Out of Blogging for Wedding

I was out of blogging since Aug 19 since I held my grand wedding ceremony at Garden Hotel, Shanghai on Sept 21, 2003. This will definitely be a big surprise for every one who gathers at this blog. I am just too happy and too busy (for sure) these days to upload the pictures. I promise to put it online tomorrow. Thanks for all and best wishes!

10 thoughts on “Out of Blogging for Wedding

  1. Congratulations!!!

    I am sure you will have a happy new life.And I really got a big suprise because I though you had married :)

  2. yeah, rly a big suprise, coz i’m also thinking that you’ve got married some times ago. anyway, congratulations and wait for the photos :)

  3. Now i finally understand why u put so many efforts here,propagandizing Garden Hotel, how classic, how beatuiful several weeks ago. :)

    Good to have such grand wedding ceremony, and the most important, someone to love.

    Wish u all the best

  4. Congratulations !!!

    Wow, what a wonderful place where was the past French Club ! You must have been as brilliant as that famous film star.

    I hope sincerely this will be a good start for your life and even for this blog. Please share more and more happiness with us !

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