JW Marriott in Tomorrow Square Opens

When I am talking about JW Marriott Hotel in Shanghai, most of my friends has never heard of the name. Not to mention the new JW Marriott Hotel in the Tomorrow Square, the name of Marriott is not that famous like Shangri-la or Hilton. Although Marriott is the largest hotel group in the world, the brands are not widely recongnized. Maybe it is because of the translation. Either Hilton and Shangri-la are directly translated as they are pronounced, but Marriott is translated as Wanhao in Chinese. There is absolutely no directly relationships between the English name and the Chinese name.

Anyway, not well-known does not prevent the hotel to be a great hotel. It is at the heart of Shanghai – the People’s Square.

Great View

I happen to visit this hotel days ago and took the following pictures:


© Jian Shuo Wang

The Cafeteria of JW Marriott is located on the 38th floor with fantastic view. The four directions of the hotels are all wonderful since it is located exactly at the center of Shanghai.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Looking southward, you can see the high buildings are raising all across the city. The building in the middle is the famous Hongkong Plaza.

Confusing Elevators

Since the building was not designed to be a hotel at the very begining, the elevators and the grand halls on the grand floor were not designed to accommodate a hotel. When I entered the lobby of Tomorrow Square for the first time, I doubt – is this a hotel? There is only about 50 sq. meters in the lobby – the smallest lobby I have ever seen. There is no logo for the hotels either. I asked the bell boy – yes. Only the presence of a bell boy secured me to believe this is a hotel.

From one of the two elevators adjustance to the building entrance, we arrived at the 38th floor, the real lobby of the hotel. To be honest, this lobby is not large also. The elevators are equiped with door lock that only a guest with the room IC card can use the elevators to room levels.


399 Nanjing West Road Shanghai, 200003 China

Phone: 86 21-53594969 Fax: 86 21-63755988


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18 thoughts on “JW Marriott in Tomorrow Square Opens

  1. It certainly has a nice view of the city!

    In US people usually don’t associate Marriott with upper scale hotels because of those small hotels such as Courtyard and Residence Inn.

    Marriot Courtyard in Bellevue seems to be Microsoft’s favorite hotel. I stayed there eight years ago when I was interviewed at MS for a SDE position. Last week I stayed at this hotel again when I had an interview for a Sr. PM position there…

    Which hotel(s) does MS Shanghai office usually book for the interviewees or its people visiting there?

  2. Tutu, I remember the hotel in Hongqiao is Marriott, not JW Marriott. JW Marriott is the top level branding from the Marriott Group. Other low end brands include County Yard….

  3. Nice pics of the marriott! I wonder if you might be able to help me out… i want to book a room at the JW for New years eve…december 31st, and have a small party. I need an executive suite, but it’s very expensive…350 us dollars. do you know of any way to get a better rate?

  4. Their list price on http://www.ctrip.com is 299 USD (2482 RMB), a little bit cheaper than you got. I forwarded your comment to one of the sales manager in the hotel I know so maybe he can get back to you soon – but don’t have high expecations, the hotel has the best location of Shanghai and they have too many business to give a discounted price.

  5. 299USD for a exec suite in JW Marriott on new years eve is dirt cheap–one of the party i attended in W Hotel NYC was billed at 4000USD on new years eve. crazy…

  6. Dear david,

    Seasonal greetings from JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai!

    My name is Andy He, Catering Sales Manager of JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai.

    Thank you for your interest in our hotel as a possible venue for your new year eve.Yes the price of Executive suite is US$350 per night and I am sorry I can not provide an better price for you.

    Any questions should you have, please do not hesitate to contact me at: 8621 – 5359 – 4969 ext:6328

    Have a nice day!

    By the way,

    Thanks Wang Jian Shuo


  7. Good Day. I am hoping you can help with directions and transportation. I am going to be looking to find two different hotels in Shanghai. The first is the Jing Tai Hotel @ 178 Taixing Road (junction Nanjing Road West). I will be staying there for two nights (July 1 and July 2). I need to find this hotel. I will be coming into Shanghai on the Megalev.

    The second hotel is the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao , 2270 Hongqiao Road. I will need to get from the Jing Tai early in the morning. I am meeting a group at the Marriott at 8:30 in the morning. Any recommendations on how to get from one to the other?


  8. My apologies. I was given the wrong information. It is not the Marriott Hongqiao that I need to find my group. It is the Hongqiao (Rainbow) Hotel that I need to find. I know that it is on West Yannan Rd. I just need to find the easiest and most reliable way to get from West Nanjing Road to West Yannan Rd early in the morning. Thank you!

  9. I just admire what i’ve just seen this morning a tall building with a beautiful shape, is it Marriott?? wow..it’s very luxurious i’m very proud as one of Marriott associate…The building of Marriott Surabaya Indonesia is not good as this one but the services and standards is same because we (Marriott hotels) just have Mission is “To win in service by proactively offering costumers the most valuable assistance, information and support in a uniquely warm and caring manner”

    Yuvens Darung


  10. For the leading German gourmetmagazin ¬ĄDer Feinschmecker” I am compiling a list of ¬Ąthe highest bars of the world”. As I have heard the “JW’s Lounge” of the Marriott Hotel Shanghaiyour is one of those.

    In witch height above ground (in meter or feet) is the “JW’s Lounge”?

    Thanks for your help and

    best regards

    Rainer Meier (MeiRai@aol.com)

    Hamburg, 7. November 2005

  11. I am interested in the Marriot Hotel Group. I am wondering if they might be interested in Managing a Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria. I would be happy to give additional information when I get a response or who to direct my inquires to in the Hotel chain.

    Thank you

  12. The city of Shanghai is heavyly polluted, what is the point to stay in such a high hotel? only cause more lung cancer.

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