to reach Nanjing Road from the Pudong Airport?

    The map you posted is nice but useless for somebody who don’t understand the chinese language… like me :)

    Is there a site where I can find maps and other (english subtitled) useful information besides yours?

    Thank you


  56. Hey…I will coming to Shanghai this June..I was looking for disounted hotels ( upto US$ 50) near the metro station lines. The ones i found were all too far away from the station..can any1 guide me??

  57. I have booked hotel

    Home Inn Shanghai LongDong Avenue

    NO.5385,Longdong Road,Pudong District,Shangha, Shanghai, 201201, China

    How much far away from Shanghai new international expo center in Kilometer and walking distance.

    Can you give detail map in english avaialable in shanghai. I have visited earlier two time to shanghai. And third time i am visiting to shanghai on 26 june 2006.

    Please reply immedieteley.

    Pravin navle

  58. Can Anyone Find the Time table in english? If so can you post the site???


  59. I’m planning to stay at the Celebrity Service Apartment. Is there a metro station near there? Have you heard of this hotel? How do I get there after taking the Maglev?

  60. Is traffic terrible in morning? Should I get on maglev or get a taxi to YCMA?? I’m going to be there on Aug’30.

  61. I’ll go to Shanghai nest week and I stay in Holiday In Vista. Is the hotel near Metro Station line ? Which train go to The Bund from the Hotel ?


  62. Thanks for your response.

    Holiday In Vista is not in Dong Chang Road but in Chang Su Road, is there any Metro Line Station in Chang Su Road ?

    How can I go to Nanjing Road for Shopping ?

    Which interesting places do you recommend for me to stay 2 nights in Shanghai ?


  63. Ops. Tao, sorry that i gave you the wrong direction. I thought was the Holiday Inn (Gujing). I am more familiar with the Chinese names of Holiday Inn.

    Holiday Inn Vista is just at the Exit of Metro Shanghai Railway Station. There is a metro station there and bring you to the People’s Square, which is the starting point of Nanjing Road.

    For places, please check out the placestosee section of this blog.

  64. I would appreciate if you can provide the Shanghai Metro Map and timetable which is in English. Thank you

  65. Hi

    Anyone know a good site to check how long it takes from one station to another in the Shanghai metro system?

    Need to get an estimate of travel btw/ Longyang Rd. and planned Luban Rd. Station.

    Also wich bus is appropriate from Pudong Airport to Puxi side of Lupu bridge?


  66. I shall be coming to Shanghai in two weeks and it would be very useful to have a metro map in English. Any chance? Thanks.

  67. Arriving in Shanghai Oct 3 and have some questions someone may be able to answer.

    1. Pudong airport to Yangtse Hotel … is there transport that goes directly to that area?and is the traffic bad at say 8am ?

    2. How heavily are train tickets from Shanghai to Beijing booked … can i get one on the same day i want to travel?

    3. I need wholesale jewellery areas in and around Shanghai .

    4. Is Li Wu a good area for buying jewellery wholesale?

  68. Susan, There is a train that runs from Shanghai to Yiwu city. It is from the train station, you must search for “train from shanghai to yiwu” on google and there you will find a timetable. The trip is 4hours, do not take the hard seat ticket.

  69. Can someone tell me which station is closest to Tomson Golf Course? It is in Pudong near Long Dong Lu. It’s off of line 2, I’m just not sure which station. Thank you.


  70. Good day Jian Shuo:

    Thanks for posting the amazingly detailed map of Shanghai (the one that I can use the map viewer).

    – is there a version which also has the street names in English? (even just the major streets)?

    – what do those numbers like 136, 141 (white numbers in red blocks) mean? do they refer to hotels, buildings? is there a place where I can find that list?

    – basically I ma looking at the exact location of the Metropole Hotel, and the Tianci Service Apartment in Huangpu.

    Thanks again

  71. any idea if there’s a metro frm Beijing Xi Lu (i work in fortune gate 1701) to Ren mi people’s Sq? Am kinda desperate after standing in the cold rain last night waiting for a taxi..Thanks

  72. What time does the last maglev train from the center to Pudong depart on weekdays?

    Thanks for advice


  73. I am going to Shanghai in a couple of months time and on to Jiangyin. Is there a train from Shanghai to go there. Thanks.

  74. Hi,

    I’ll go to Shanghai next week. My hotel is Holiday Inn Gujing Hotel.

    Is there any place nearby to see in the evening (bcoz I have to work in the afernoon) ?

    Please advise. Thanks

  75. Hi,

    I will be staying on the 29th Jan 07 at Joyage Luoshan Hotel – No.1609 Luoshan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai 200135, China.

    Please advise me on the possible ways to get to the hotel from the international airport.

    Would be cheaper by maglev then train or shall i just take a cab? We are a party of 3 with lugagges. Your fast reply by email would be great.


  76. Hi,

    My hubby and I will be moving to Shanghai in June. We’ll be staying in Minhang district as his work place is situated there. I’ve tried to locate some info on lodging (apartments), transport, food, housekeeping services and marts but couldn’t get much as i can’t read chinese either. From what i see, it looks as if Minhang is quite isolated and not very convenient when it comes to food and entertainment. Would appreciate if you can share some information on the above. Thanks

  77. hi, i am going to shanghai on sunday, my flight will get there at 15:45 and i have to be at the train station at 17:20. do you think i could make it? what’s the quickest way to get there? thanks

  78. Hi…I will be working in Shanghai for 3 months. Do you advise me to take the metro in the morning or bus? I heard that the metro is so packed that you can hardly get into the train. Please advise me. Thank you.

  79. Chery:

    Take a taxi if you want to avoid the crowds. My office was a 15 minute walk from my home and I took the cab to avoid the crowds on the streets!

  80. Is there a jingan park station and a raffles city station? how long does it take to travel to Raffles city station from Jingan Park station?

  81. jing an park is line 2(subway), a raffles square is near people square?

    It is two stop from jing an park station to people square station.(line 2)


  82. Hi everybody,

    i will fly to Shanghai soon, and then i need to go directly to Nanjing, so, i would just like to know in which train station do i have to take the trip, and how to get from Shanghai airport to the railway station… if you can tell me the best way

    thank you!!!

  83. @Trujillo, you should use the Shanghai Railway Station (not Shanghai South Station) for trains to Nanjing.

    Pudong Airport —- Maglev —-> Long Yang Road Station

    Long Yang Road Station —– Metro #2 —-> People’s Square

    People’s Square —- Metro #1 —–> Shanghai Railway Station

  84. Hi ,

    Wpuld appreciate if you could advise which metro line and at which station should I be getting off for the new Shanghai Racing Circuit holding the F1 race in Jiading? Thanks.

  85. hi guys,

    i will be travelling to shanghai with my mum around Nov time…and wanted to know what is the nearest station to yu garde? and what other attraction is worth going?


  86. Hello , I was in Shanghai in Feb of this year on business and while traveling around on the metro i came across a shopping center in one of the station , it sold fake suitcases , cloths and golf clubs , there was many shops selling these .The shopping center was below ground level , can you please tell me the name as i will be in shanghai later this month .Thanks

  87. Am arriving on Dec. 4th to Shanghai and planning to stay at Ramada Zhabei…what is the easiest way to get there from Pudong airport? if by taxi how much should I pay? Is it a good area to stay for first time in Shanghai.. am also planning later to go to a conference at Everbright Convention Center?

    thanks for any help or info.

  88. Hi Keith, a little late but maybe it will be useful for others. The Pudong Fake Market is the shopping center you referred to, where you can buy branded clothes and stuff. It is located at the metro station of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, in Pudong (line 2, green, two stops westwards from the Maglev in Longyang Rd.)

  89. Hi! My relatives are here in Shanghai for a short vacation. We plan to go to Yu Yuan Garden. Can someone tell us what’s the easiest way to go there? Thanks for your help.

  90. Hi!..does anyone knows how to get to Hongzhong Road from Zhongshan Park?..please help i don’t know what bus should I take..thanks

  91. I would like to heap praises on your useful website. I would like to know the names of the hotels that are safe, near to Maglev, Metro stations and to the popular shopping areas of common people and tourists.

  92. I am arriving in Shanhgai at 22:30 on the 25/2/2008. First question, is there any other option to gett to downtown area than with a taxi, since the Maglev stops at 9.30? Secondly the question everyone ask, which area is the best location and hotel (usd60-80) to stay? Many thanks

  93. Hi everyone,

    Are there anyone here on this forum that will be arriving in Shanghai on the 24th of February 2008?

    Please contact me


    South Africa

  94. Hi mike93alfa,

    I will be in Shanghai on the 24th of February.

    Can you please contact me on this blog???



    South Africa

  95. Hi,

    I happen to come across your page every now and then when I am searching for something. You have an amazing amount of information on your site. Thank you!

    This time I was looking for a subway map and found your site again. As it is quite out of date I was searching a little longer and found a great site you could maybe add as link. This one should always be up to date.



  96. Hello any one can help me.

    I will go next week to Shanghai city and i need to go to the Shanghai Circuit from Shanghai South Railway Station. Any one know the best way to do it.


  97. Hi,

    The page is useful but can anyone post a English version of the timetable?

    Would be useful for non-chinese immigrants like me.



  98. hi may i know how do get from Pudong airport to Asset Hotel,south wanping road by metro?

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