Microsoft is Hiring in Shanghai

Update October 8, 2007

This job is no longer available. It is almost for sure after I posted it 4 years ago. Hope my update today helps.

End of Update

Are you native English speaker in Shanghai? Interested to find a job? How does the Microsoft sound like? I am posting an attractive opening here for my friend, who is the hiring manager for this position.


Position: Communication Specialist

Company: Microsoft

Location: Shanghai

Microsoft Global Technical Engineering Center (Shanghai) is seeking recent college graduates or young professionals for a Communication Specialist contingency staff position. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, native English speaker, able to commit to a 40 hour week, 6 month contract, prior teaching or customer service experience, fluency in Mandarin is a plus. Job entails working closely with Chinese engineers to help them improve their English skills, proofreading emails, conducting workshops, and various other projects. Please send resume and cover letter to

Posting questions using the comment system below or directly send email to the address above.

My Driver’s License

I went to the final road exam for my driver’s license today and successfully passed it. I am very happy that from the next week, I will drive lawfully on the road. I don’t have a car and would like rent a car and go to nearby areas like Sheshan this Oct. It is 160 RMB to rent a Volkwagen Santana per day.

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  1. —“It is 160 RMB to rent a Volkwagen Santana per day.”

    I am planning to rent a car also. Can you tell me where you found such a great deal. 160 RMB per day is a good price.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Pat DeForno. My son, Rich DeForno is a communications specialist already working for Microsoft as a communications specialist. He is at the Metro Tower, 20th floor, 30 Tian Yao Quiao Lu, Shanghai PRC 200030, Desk 23.090. I have lost his phone number at work. Would someone please be so kind as to find him/or send me via e-mail his office phone number and extenstion? I would really appreciate this.


    Pat DeForno

  3. Hi,

    My name is Pat DeForno. My son Rich DeForno is working for Microsoft in Shanghai. I lost his business phone number. He is at: Microsoft Global Technical Engineering Center, Metro Tower 20th floor, 30 Tian Yao Qiao Lu, Shanghai PRC 200030, Desk 23.090. I typed this in once before, but I don’t know if I lost it, as it disappeared from my screen. Would someone please be so kind to e-mail me his number or the main number at Microsoft at the above address? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    Pat DeForno

  4. Hello,

    I’m very interested in the position posted above. I tried emailing it a few times but it keeps coming back. I was wondering if the position was still open or if there might be another email address i could forward my resume too…

    Thank you for your help…


  5. Could you please comment on the interview process for a technical position within Microsoft? Is it much like the US where they ask very tricky tech/non-tech questions?

    Thanks for you help…


  6. I have an interview coming up with microsoft in shanghai. I heard they’re very picky when it comes to selecting a candidate.

    Do you know what kind of qualities or characteristics they look for in a new hire?


  7. Hey Jian Shuo,

    I came across the ad you posted for your friend (above), and Im keen to know more about it.

  8. Microsoft position Shanghai

    Hi, is the teaching positon still available in Shanghai?


  9. hi there,

    Can anyone tell me if Microsoft is hiring for customer services or IT Helpdesk positions in Shanghai?

    Many thanks,


  10. I happened to find this blog.It is very interesting and meaningful. Wang is an observant person and he pays more attention to the small things arround us. I am a Chinese and have the similar experiences as Wang,especially as people from outside Shanghai. They are true feelings in our mind.My English is poor, but I’d like to try. Could you help me? I saw a name of my friend on this page—Jeffrey Kang. I am wondering if he is the friend out of relation for a long time. He studied in Ohio State University in 1999. Could you tell me his email or tell him my email? Thanks a lot! Best Regards!

  11. Ling, thanks for the comment. I am afraid i won’t tell anyone the poster’s email address, although I fully believe that you really wanted to contact someone. Sorry for that, but it is a policy I followed.

  12. Ni hao, Jiang Shuo… Could you help me, please. Half day I study chinense in Shanghai and another part of my time I thought to work or to have an internship here. But my searching was no result. So can you advise to me somethink. I’m bachelor in IT.

    Thank you very much!

  13. Tell your friend Danny Hu, for whom you are posting the Microsoft job for, that if he plans on making a verbal offer to someone, he better follow through. That’s what happened to me, except he screwed me over by rescinding the offer and saying I was not qualified enough, when in fact I posses all of the posted qualifications on the job announcement plus more. Let that be a warning to all who apply for this job, that the guy who interviews you for this job may not keep his word.

  14. Greetings,

    I am a Native English speaker originally from Denver, Colorado (US), now residing in Shanghai. I am interested in the position at Microsoft. I have allready tried to send my resume to the above email, but no luck, postmaster unknown, message got returned. I hope you get this message. I have a proven track record of exceling in communications/sales. I would appreciate it if you could give me an alternative email that i can send my reusme to.


    Gary Chan


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