Shanghai is Hot

Oh. My God. The weather these two weeks is crazy. Very hot – It is reported 35 degree C recenlty. The actual Feel-like temperature should be even higher. There is no way to walk outdoors. In my memory, Shanghai hasn’t been so hot in the recent years – expect the year of 1995, when it was still exteremely hot in Sept.

My personal suggestion is, if anyone want to come to Shanghai recently, reconsider your plan. It is really too hot. I cannot survive without A/C now. :-)

5 thoughts on “Shanghai is Hot

  1. JSW you right! I just returned from two weeks in Shanghai and the last few days were miserable. I remember having breakfast at Bin Fen Tang (on Nanjin Lu across from the Portman very good food and reasonable prices) and even at 3 AM we were soaked in sweat with not a breath of air.

    I went to the Carnival( very expensive by the way) with my girlfriend and they were charging 1/2 yuan to use water it was so hot. I could be completely dry and 5 minutes outside be soaking wet.

    Also the air quality was very poor due to much heat and no air circulation.

    Even most beautiful lady loses some appeal when they are dripping in sweat and their hair is all stuck to there face.

    Still beautiful lady is beautiful lady and I was happy to see Mao Ming Lu, Xintiandi, and all the other places full of people with no worry for Sars.

    I took many nice photos of the night life if you would like I could post them to you so others can see the expats way to spend evening.

    Definitely I will stick to May and October for future trips even cold weather was better than this heat with so much humidity.

  2. I was in Shanghai last monday.It was hot as you said but i spent that day in Shanghai Museum on People Square,it was very comfortable so i would recommended it as a perfect place for summer date. :)

  3. Well. I will agree with you that Shanghai Museum is definitely a good place for summer date. It is clean and most importantly, the air conditioning is strong. :-)

  4. I went back to SH in July-August, and…yes it’s hot! IIRC we had 25 days above 35C. Good place to be: malls, SH “ShuCheng” or one of those museumes.

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