Beijing 2008 Olympic Emblem Unvieled


Credit: Beijing Olympic Organising Committee (BOCOG).

What do you think of this logo? Well. To me, the first impression is a little big disappointing. It is nature for any design possible – people need some time to get used to a new design.

After looking at it for about 1 minute, I totally accepted it and love it. It reflects the character of China’s culture – the seal, the calligraphic and stone-cutting….

Let us know how well you like it.

68 thoughts on “Beijing 2008 Olympic Emblem Unvieled

  1. The logo seems not so unexpected. The background color they chose, I think, is in the common sense. Cuz, in my view, red is best symbol color of china. In ancient china and even today, When people are in the joyous occasion to they like to express their mood by using red decoration. Such as couplet, lantern, candle and even the cover of a bride.

    Ancient Chinese people usually use red to paint their door hoping for good luck. Take another look at the gate of Peking university and the tian’an men architecture and u will find out. Red symbolizes the good luck and prosperity in many many ways in China.

    Red is CHINA RED.

  2. I am glad that the Beijing Olympic Organising Committee did not pick some cutesy animal or mascot (like a Panda) for the 2008 games. Yes, the Olympic games are suppose to be fun but its also a serious sporting event, not a carnival. At first glance, the logo looks like a simply-drawn running man but a closer look reveals its hidden calligraphy (it sort of looks like the ‘jing’ or city character written in Chinese). Plus its shape (like a stone) has an ancient quality to it. Overall, a nice logo in my humble opinion.

  3. I agree. It’s a brilliant logo. A clever yet fun way of presenting the country’s culture. Even the font is distinctly Chinese. Amazing! :-D

  4. Yes, I like it very much. I also think that it looks like a personal stamp that Chinese artists use to imprint (similar as signing by the artists from the West) on their paintings. As others have stated. It combines several things into one simple yet complex symbol. It’s simple that a child can easily draw this, whether he/she knows Chinese character or not. It’s complex (a running man which represents an athlete, red colour and stone represents Chinese culture, it also shaped as a personal stamp, and the Chinese character “Jing”=”city”, is “Beijing”, or in ancient time, this “city” character has a “capital” sense, as “Jingdu” rather just any city) and because it’s kind of having a mini-story built-in, which adults will find it interesting to explain to their children or tell them as a short story.




  5. i think the logo sucks it lucks so horrible i dont wants to look at

    fuck this up your ass you morron

  6. I am interested in becoming a volunteer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. I volunteered in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. I speak English, Greek and Italian and hope to be of service to you during these games. Please email me any information or details.

    Thanking You

    George Karalis

  7. i am interested in donating a poster, for re-production that i have created for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, please let me know how to reach someone in marketing at Beijing IOC


    Bachelors in Graphic Communications, and Graphic Design

  8. I´m interesting in becoming a volunteer for the Beijing Olympic Games.I´m from Brazil and I really want to help the olympic games.I speak portuguese,spanish,french,english and I´m learning chinese. let me know how I can do to be a volunteer.


    Giovanna Mangabeira

  9. Hi,

    I’m aswell really interested in becoming a volunteer nfor Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. I speak german, englisch, dutch and hanve basic knowledge for hungarian. please let me know how to apply and when.

    Best regards,

    Eike Rietzrau

  10. I am interested in becoming a volunteer in 2008 Beijing Olympic. I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I have been in Beijing in 1995. I have experience dealing with the public. Please supply me with all the information regarding how to apply.


    Richard Tong

  11. hi,

    i want to be the volunteer of Beiking Olympics 2008, i can speak Engllish ver well and now studying chinese in Beijing so till 2008 i can also speak chinese very well. please tell me what to do to be a volunteer of Beijing Olympics 2008.

  12. Hello,

    I am interested in becoming a volunteer in 2008 Beijing Olympic. I am studying right now in Paris and I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.I have experience dealing with the public. Please supply me with all the information regarding how to apply.

    Thank you

    Subine Hong

  13. Hello from Spain,

    I would like to ask how is possible to apply for becoming a volunteer at Beijing 2008. I have experience from Athens 2004 and volunteering work in Poland for half year.

    Hope to have news from you soon.


    Yiannis Barmpitsas

  14. Hi. My friends and I want to volunteer for the 2008 olympics. I was born in China, but I live in the USA and I am very fluent in English and Mandarin, and I also know a lot of Spanish. If you could, please tell me how to apply and how to make my dream come true. Thank you so much.

    -Michelle Zhou

  15. Please e-mail me any relevant details of how to become a volunteer for the 2008 Games.

    Thank you


  16. Well, like everyone else, I also want to be a volunteer for the Beijing Olympics. I only speak English, but I am doing in a degree in Chinese right now, and by 2008 I will be competent enough to do this. I spent a few days in Beijing this February, so I have a basic knowledge of the city. Could anyone tell me how to become a volunteer?? Email me details please.


  17. hi to my global friends,

    iam from greece an i want to become a volunteer for the olympics 2008 in beijing to.

    i speak greek italian english and iam learning the chinesse language. could somebody help me about the registration dates etc

  18. Hi,

    I would also like to know how to apply to be a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. I was born in Taiwan and I’m fluent in Mandarin and English. I am a third year in college right now. I have visited China before and would like to be apart of this wonderful experience. If you could provide me with any information that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  19. Hi everyone!!!!! I think i’m not very original, but i also want to be a volunteer in the Olympics and Paralympics games. If u know how to apply 4 that, please let me know. Thanks

  20. I’m a Chinese American who is interested in volunteering in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I’m fluent in both English and Chinese. Please email me back with information on how to become a volunteer and make my dream come true. Thank you

  21. Hi, (I am from Greece)

    I would also like to know how to apply to be a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

    I have been worked as volunteer in Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

    Best Regards//Lambros

  22. Hi!

    I would love to volunteer at the 2008 olympics in Beijing!!!

    Please let me know how to apply!


    Erin Mahoney. :-D

  23. Hi my name is ermal and i would like to take part at the 2008 olympics in Beijing as a volunteer. i have been a volunteer in athens 2004 and i live that magic experience again. i would apreciate it if you let me know how to apply. thank you!!!

  24. Hi! I really would like to volunteer at the 2008 olympic games in Beijing!! I’m italian. I can also speak english and spanish. I don’t know how to become a volunteer because it would be my first experience but I offer all of my enthusiasm! Please email me back….thanks!!!

  25. I would also like to be a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics. I am a college student who is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish. I was born in Guangzhou and I visited Beijing about five years ago. I also have a few friends who are interested in this opportunity.

    -Mimi Liu

  26. Hi! My name is Lennart I really would like to volunteer at the 2008 olympic games in Beijing!! I am from Sweden. I can also speak English , German, Danish and Norwegian. I don’t know how to become a volunteer because it would be my first experience but I offer all of my enthusiasm! Could anyone tell me how to become a volunteer?? Email me details please.


  27. Dear BOCOG,

    I am really intesrested as becoming a volunteer in the Olympic games in BEijing in 2008. I currently live in Canada, I speak French, English, Cantonese, and learning Mandarin. Would you have more information concerning this subject? Thank you


    Yan yin Poon

  28. Hi! I’d like very much to volunteer in the Beijing Olympic Games 2008; if I would be chosen I should offer all of my enthusiasm! I haven’t any other experiences of Olympic Games volunteering. I can speack Italian (Italy is where I currently live), English and Spanish.

    If you please, e -mail me back and tell me if you’d consider my request.

    Thank you very much,


  29. hello! i’m excited about the beijing 2008 olympic games & would very much like to be

    a volunteer. i’m from the united states i speak english. i have some knowledge of sports,

    i have completed 13 marathons each 26.2 miles & just completed 6 back to back 26.2 mile marathons (157 miles) 5 of which qualified me for the texas marathon challenge award

    which will be presented to me in june 2006.

    i’m not in college but i have earned 5 associate degrees, a professional customer service degree, & 2 professional office insurance degrees & i’m on the waco’s chapter society of

    professional insurance workers.

    if i’m chosen as one of the volunteers, i will give my best-quality volunteer service that i

    possibly can give to help make this one of the most commemorable olympic events

    ever held.

    thanks in advance

    janice jones, flmi, flhc

  30. any news on how to become a volunteer for the olympics yet? I will be in China that time anyway as I spend a year in China as part of my Chinese degree. very excited about that, can’t wait to get back out there!

  31. Jumping on the band wagon here, but my friend Peta and I want to become volunteers too! We’re from Australia. I can speak a little French and swear fluently in Afrikaans!! (But I doubt that’ll be much help!) :-P I’m not sure about Peta… Any info would be greatly appreciated!!



  32. I’m Chinese but I’m currently residing in England. Naturally I speak fluent and accurate English and Mandarin and a little bit of Spanish, and I’d love to become a volunteer for the Olympic games in my home country, please let me know when and how I can apply. Thanks!

  33. hi, i’m from malaysia and i’m interested to be a volunteer for olympics 2008. i’m an undergraduate who speak Malay, English fluently and currently learning Mandarin as my second language. I also able to understand and communicate Indonesian and Brunei malay. Please let me know how would i be able to join and be apart of this prestigious event

  34. Hi, my name is Michalis Papoulas, i am from Cyprus and i live in Athens. I am interested in becoming a volunteer for the olympics in Beijing 2008. I speak fluently english and french. In one year i will graduate from the medicine university of Athens. I was volunteer in the Olympics 2004 (spectator service).

    I would like to know how to apply to be a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.


  35. Hi, My name is Karina Chow, I live in Brisbane, Australia. I would like to apply to be a volunteer for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. I have travelled to China on numerous occasions and I speak English and Mandarin fluently. I can also understand some Cantonese.

  36. Same here, I would love to be a part of the 2008 Olympic Volunteer Action Plan. Unlike others, I could only speak English and Mandarin fluently… Very basic German, understands Cantonese. Oh, I could also speak Chinese local dialect – Fujiannese, don’t know if it helps, but definitely would love to be a part of the glory and the olympic spirit!!!

    p.s. let me know more info. Thanks

  37. Hi! I would be volunteer for beijing 2008, but I don’t know how, I didn’t have previous experiences, but for me would be very nice! I’m italian, and I can speak English and French. Answer me please! thanks to all

  38. hi, i was living in china for 16 years. thus, i can speak chinese fluently.

    also, i’m living in canada now. and i’m sure i also have good english skills.

    i really am interesting about the volunteer job in beijing 2008, plz tell me how to make it…..thx….

  39. i like this very much. Its genius! Who ever come up witht his is very talented

  40. hi,

    the logo is exceptional …(But required concerntration for a few minutes to understand it).

    as all the good heart people i also want to Join the Volunteer programme in Beijing Olympic 2008, Let me know the application process.

    Previously i had worked as an volunteer in 3rd West Asian Game (1-10 dec 2005),Doha-Qatar and 15th Asian Game (1-15 dec 2006).

    best wishes from Nepalese Peopl for the Great Sucess of Beijing Olympic 2008…

  41. I not sure who will be helping me as i am truly interest to become a helper in the coming Olympic Games 2008, Beijing. As by that time i will be having 1-2 months leave before i proceed with my post graduate study in UK. I am a Chinese, Malaysian. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Malay.

    If anyone could answer me, kindly reply me:

    Many thanks.

  42. hi i am adeel.I’m live in qatar.I am also work in asain games as a vlounteer in village.I am also in torch relay.I know 3 language urdu,arabic and I wish to work in olympic as vlounteer.

    plz reply me………

  43. Hello,

    I think the emblem is as simple and majestic as it should be. The tradition (the sketch) and the passion (the red colour) for persevering it clearly emanates from it. I am really intrested in becoming a volunteer. I’m from Greece and know how to speak excellent greek,english and german, although I think I will be able to get along woth basic Chinese, should the need arise, until the games. I’m looking forward to your answer-thank you for your time

    My regards

  44. Yeah, nice logo; too bad China has an opressive,dictatorial,totalitarian,communist government. Oh well, i’m sure the “visitors sections” will be nice as usual. Please visit Teinamen Sqaure and enjoy the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, or whatever.You *@#!*you.

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  46. Pls. can someone tell me where to contact the designer of the Olympic 2008 emblem? I need his help for other sports event design.

    Thanks a lot.

  47. i want to b in the olyimpix this year but i am 2 young mabey when it is in london i will dothe olymipix

  48. Hi, I´m Porfirio Ali, I´m 18 years old and I would like to become a volunteer for the Olympics Games, I´m excellent with the Spanish language and an advanced speaker in English. I hope you will take into consideration this comment.

  49. hiya guys i think is an amazing logo!

    so different from any other it has bright colours and its catchy

    georgia xx x

  50. i too am a fan of the logo. i think it is simple and effective and representative of the host country.

    i am interested in who designed the logo; if someone could give me that information via email or comment here that would be greatly appreciated.

  51. I don’t know that what was going thru the head of the guy or gal that design this. I would have rather have an Emblem with a Mondrian motive.!!!

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