Alcatel OT715 Software

Many people are seeking Alcatel OT715 software, as can see from the hot discussion under my previous OT715 page. I have bought OT715 and enjoy the wonderful OT715 phone and the software. I’d like to introduce this model of business mobile to my friends. Regarding the OT715 software, there is no where to download on the Internet. They can not even easily got from Alcatel. That is bad. I can not publicly share the software on the Internet since I am very serious on the copyright and license issue. Let me see how I can help you on that.

The Package

Here is the Directory structure of the OT715 disk.

Volume in drive D is Data

Volume Serial Number is 6C27-48E1

Directory of D:\Download\OT715

07/06/2003 03:08 PM <DIR> .

07/06/2003 03:08 PM <DIR> ..

07/04/2003 06:07 PM <DIR> Acrobat

02/19/2002 10:18 PM 57 AUTORUN.INF

07/04/2003 06:07 PM <DIR> Customization Tools

07/06/2003 02:33 PM <DIR> Desktop Tools

07/04/2003 06:10 PM <DIR> Documents

07/04/2003 06:10 PM <DIR> IntelliSync

07/04/2003 06:13 PM <DIR> Mobile Phone Tools

07/04/2003 06:14 PM <DIR> OpenObex

07/04/2003 06:14 PM <DIR> patchIrCommW2K

07/04/2003 06:14 PM <DIR> Quickbeam

06/13/2002 11:28 PM 1,760,523 setup.exe

02/24/2002 05:49 PM 17,021 setup.ini


The whole CD is about 350Mb in size or 311Mb as Zipped file. Not all the components in the disk are useful.

As I marked above, the Adobe folder (95.4Mb) contains Adobe Reader to read the content of the help document. So I can safely remove this one.

For OpenObex, patchIrCommW2K, Quickbeam, I don’t know what it is so it shouldn’t be important.

For Desktop Tools, it is basically useless – just give you an interface to launch the other three key components. For the documents, it is not well written.

Custmization Tools

This is the tool to help you create customized background and idle screens and transfer it to the mobile via IR port or COM port. It is 27 Mb in size. I have shared it on my website. Click the link in the directory list above to download it.


This tool help you to sync between your mobile and your Outlook. It is useful – the only problem is, it is not compatable with Windows XP. It is 35Mb in size. Since I don’t have disk space on my ISP now and I cannot share it. I will put it online after I remove the Custmization Tools.

Mobile Phone Tools

This tool helps to send SMS and fax via the mobile. I haven’t made it work yet, so there is no comment for it.


The copyright of the software belongs to Alcaltel Business System. Please read the license carefully before you install – it requires you have a OT715 mobile phone and can only be used for this mobile.

Support needed

In the last week, I tried to setup my computer in my home to provide download for my friends who sent mail to me. However, we encountered technical difficulties and the files are too large.

I don’t have enough disk space to hold it, so I choose to seperate the software and provide download for one component at a time. I have to remove the last one to put a new one.

If anyone want to sponsor me the disk space, I’d like to share more stuff – including more pictures about Shanghai, video about Shanghai and other software – if license permit with you.

I need $50 (Fifty USD) to rent a larger disk space to hold the disk. Maybe you can sponsor and I will give you credit for it. Use the award-winning PayPal service to donote. Even one USD is good for the site.

Update Oct 12, 2003

Actually, there is only one file on the disk that is so important and the file is only a plain text file – the Modem Configuration File – OT715.inf

The file will help to install the OT715 driver on Windows XP. Click the link to download. I doubt to have time to write more on how to make it work on Windows XP yet. Try yourself. The result is, you can use this file to turn your OT715 to a moderm and access Internet if you subscribed GPRS service.

68 thoughts on “Alcatel OT715 Software

  1. GREAT !!

    Thank you very much Mr.Jian !!

    Can you tell me another (easy) way to donate some USD , I have not credit card at this moment and I would like to thank you your effort!

  2. Kme, thanks for your kind offer to support this site. I am moved and your kind words are very important to me, more important than the money. :-)

    I hope I can rent a new site large enough for the disks. If there is anyone who can provide the space will be good.

    I don’t know any (easy) way to donate besides using credit card (PayPal), but thank you any way.

  3. Mr.Jian , I really hope you can get support for your site !!

    Mmmm! ^_^ you have uploaded the “most wanted” part of the software , The Content Creator , because the rest can be replaced or downloaded , for example (for those that want the software desperatly ;) the VCARD and VCALENDAR can be directly uploaded to the mobile by drag and drop, and you can download demo versions of Intellisync and BVRP Mobile PhoneTools to try them. The hardest part is upload multimedia content that can be done via WAP and accessing your computer, but, it cost money…

    I can now enjoy completly this GREAT mobile , which only negative point is Alcatel’s policy of not making accesible the soft because they want to sell you the serial cable , even if you don’t need it !! $%&!@# >_<

    Thanx again Mr. Jian ^_^

  4. Mr. wang, thank you for your software. I already download my son picture into my mobile.I am so sorry at this time I can not support you because I don’t know how to transfer the money without credit card. thanks so much.



  5. Greetings Mr Wang!

    My girlfriend also bought a Alcatel OT715. We purchased the phone very ‘naked’. We got besides the phone only the charger, the manual (although the manual is on our language!) and that’s all.

    I searched the net for the utilities CD but what I found is only your page and a Hungarian page, where the whole CD is on-line ( My problem is that in my workplace, I cannot access this site (at least too difficult and dangerous). So I downloaded it from another place. I put all the 527(!) pieces together, mounted the image-file. Everything is working, except the Intellisync program, that has a CRC error in it.

    What my wish is that you put the Intellisync software to your download section for 1-2 days. It would be a great help for me!

    Else. Congratulation to this page. This is deep enough to the needed knowledge for this phone!


    PiSoft (Hungary/Europe)

  6. I am going to put the IntelSync online this weekend AND will remove the Customization Tools. Anyone haven’t download it yet, please be hurry. Or if you want to provide larger disk space to me, please help. (You can also donate using the PayPal button above)

  7. OK!

    The url seems that there are 527 files dowloadable plus one with the extension .CRC . You download all the files (one by one in the worst case, or with the help of a download manager, like FlashGet/JetCar, it supports download queue, so you need to set it up once). After you got all the files, open the .CRC file in WindowsCommander / TotalCommander. Hit enter on it. This will link all the 527 files into one. This file will be a Nero image file (.nrg). You can mount this file with Nero Burning ROM or just burn it onto a CD. So the one big file is not on the above url!!! There is only one problem with it. The IntelliSync setup program is corrupted and cannot be run to install the software. I think it is clear enough now.

    One more thing. Not all the 527 files are linked to the page, but they are there! Try to reach the following url for example: . What you will get is the possibility to download the file.


    PiSoft (Europe/Hungary)

    P.S.: I missed the IntelliSync download due to the fact that I have Internet access only at my workplace… :( Can you put it online sometimes from Monday to Friday? It would be a GREAT help for me!

  8. Hi!

    First of all – congratulations on the GREEEAAAAT web site!

    I have no idea why there’s so little information on the alcatel mobile phones on the internet…

    I have a question – do I need the alcatel serial cable to download the pictures and music from the PC, or can I use only the INFRA-RED port from the PC to transfer them???

    Will be greatful for you answer.

    Take care.

    715 rulezzz :)

    Edi (Poland)

  9. Hi Edi,

    To answer your questionn, I think it will do to use the Infra-red only. They seems to provide the same function for downloading the pictures.

    Jian Shuo Wang

  10. This morning I buy OT715, I could not wait for OT535, it is released but not available in the stores.

    Of course the Application CD was not in the box.

    The devise itself is very pretty and if someone tries to find a cheap GPRS solution, this is the right selection.

    You can use GPRS via IRDa (not tested yet)

    but the CD image explained above is 100% working(despite the wincommander says CRC failed)including intellisync all tools working fine.

    after removing the multilanguage parts, the important content is 70 Mbyte.

    Let me try to use GPRS.. VIN VIN…

  11. Does anybody now how to send contact person from phonebook using sms ?

    Or may be Alcatel have produce the newest firm ware for that function ?

  12. Dear Mr. Jian Shuo Wang,

    I greately enjoyed your website! Reading the forum about the 715, I found out a lot of things that otherwise was hard to come over on the net.

    it’s a curious thing about the animation’s speed: it variates!Sometimes is fast and sometimes is slow.

    1. Has it occured on your phone too?

    2. If you still have the software for the Alcatel, I’d apreciate it if you could offer it for download. I understood about you policy of copyright and all, and I think you did a great thing offering it to guys who did not have it.

    I have a non-stop connection and I can download it whnenever suits you best.

    I have a visa card but I’m not sure wether I can make payements on-line, from Romania. I’ll look into it.

    Please notify me if you’ve read the my message so we can discuss details!

    Thank you in advance

    Papadopol Daniel

  13. Hi all,

    I didn’t reply in this forum for some time on OT715. I was busy with my personal life recently. I believe I have more time on this forum from now on.

    Regarding the software, I noticed that it is one of the highest demanded one on the Internet. There are so many people with OT715 but don’t have the software. There are two problems I face to share the software to everyone of you.

    1. Copyright issue. I am not 100% sure about whether sharing it will cause legal problem since I don’t own the copyright of it. Just as I stated above, I think it is fine to people who already have the mobile to download the software since I heard it is part of the package. For people who didn’t buy OT715, it should be their own problem to download and use it, not mine. :-) Make sense?

    2. Web space. I don’t have a large enough place to place the package, which is about 450M. There is work around. I share part of the package at a time window on my personal website which I pay yearly. But this cost a lot of time and effort to maintain it. And people will miss the previous downloading.

    I may need someone to sponsor me with about 500M webspace or 200 USD to rent a space with 500M space. That is a problem for me… :-( Anyone has better solution (where I can put large files for free, or there is any cheap (really cheap) hosting company, …)

    The file sharing like P2P network does not work for me since I don’t have a computer connected to the net all the time. I want a permenant solution.

  14. I want to connect to the internet using my Alcatel 715 infrared port using GPRS service

    I have infrared port on my laptop and subscribed to the GPRS service.

  15. Thanks really for the effort done by all member of this group to share their experience .

    I succeced to download the Customization tool . But still I am not able to find either the IntelliSynch and Phone book tools .

    Could anyone help me to find both this tools on internet


  16. It seems we don’t have storage to put everything online. Hoping anyone know where to share the files or any website to download the software and share it with us.

  17. Hi. Could somebody help me? This is the problem:

    During installation og Mobiule Phone tools, near ythe ent of the process (100%) i get this message and the process breaksdown:

    “errore 0x80040707 chiamata dll non riuscita PbkInstall._GetBookNames”

    I suspect the cause is Office 2003, but Alcatel do not respond to messages and people at the call center hasn’t any idea about the problem.

    Do somebody has some suggestion? thanks

    P.S. happy new year

    P.S.2 the idea of this forum is very interesting


  18. It may be the problem of platform of Windows XP. It is confirmed from Alcatel’s hotline support that it runs only on Windows 2000 or lower. Are you using Windows XP?

  19. from seems to have dissapeared first 8 files – has anyone got alc715.001 – alc715.008

    Or maybe alternative downloads?

    If you have it please send it to me at this e-mail box

    thanks a lot!!!

  20. Hello Mr. Wang,

    I have OT715 too and I’m trying to sync’ my short message store in OT715, but no any way can do it after I tried use official softwares.

    Have you download and backup the sms in OT715 into text files ?

    ps. Even I tried use some software on PDA(hp2210)

    thx a lot !

  21. I have a problem almost identical to Stephano’s problem (above). Did anyone get a solution to this problem. Stephano’s post read as follows:

    During installation og Mobiule Phone tools, near ythe ent of the process (100%) i get this message and the process breaksdown:

    “errore 0x80040707 chiamata dll non riuscita PbkInstall._GetBookNames”

  22. I have an alcatel phone ot715,but I have lost the software disc ,and I want to download the IntelliSync software,can you help me?

  23. Hi folks, I have the same problem about error 0x80040707 but not with Alcatel but Motorola. I think the solution is the same for both.

    I am using Windows XP Pro.

    Does anyone has information about how can I solve it?



  24. Hi folks, I have the same problem about error 0x80040707 but not with Alcatel but Motorola – BVRP – Mobile Phone Tools. I think the solution is the same for both.

    I am using Windows XP Pro.

    Does anyone has information about how can I solve it?



  25. Re: Pbkinstall error. I just spoke to BVRP software support in France. They said it is a conflict with Office 2003, but it is up to Motorola to decide if they want to fix it. The version of mobile phone tools that they sell directly will not support the newer Motorola phones. Great!

  26. Hi, I am also a user of ot715. My problem is as follows: I can save the sms in my mobile to my computer, but I cannot read these *.sms file again… Do you know about any solutions?

  27. Mr. wang, Luckily I found your site and I realy appreciate your generous of maintaining this site. Last month I bought an Alcatel 715 and I could n’t find the PC suite software for this in Saudi Arabia (my work location) Could you please help me to get the software.

    Thanks in advance


  28. Hi;

    I need the Customization Tools but the link is broken. Please help me.

    Thanks your attention



  29. Dear Mr. Wang!

    I just bought a used OT715 from a friend of mine, because since a long time it is nowhere to find here in the GSM shops of Hungary. I’m very happy to own it, since I wanted to get this telephone long time ago. It is the second mobile of mine (the first ever is a Siemens M35i – very good phone either, it fought the storms of life by my side for almost two and a half years-).

    So, I know that it can be tiring to check and answer the posted comments, but I also kindly please You, to help me, how to download the Customization Tools software.

    I’m very happy to find your blog, ’cause I searched the web a lot to find software for OT715, and as you told it, it’s impossible to find it anywhere!

    Thanks, and best regards!

    -Omar-, or

  30. Hi Everybody!

    Alcatel One Tousch 715 owners!

    I was bothering Mr. Wang yesterday, to share the OT715 softwares again, but today I found it on a Hungarian website. The URL is:

    There you find the splash screen. Push the “Belépés”(in english this means ENTER) button (the only button you see under the pictures of various alcatel phones)!

    Then in the LEFT menu you choose “Programok” (in english PROGRAMS), and you will see the OT715 Tools!!! Now you can download it with the “letöltés”, “letöltés1” and “letöltés2” buttons (these mean “download”, “download1” and “download2”) .

    Have fun!!!

  31. Hello,

    Does anybody know the way to link OT715 with an Palm T3 through the IR port ?

    In fact, I’d like to dial a number from the Palm address book but the OT715 is not recognize. The phone is just hang on and off.

    In an other hand, it is possible to configure a phone and declare some code to deal with palm T3.

    Any idea will be well come.


  32. Hi!Jian Shuo:

    I have found the comments about OT715 what you write before,it’s wonderful!I am in Shenzhen,I bought it in 2002,just as you said ,there is little person who use it in China(I don’t konw the situation in other country),this is a good mobile phone in general,but Alcatel website or their customer is shit!!I can’t find any useful software or other document on it,The Intellisync software in the CD can’t support Outlook Express 6.0,my OS is Win XP,It seems that Alcatel can’t give us any help on this case,I want to know,if you have any good idea??Can you give me this Intellisync software or tell me where can I find it.Thanks in advance.

  33. Sorry for mistake~~~~~~~”but Alcatel website or their customer is shit!!”should be “but Alcatel website and their customer support is shit”.It’s really a big error, :)

  34. hy how to downolad pc suit for alcatel ot715.

    help give some links please!!!!!

  35. Jian Shuo Wang. meybe you can put this software on server i known one.??

    what do you think??

  36. If you put it on server all people who are loking it can have it.

    As I said before i know one. It works almost all the time.

    please help us.

  37. I am afraid I hesitate to put it on to the website so everyone can download it. According to the license, I don’t have the permission to redistribute the software.

  38. what?

    men what you talkin about what permission it’s inlegal that’s all. I don’t understand you said that you have but you can’t gave. it’s stupid who will know that you gave this software. explani!!

  39. ok but i stil don’t understand. never mind help me with finding this software. I you can of course. chris

  40. hi,

    is there somebody can tell me the bitrate of OT715’s serial port.

    thank you

  41. sorry to reopen this t3 .. but i have the same problem of Stefano : PbkInstall._GetBookNames

    I’ve tried on win XP Home (with office 2003) and it works ! only on XP Pro i get that error

  42. Hi! I found on the website the “Alcatel OT715 Software”, but I couldn’t download it. Can you help me?

    Thank you

  43. hay, I Get it if some one know free server for every one.I’ll put it ther. Let me know fi you want. No bullshit it tru.

  44. i bought alcatel 311 written vodafone but the problem is the phone is rejecting call if a call connect it will not ring on the callers phone and it will not ring on the phone it will show event icon thats missed call i hava tried to remove it but no way i lost the manual tell me what to press to have my phone normal.

  45. Hello,

    My mother has a Alcatel onetouch 715, and she wants to change the old phone case, where can I buy one?

  46. help!! can anyone tell me how to download ringtones on alcatel 715 via gprs my phone can not download ring tones or pictures. is something wrong with it.

    is anyone having the same problem? and i dont have a zoom feature on my phone where did it go. and it switches off anyhow how do i make it stop?

  47. Please I am looking for complete software for Alcatel OT C-750.

    but Alcatel website or their customer is shit!! Why? Can anyone help me to find this soft? Many thanks.Mario from Italy

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