What Can I Do With My Own Mountain

I heard that I can buy a mountain in my home town of Luoyang at very cheap price. It is located in Luoyang, Hen Nan provide. It is 15 km away for the city. When I was young, I used to play on the mountains. I never thought of the possibility to own the mountai myself.

The only question, or the major question I face is, what can I do with my own mountain.


According to the agreement, I cannot build permenant house on the mountain. It is far from Shanghai – 12 hours train plus 1 hour bus. It also not suitable for planting trees. The scene of the mountain is good, but not that kind of scene that can attract tourist.

My Idea

The only thing I can think of is to take a lot of digital pictures for the mountain and put it online. Then I announce I am the owner of a mountain, maybe put it under my signiture. Is it cool? That is all I can think of to do with the mountain…

21 thoughts on “What Can I Do With My Own Mountain

  1. Well. It is the mountain of the village where I lived before age of 5. I think it is not a public offer. The details has not come out, so I prefer to keep the price unpublished. But one thing is for sure, it is very cheap.

  2. Should not include anything under the mountain. It is only the usage right for the mountain and anything left from accient or mine belongs to the country.

  3. Firstly, you can name the mountain with a special meaning. It may be your pet, first girl friend, kindergarten teacher or mother’s name. Once you name the mountain, you can register the trademark to protect it. Then you can design the logo and get a domain for it. Also, you can make small modules of the mountain, postcards, key rings, caps, cups and publish the map. Now, you have all the basic of an e-commerce basement.

    Guess what? Of course you can sell all of it except the mountain itself because you need the mountain to earn more money.

  4. Very few people have the chance to tell their grandchildren that when they were a young man they owned and entire mountain! If the world goes well between now and then, you might even be able to take your grandchildren to play on that mountain some day the way you did when you were little. If it doesn’t take away from money you want to be saving for other more important things, I say go ahead and buy yourself a mountain! I’ve never heard anyone in their middle or elder years say that they made a mistake by investing in real estate. Much more often I hear people say “if only… (I had bought that mountain back when it was selling for such a bargain price)!” Land is precious all over the world. It’s the one thing we can’t seem to make more of. Just be careful that it doesn’t end up costing you more money after you own it though. Here in the US, there are property taxes and other costs that continue on an annual basis even if you are not able to make any real use of the property. My guess is that you will eventually decide it was exciting to think about, but not practical or “sensible” to actually do. But, you will still be able to tell your grandchildren that you *almost* bought a mountain, and then you can make up wonderful magical stories to tell them about all the things that might have happened there :-)

  5. Maybe we can try out best to plant trees there and make sure this is one of most beautiful mountains in Luoyang, maybe you can find some treasure there:)

  6. wow, can anyone buy a mountain there? or must you be a chinese citizen? my wife is still a chinese citizen. she is a resident alien here in the states. maybe we could buy a mountain too. I want a mountain. have you mentioned the price?


  7. It is a hard debate. They sell it to you under the condition that you can not do anything with it. Very frustrating. You can have a picnic there, but you can do that anyway. You can change the name (maybe) but it still won’t be on a map that way. Struggle to figure what the point may be. Can’t live there or work there.

  8. Unbelieveable. I had no idea mountains were up for grabs. I came across this blog page by accident and can’t help but comment. Does it count as equity or liability? Amazing!

  9. isit freehold? can the government buy back from u whenever and whatever price they want? any property taxes in your country?

  10. I hope you bought your mountain! I found this page by accident, but it made me happy. I’d like to think of you and your family enjoying the mountain. What a dream!

  11. I might be the only person to have found this post by googling “how to buy a mountain”. Of course, most of the results on the first page were about mountain bikes, except this one. When I was a child, I had the same dream. There is an enormous mountain here in San Diego called Mount Miguel, that I always told myself “one day I’d like to own that”. I would have no idea how to buy a mountain though, and unfortunately, did not find any answers on this page or in the comments.

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