First Day Driving Experience

After started to learn to drive for 3 months (counting from my first entry on this topic on June 28), I finally rent a car and drove it onto the road, by myself.

The car is so so – a Volkswagen GLi. The good thing is, the discounted price for this one day rent is only 80 RMB. Not bad deal, isn’t it?

© Jian Shuo Wang

Above picture shows the route I drove on the first day – the blue line is the route of the day time and the orange line is the route of the night. :-) The conclusion is, the traffic situation in Shanghai is not that bad.

2 thoughts on “First Day Driving Experience

  1. Hye JianShou,

    congradulations on your first driving trip by yourself. Was your wife in the car? was she nervous for you :-)

    Are you driving a five speed or automatic. It seems like I’ve only seen five speeds on my visits to China.

    now that you have driven by yourself, are you going to be able to take weekend road trips?

    anyways, you are very brave. I drive everyday here in california. but don’t think I would have it in me to brave the SH roads!

  2. Hello, I write you from France,and with my girl friend, we want to go to Guyiang for a kite festival at the end of april;we will arrive to shanghai airport PVG the 27th at 16:35.Do you know if we can have a fly from this airport to guyiang.thank you very much

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