Thunderstorms Week

When there is nothing to talk about, people usually choose to talk about weather. It is the case for me recently. Life is so busy for me and I feel lucky enough to still be able to find sometime to write something on this blog every day instead of leaving blank pages. However, it seems the only topics I can share is about the weather. According to Yahoo!Weather, the coming week in Shanghai is a thunderstorm week.




Thunderstorms will last till next Tuesday.

Long National Holiday

There is something special recently – the coming national holiday. It is a long vacation from Oct 1 to Oct 7. This is unique in China since the national holiday is actually 3 days (Oct 1 to Oct 3), but combined with the weekend of Oct 4 and Oct 5, and shifted the working days with Sept 27 and Sept 28, the holiday become very long.

The holiday is also called the golden week since it will generate exteremely huge market for local travel industry – the travel agencies, the hotels and transportation industries….

I learnt that the travel price from Shanghai to Hainan (including round trip air tickets, 5 days and four nights, and 3-star hotels and some gate tickets) is only 1380 RMB for groups leaving at Sept 24. The price for the same group leaving at Sept 28 raised to 2600 RMB and for Oct 1 tour, the price is above 3000 RMB. The golden holiday is the major time for people to travel and relax, especially when the May long vacation was canceled this year due to SARS.

4 thoughts on “Thunderstorms Week

  1. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Just wanted to take out the chance to thank you for your frequent updates and encourage you to keep going. I find it very nice to read your daily perspectives about random things in your life.

    Speaking of the weather, isn’t this normally the season when certain types of food become available in Shanghai? I keep reading and hearing about the special crab (“da zha xie”) but unfortunately I seem to keep missing this season. Ah, what I would do to be able to taste some, haha.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work! ;)


  2. Hi there,

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I live in Cambridge UK, but part of my heart is in China! I have been to China 3 times in the last year, and plan to come more often. I have many work contacts (I work in conservation, wildlife, nature tours etc), and also good friends. I am slowly learning Chinese too, and drink green tea also at home in UK. I may come to work for a time in China.

    I visited Wo Long panda reserve with a friend 2 weeks ago, and got some good photos. We also went to Huanglong World Heritage Site — amazing place.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Hello, Jian Shuo – I would like to thank you for the information available on your site; I go to Shanghai for the first time next week and I feel better prepared after reading your blog.

    In response to some of the issues raised on your site – I’m glad you write in English as although I can read and write Chinese, I am not too good at the simplified form. I read and enjoyed some of Wendy’s writing, but I struggle to recognise some of the words, and I cannot type in Chinese so please thank her from me.

    It’s interesting to know you visited my city – Sydney, Australia and to note your perspective. Sydney has much to offer; I hope you’ll spend more time here if you ever visit again.

    You are younger than my son but I don’t have any grandchildren yet, so I enjoyed looking at the photographs of your little boy, Yifan (that’s a fine name).

    There would always be critisms as you have reached a broad range of readers. From this one, I can only applaud your effort and wish you well. Please continue.

    Yours sincerely,


  4. hi, nice web!

    i will go yiwu (2hours train from hangzhou) on 29sept08. its my first time to china. how about hte national china day on 1oct? did the market in yiwu closes at 1oct?

    thank you very much,


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