Eager to Drive Soon

Driving? I never felt so excited and eager to drive before I finally get the confirmation that I passed the final exam for driver’s license. It is said the license will be delivered to me within the next week, that means, I can drive lawfully on the street from then on.

I don’t have a car and I don’t think any of my friend want to lent their cars to me. It is common practice that car rental companies will not rent their cars to new driver within one year after their licenses are issued. That is a very big problem for people like me.

Thanks God I heard there is a nice car rental company from my friend Roy. They require their club members to hand in 3800 RMB at the begining of the year and the money will be returned at the end of the year. During the year, club member can rent cars at low price. Here is the price list I got from them on the phone:

Volkswagen Santana 160 RMB

Volkswagen Golf 190 RMB

Volkswagen Polo 260 RMB (completely new car)

It sounds good. I am planning to rent a car as soon as possible and practice in nearby areas. To be honest, I am still not confident enough to drive on the busy Shanghai street. As I described in this article Traffic Rules in Shanghai, most people with driver’s license in U.S. are afraid to drive here in Shanghai – some were even frightened when they were seated in a Shanghai taxi…

6 thoughts on “Eager to Drive Soon

  1. Hi Wang Jian Shuo

    I’ll be more than happy to be a passenger in a car driven by you. :P

    Still, safe driving. We never know what other drivers are up to, do we? :)


  2. Hi,JianSuo,I am Jia Guo and I look forward to join the same club as you with Henry.You can give us more detail contact information.

    And if you have chance to HangZhou , we found some companys provide the “peijia” service .the price is about 60 Yuan/hour(car provided).You can try it.

  3. Hi Wang Jiang Shuo,

    Is there any training school near “NanFang ShangCheng” =lianHua Road, where I can take driven lessons?

    With many thanks in advance.


  4. Hi,

    Are there any driving schools in Shanghai where there are English Driving instructors? I am a student living here now and would like to learn. Thank you

  5. Sharif, you are proposing a very hard question for me. Where to find English Driving Instructors? I believe it is not hard to find an English Driving Instructor, but it maybe not easy to find a Licensed English Driving Instroctor and even harder to find an English Driving School. As I know, whether you can pass the Driving Exam highly depend on the relationship between the Driving School and the examiners.

    Taking me as an example, I attended the driving school where the instructors hardly can speak Mandarin. They used Shanghainese to teach and it was very painful for me to learn…. Sorry that I cannot help you on that. But keep back to this site and maybe someday when I hear about this kind of service, I can recommend to you.

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