EndAds and BlockMessenger

hlb felt very painful when he was hit by the EndAds spam.

I keep getting pop ups from endads.com telling me how to get rid of pop ups. But I only get pop ups from them so I’m certainly not paying them to get rid of themselves!! Mr Norton is supposed to do this for me. But he’s failed miserably.

Spam is a good business, isn’t it?

It is obviously a good business to spam others and ask others to pay to get rid of the spam. EndAds.com did it and BlockMessenger.com is doing it too. This is what I call: ROBERY.

Simple steps to turn it off

The easist way to stop receiving this kind of message is to turn off Windows Messenger service. If you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000, following these steps:

  • Click Start button on your Windows taskbar.
  • Click Run…
  • Enter “Services.msc” (without quotation marks) and click OK.
  • Browse the list till you find “Messenger” in Name column.
  • Double click it. The Messenger Properties (Local Computer) dialog box comes out.
  • Choose “Disable” in “Startup type” drop down box.
  • Click OK.

It will definitely work. If you don’t believe that so simple steps can stop the annoying pop-ups, see the comments of about 100 people on this page.

Note: These steps will NOT affect your usage of MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ.

I have also put the instructions here and there on this site. I hope EndAds.com cannot get a single penny if people spread the easy cure on the Internet.

Updated: Shutdown EndAds.com Together July 31, 2003

It is a shame that the spammer EndAds.com is still accessiable on Internet and is still collecting money by its “day-light robery” spam. My reader Chris Mikeson have given us very good suggestion to shutdown EndAds.com together by complain to their hosting company at abuse@level3.net.

Everyone who has been abused by endads.com should email abuse@level3.net. If they get enough of them they will shut them down and ban them from returning. It will only take about 5 customers complaining. I can usually do this alone but it adds credibility of others of you also send email to abuse@level3.net.

By Chris Mikeson

Please paste your complain to abuse@level3.net and their response on this page as comment and we can clearly see the progress.

Updated EndAds.com Spammers Caught Nov 06, 2003

Good news! The EndAds.com, actually D Square LLC was caught by FTC and was sued. I believe it is the final ending of this nightmare. Read more: EndAds.com Caught by FTC

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  1. As a undergraduate student in university of science and technology, I am very interested in becoming a blogger. Because I like computer writing, I hope to publish my stories on website. Could you help me? Just some information of how to build my personal world. Thanks a million!

  2. Daylight robery = getting dressed whilst it’s light? Sorry for being facetious, and thanks for the info on getting rid of pop-ups!!

  3. I to am sick and tired of endads. com wwwdefeatmessenger.com I sent aol a message and told them that they own the show and it their place to get rid of this and why should i pay for something they could get rid of they are the only popups that annoy me . thanks wes

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Messanger was really pissing me off and I couldn’t figure out how to shut it down. Of course Microsoft were no help at all, thier on-line support is just a computerized version of ” press 1 for more options “.

  5. Thank you very much!!! I was even considering formatting the hard disk to get rid of those annoying messages!!, I would wake up in the morning and have to close above 30 of them…

    I have tried every single ad-blocking program in the internet, and nothing worked, some even have some more scum built up in them.

    And there was something I could do in the OS, you are great, thanks alot ;)


  6. Thanks so much for the instructions on how to block those ridiculous “pop-ups for stopping pop-ups”!

  7. Another thing to do about these assholes who have set up continuous messages like Endads, etc., it to file official complaints with appropriate authorities. There are several you can do this with, including state and federal. Some of the respondents evidently don’t mind getting harrassed by such subnormal idiots—-but I DO!


  8. I am totally frustrated by this. I can’t even type a page without these pop-ups. I have considered using the telephone instead. (there goes another pop-up, Defeat messenger .com). I am thinking of homacide.

  9. HI

    yes endads is a pain in the ass i emaild them asking why

    i should pay them to stop spamming me and yes i got no reply well the stop messenger works no more popups from

    endads and i didnt have to pay them ,,so endads UPYOURS

  10. Thanks for helping us get rid of those annoying messages that pop up. However, we have a problem when we click on Internet Exployer with “teen slut” pictures appearing. This happens offline. How do we get rid of this porno for good?

  11. Thanks for the advice on turning off the popups endads.com was driving me crazy.

  12. I used your advise and followd your steps to stop the messenger in windows. sure hope it works.

    thanks. good luck for your future and hey, keep the world updated with your good advice.

  13. Just tried out your steps to shut the popups off.I was getting “endads”,”fightpopups”, and “defeatmessenger”.

    driving me mad.So I`m hoping ill get some peace now. If it works thanks a million. Brian

  14. Thanks!

    Good info….I wish i could spam them back until their networks melt down!!!!


  15. I hope these messeges stop. It kinda sucks when you are trying to do something and you get these pop-ups that are so anoying. Thanks hope it works.

  16. I can not find ?Messenger ?in the list of services to stop receiving messages.

    I am running Windows XP

    Can you help me, Please!

  17. I like your story, looks just like my problem I followed your (Simple steps to turn it off) and it works thank you very much.

  18. please remove all pop ups from entering my email address before i kill somebody


  20. Hi

    Just a note to say thankyou soooooooooo much for those instructions on the messenger pain i have been suffering!! i followed them…and at least 10 mins has passed without one (usually loads in that time!)

    Have a good day…i know im gonna!!

    Emma :)

  21. explain me in french how to stop this please

    iClick Start button on your toolbar.

    Click Run…

    Enter “Services.msc” (without quotation marks) and click OK.

    Browse the list till you find “Messenger” in Name column

    Right click and click “Stop” on the pop up menu. That is not all. If you don’t want the service to start the next time you start your computer, continue with the following steps:

    Double click it. The Messenger Properties (Local Computer) dialog box comes out.

    Choose “Disable” in “Startup type” drop down box.

    Click OK.

    dn’t understand in english

  22. Thank you

    Hope you don’t mind me telling everyone I know to visit your site.

    Thanks again




  25. May I add my grateful thanks for the dispoal of the bloody niusance that is “Endads” I was almost on the point of paying this bunch of crook’s protection-racket. Thanks again.

    very sincerely, peter

  26. popups have been driving me crazy.in the middle of a game of age of empires,and as you are about to savour victory you get a pop up,so you must leave the game to turn it off.bye the time it takes to get back your once victorice army is no more/////and it dont happen just once or twice no they batter away at you continuosley to point of break down.anyway ta so much i hope to get back to normalitty now.great tip bye.

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I never had this problem before, now a brand new computer added, and pop-ups like I never imagined. The filthy ones should be illegal. The pure nuisance ones should be stopped as a matter of courtesy. The ones selling junk need to join the dying telemarketers faced with the national do not call listing (free). And, to sell me something to stop me from getting anything I never wanted? Asinine. So thanks.


  28. What else can I say??? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    I thought about flaming those internet muggers in ‘endads’ and ‘blockmessages.com’. But upon google search your website popped up as number 1!!!

    Let me tell you, you are one decent humanbeing. You are saving so many people from these internet mugging bastards. You are the Net equivalent of a superhero – like Spiderman. You are a superhero!!!

  29. Hi Jay, Andy and all the previous commenters,

    You know what, it is the greatest honor the times have given me to serve you by telling one of the most simple secret to stop those unwanted “mugging bastards”, “shit”, “crook”…. NET SEND SPAM – more particularly, the ENDADs.com and BlOCKMESSENGER.com spam. You are very right – they are blackmailing people who don’t know the secret to pay them to get rid of the pop ups.

    You may also be interested in the following articles regarding the same spam or other spam.







    Best wishes, my dear readers.

  30. Estoy hasta los mismísimos cojones de aguantarlos.

    Por qu?no le van a dar el coñazo a su puta madre.

    ¡¡? Cabrones !!!

  31. Estoy hasta los mismísimos cojones de aguantarlos.

    Por qu?no le van a dar el coñazo a su puta madre.

    ¡¡? Cabrones !!!

  32. Estoy hasta los mismísimos cojones de que entréis en mi PC.

    Hijos puta, por qu?no se los metéis a vuestra madre por el coño.

    ¡¡¡¡ Cabrones !!!!

  33. I have been just calmly turning them off and turning them off, and turning them off—now I am just so sick of them I wish someone would hunt them down and break every finger and every toe and their tongue so they could never feel the caress of a keyboard key again…oh and just in case–anything else they might try to use to touch a keyboard key such as an elbow, a nose or anything else that sticks out.

  34. If this works I cannot thank you enough. This has been a constant pain as it occurs every single time I use my computer.


  35. i sure hope this works just had to close 33 messages before i could see the screen i wanted lol


    You saved my life! It works like a charm. Thank God that I found out your website just before I decided to pay the asshole Endads.com to stop the “day-light” blackmail.

    I donate the same money Endads.com asked for their software into your PayPal account – to thank you and to tell EndAds that I would rather send my money to lovely people like Jian Wang instead of you!!

    Please check your PayPal account and may God be with you!

  37. as long as good people with a computer knowledge continue to fight these con-artists they can never win,


  38. I wont the pop up ads to stop & won’t read the instructions. I will discontinue my service with AOL if they don’t stop.

  39. Thank you for the advice. These things were starting to drive me mad. Incedentally I blame Microsoft for this in part. I never used to get them until I went over to XP. So much for progress!

  40. Thank you very much for providing a valuable service. I am very pleased to get rid of the garbage popups.

  41. This is the true meaning of extortion if you don’t give them money they will continue to harase you. These people need to go, all the way, to hell not half, or three quarters but all the way!

  42. Thanks for the info on getting rid of those pop-ups, it’s worked a treat. Hope you don’t mind me passing on your web address to my friends. Once again many thanks

  43. I can’t believe it……….I’ve been online twenty minutes and NO MORE Pesky ENDADS, BLOCKMESSENGER, MESSENGERBUSTER, STOPMESSENGER or KILLMESSENGER messages!..I have only been using Windows XP for a week or so, but I have: I HATE WINDOWS XP on my screen saver marque. Hehehe!

    I was keeping my cool about those damn ads, but I was getting to the end of my rope, so I typed in: endads, at GOOGLE and found this page first try!

    I followed the simple directions to disable Windows messenger service and…IT WORKS!! I, like so many others have refused to get “fished in” to buying something from the very place that’s sending those ads! I am very angry at Microsoft for not helping XP users with this easily fixed annoyance!

    But I’m so happy to have found this website and following your simple instructions, solve this problem. Five GOLD stars to you! * * * * * THANK YOU!!

  44. Thanks for the instructions on how to stop those stupid popups. I am busy printing for the charity bisiness and these popups were getting a bit much.

  45. Thanxs a lot for your help, there should be more people about like you to tell us things like this, especially for people who aren’t computer experts.

    I too was getting fed up of popups coming up all the time. I was glad to find this website and the easy to folllow instructions have definetly worked.

  46. Man, oh Man, thank you! I just got XP, and I thought this was hell. You have saved my faith in the world!

  47. Thank you those pop ups were making me so mad until I stumbled upon this site.

    Just wanted to show my gratitude.


  48. Done the disable messaenger action,will that also stop the ‘ i am looking for a boy ‘ that is a nuisance if not how do I ?

  49. Thank you so much. Followed your instructions last night. As of this afternoon – NO POP UPS!!!! One suggestion, make the top of your website clear that you are helping these people, obviously some people do not feel the need to read what this website is about. Don’t blame them to an extent, pop ups are very frustrating.

    Keep up the good work!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  50. cant thankyou enough, works perfectly, no popup messages from those assholes all day !!

    Play a lot of online games, so popups were ruining it for me, youve sorted this out, thanks.

    Nice one

  51. Thanks for the silver bullet to kill this commercial. Smart advertising campaign, eh? Annoy people with your pop ad so that they will kill your pop up ad. This is the first pop up that REALLY got me irritated enough to want to kick in my monitor. Thanks again for nuking these idiots.

  52. bonjour,

    depuis plusieurs jour je reçoi de votre par une PUB qui me dérange dans mon travail et que je n’arrive pas m’en débarass?

    il s’agit de la PUB http://www.ENDADS.com (message de security alert ?computer user)

    en ce qui concerne votre PUB, je vous signal que je n’ais aucun problème a mon PC et que je vous demande de ne plus jamais m’afficher ou de m’envoyer de la PUB. merci

    veuillez agrée, mes salutations.

  53. Hi,

    Thanks alot. It’s working so far. I clicked stop in the “Service Status” too,is that okay? Ihope I didn’t screw something up.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. If this works, I will be ever so grateful. Neither Dell not my real estate network could do a thing…am going to follow your instructions now and will let you know.

  55. Thanks to a good guy, good advice, well given. Years of popup hell gone……….only time will tell for sure.

  56. I thought there was something wrong with my machines!!! I just started getting hit hard with these ENDADS pop-ups yesterday…thanks so much for telling me how to kill the stupid sons of b*tches!!! The minute I turned on my comp…boom..there they were!

  57. Absolutely brilliant! I followed your instructions and now I don’t have any more headaches with those bloody pop ups. Thank you ever so much! (and I really mean it)

  58. Wouldn’t it be a shame if somebody hacked their sites and caused them a lot of grief? :-)

  59. I just tried your advice and disabled these pop-up messages and I’m hoping it will not interrupt anymore when I play counter-strike on the internet! Thanx a bunch.

  60. Hi peeps,

    Tried it with W2000 Pro and it works too. Cheers for the help and may all spammers willies drop off in the shower!

  61. what a relief — the popup ads are gone with your simple fix. You are an angel — thank you so much!!

  62. Many thanks for getting rid of the pop up from endads it was realy bugging me.

    Keep up the good work

  63. As part of my Phd thesis on gene splicing I have to run my computer for weeks on end to process gene codes. Endads have ruined almost two months of hard work with their pop-ups. Perhaps when I eventually obtain my degree, i’ll decode a gene sequence that shows why certain people like those at endads.com obtain pleasure from infuriating others. Thanks for your help.

  64. Your the bomb!!! I felt like tossing my computer out the window. Thank you so much for your info on how to stop those pain in the ass popup add.

  65. Thanks for saving me, play black hawk down and mohaa regular on the net, these ads were ruining it for me, couldnt play matches properly as the ads pull me out the game. This seems to have worked, fingers crossed, cant thank you enough for the advice, will tell all my mates.

  66. Thank you for sharing your solution to an annoyance that goes beyond opportunistic greed and fear mongering, never mind the pain in the ass interuptions when you just need to get things done.

  67. Thankyou for this very simple cure to this very very annoying pop up. Although there should be a way to kill it without disabling things on my own PC. Possibly finding their offices and buring them to the ground might do it.


  69. Thank you so much for the advice! Those Messenger popups were driving me insane. I would be right in the middle of a game of Warcraft III and all of a sudden my screen would freeze, and one of those damnable popups would show up on my screen advertising endads.com, stopmessenger.com, etc. I wish I knew a way to report those people to the authorities…what they’re doing has got to be illegal.

  70. I echo other comments. What a great human being you are! Castration with a blunt plastic knife is too good for people that cause so much disruption to techno phobs like me.Thanks again Good ridance to endads!!!

  71. Thanks for the easy solution – but now I’m curious – how the heck did they get started on my computer in the first place – and what’s to prevent other “un wantedes” from attempting the same?

  72. thanks for the advice on how to get rid of endads seems to be working, my son is using windows me after selecting run he types in services.msc but it goes no further does anyone have any advice to help him stop getting popups every minute.

  73. Thank-you so much for the steps to turn off messanger, I too recieved endads marketing spam popups. What a bunch of low lifes. Your a good person for helping others in this way. Love and Prayers, Sara

  74. Hello

    I am so glad I found your website. I probably would have been a victim and sent money right away as the popups were really getting on my nerves. I found you trying to get to endads website. Thank you for being kind enough to share with those of us that could be taken advantage of because we do not know any other way, and that is who these very dishonest people prey upon. Again thanks and I love your website.

  75. You will be rewarded by not passing thru the wheel of karma unless you wish to again live amongst those who are so grateful to you! thank you

  76. I like all the rest was almost at the point of paying them to stop.(which is crazy because they are the only ads I get!) It was only in my search for the cheapest one that I found this sight! I am going home tonight and trying it……if it works “May you live for a thousand years!”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me not get robbed! I am telling everyone I know about your sight.


  77. I ran a traceroute to find out where endads.com was hosted. It appears they are hosted by a hosting compnay that is using Level3.net services. You can discover this by:

    1. Click Start

    2. Click Run

    3. Type command

    4. Type tracert endads.com

    5. Press Enter.

    6. Read the route that comes back.

    I sent an email to abuse@level3.net.

    Their abuse personnel contacted me back and is going to be shutting down endads.com. See how easy it is? :)

    For those of you who are intersted, I have pasted the email I wrote to abuse@level3.net below:

    Dear Level3 Abuse:

    Your network is hosting endads.com ( Endads has infected

    over 400,000 computers with OS level pop-up ads. They are continuining

    to use your network to infect over 10,000 new computers per day with

    their pop-up ads (pops up right on XP desktop even without a browser


    What are they selling?

    They are selling their own anti-popup software (to newbies that don’t

    understand that they are the only ones using this exploit).

    Word on the net is that several major RBLs are going to blacklist the

    network hosting this site.

    You may want to read about these guys you are hosting. They are








    I would advise you shut these guys down as they are IP scanning the

    entire ARPA block and sending IP->IP popups to every single computer on

    the net using your network. They send about 30 per day to my machine (I

    figured out how to stop it, but most aren’t able to and get extorted

    into buying the product).

    It’s becoming an epidemic. Seriously.

    Please email me back the steps you intend to take. Otherwise I will

    report this to the RBLs (I have friends who run some of the biggest of


    Thanks for responding.


    Chris Mikeson

  78. I just emailed the abuse@level3.net

    thanks chris.

    If there is anything that I can do to bring down those people at those companies please post here and I will be happy to help.


    thanks again!

  79. Pour cette personne malheureuse qui ne pourrait pas comprendre les instructions anglaises sur comment tourner des messages, je suis all??un site le “freetranslation com” appel?et ai traduit l’information pour vous. Ici c’est en français:

    Cliqueter le bouton de Début sur votre toolbar. Cliqueter la Course.. Entrer le “Services.msc” (sans les guillemets) et le déclic D’ACCORD. Brouter la liste jusqu’?ce que vous trouvez le “Messager” dans la colonne de Nom Bons déclic et le “Arrêt” de déclic sur le

    revient le menu. Cela n’est pas tout. Si vous ne voulez pas que le service pour ait commenc?la prochaine fois vous commencez votre ordinateur, continuez avec les étapes suivantes: Doubler le déclic il. Les Propriétés de Messager (l’Ordinateur Local) la boîte dedialogue sort. Choisir “Rend infirme” dans “le type de Démarrage” le dépot en bas boîte. Cliqueter D’ACCORD.

    For that unfortunate person that could not understand the English instructions on how to turn off the messages, I went to a site called “freetranslation.com” and translated the info for you.

    Here it is in French:

  80. Chris,

    It is cool to shutdown their website first and then find them out. If anyone has any better idea than reactive disable our messenger service, please share like Chris did.

  81. Everyone who has been abused by endads.com should email abuse@level3.net. If they get enough of them they will shut them down and ban them from returning. It will only take about 5 customers complaining. I can usually do this alone but it adds credibility of others of you also send email to abuse@level3.net.

  82. Here is the domain information for endads.com. Maybe someone will be interested to call Mr. Williams, John to ask about what happened with EndAds.com

    Data source: http://www.geektools.com/cgi-bin/proxy.cgi?query=ENDADS.COM

    Checking server [whois.crsnic.net]

    Checking server [whois.opensrs.net]




    PO BOX 22271

    San Diego, Ca 92192


    Domain name: ENDADS.COM

    Administrative Contact:

    Williams, John aslk20@hotmail.com

    PO BOX 22271

    San Diego, Ca 92192



    Technical Contact:

    Williams, John aslk20@hotmail.com

    PO BOX 22271

    San Diego, Ca 92192



    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.

    Record last updated on 21-Jul-2003.

    Record expires on 02-Jun-2004.

    Record Created on 02-Jun-2003.

    Domain servers in listed order:





  83. Nice sleuthing. Having run a large hosting company for five years, I can tell you that it takes a while for a SPAMMER to get shut down. But the process has been begun. If level3 gets a few more complaints they will be shut down in the next few weeks.

    Also, if anyone can find out the name of the parent company hosting endads.com (level3.net is the grandparent) then we can get these a**holes shut down much faster.

    – chris

  84. Greetings Fellow Sufferers,

    Ouch! I usually get 2 or 3 at a time.

    I was curious if anyone knows how to stop the porn industry from sending me those non-existant Email addresses. I know they do not exist but am unable to block all of them. Most seem to go around the blocker.

    BTW: I have only received 1 pop-up spam in the last 11 minutes…. Yeehaaa!!!! Thank you.


    Peace2u and Safe Journey


  85. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    as long as people like you stay one step ahead of these arseholes the internet will be a good place to be!

  86. mdc, you are welcome. Now we need your help to send complain to the EndAds.com’s host service provider to shut them down.

  87. Dear Abuse@level3.net,

    I am writing about a place called EndAds.com. I am so fed up with places like this, which try to usurp my hard earned money. All because people don’t know enough about their computers to avoid it, well I do. I would like to file a formal complaint against this very unethical and inane website. They are conning people out of money. I would appreciate two things. A response from your stating the actions you plan to take, and also their site to be shut down and banned. I also plan to forward a copy of this to every federal agency I can think of. You really need to get rid of this shit. It makes your company look shady, and wastes my time. Thank You.

  88. That is great Cory. I believe with more people complaining to their ISPs, spamers like golarger.com, endads.com and blockmessenger.com will no longer exist.

  89. Yeah I have had the same problem I ended up getting Messenger Guard from deskon.com and I have been very happy with it!

    Cheers :)

  90. Well its now been a week and no pop ups, I think this is just so great ,,a la personne de langue francaise ,,,,moi aussi j’avais l’ide de traduire le texte …..mais n’ayant pas trop de familiarite avec les termes francais qui pretendre aux ordinateurs je n’etais pas sur comment m’y premdre ….Cela me fait plaisir que une autre personne ai eu le geni d’aller faire trauduire.. Ca marche !! cela fait sept jour s et je nais eu aucun “pop-up” du tout …..le jeune monsieur sait de quoi il parle……au plasire D

  91. Well, deekay, I don’t know French (I think maybe above is Frence, I guess). So I used Wordlingo to translate it into English. The computer based translation does not seems to work very well at this time, so I can still hardly capture the meaning of the paragraph. Here is their translation:


    Well its now been has week and pop No ups, I think this is just so great,,a the person of French language,, me also I had the ide to translate the text…..but not having too many familiarite with the French terms which pretendre with the computers I did not etais on how me y premdre….That pleases to me that another person had the geni to go to make trauduire.. Ca goes!! that made seven day S and I am born have any “pop-up” from the whole…..the young Mister knows what it speaks……with the plasire D

  92. I hate endads. They are very lucky I didn’t hit their networks with my loyal crew malicous hackers. They touch me again, they’ll DIE!

  93. You are a star

    I’ve got Norton and a personal firewall but still they came thank you for a very simple remedy.

    I don’t think you have made to many friends at “endads.com!!!!

  94. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m willing to pay you twice what endads.com was charging. (those bastards!!!)

    It’s like they beat you up and then try to charge you a “protection fee”.

    This message is going out to the folks at endads.com… *!*%@$& YOU!!!!

  95. Hi All,

    Rather than turn off the Messenger service you can stop the messages by turning off the NetBios over TCP/IP.

    If you are just connecting to the internet for browsing and run win 2K or newer you don’t need netbios running.

    How to ?

    Its a tick box

    Where ?

    Simple : Settings > Network And Dial-Up Connections,

    Connection to the internet > Properties,

    Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties > Advanced,


    Here you will see three options

    1. Enable NetBios over TCP/IP

    2. Disable NetBios over TCP/IP

    3. Use NetBios settings from the DHCP server

    Since this is the network connection from your PC to your ISP, the third option is normally selected as default.

    Change the selection to option 2.


    Problem solved.


  96. I’ve been trying to do some homework and endads.com has been pestering me for hours. Thank you very much for posting how to stop the message alerts. I will forwarding these instructions to everyone I know!

  97. Thank God! :) It got really annoying in the middle of games when those damned adverts appeared. They appeared over my screen and obstructed my view. I had to shoot to highlight the advert and people thought I was going crazy by shooting at the ground and damaging myself. Thank you very much! Your a lifesaver (litterally)

  98. Thanks for the perfect instructions on how to rid my computer of that endad, blockmessenger stuff. I actually was about to finally check out their service because i didnt know if it was a legit program offered by Microsoft. I was lucky enough to choose your page first and correct this scam which should be illegal. Thanks again from Chicago.

  99. Thanks a lot! your solution worked perfectly.

    I also sent an email of my own to those a$$h*les’ providers, hope they cancel them for good!!!!


  100. I dont give a FUCK who gets into my Computer, I get bothered by you more than any Hacker. Piss-Off.

  101. I recently started getting hit with the endads so I followed your advice at the begining of the page, it slowed it down but did not stop it, so I also followed Neil’s advice and I haven’t gotten one yet, I hope it works. I also wrote an email to abuse@level3.net and told them I would be sending an email everytime I recieved a pop up, maybe if we hit them with all the stuff they will finally shut this thing down,mine only started yesterday, I was glad to find your website. Thanks for all the good advice that you, and everyone has posted.

  102. Microsoft is a big POS, Bill Gates & all his progammers should be shot. I’d rather use Linux than use a Microsoft product, I soon will switch over to a Mac. Funny how implanting something on a person computer is illegal unless your a company…..where the hell is America going..

  103. The “endads.com” gangster is now with Tucows.com and Tucows is not much better than endads.

    I will make some “advertising” for Tucows whenever I have a chance to write a user reply in regard to software that got a good rating.

  104. Thank you!!!! These BASTARDS where driving me crazy! No spam No junk mailNo pop-ups! FRUCK U BAS#RDS DIE DIE DIE!!!!

  105. Wow. I didn’t even read all the replys. But this works. Telly uo friends. I really think they should get there website shutdown. Thank you for your help with my dilemna.

  106. Wangjianshuo: Thank you much for posting this solution. Thank you for the help of stopping the two single most annoying popups in endads and fightpopups. I will let the news spread of this post and warn all my friends.

  107. Damn – pay to get rid of something they sent in the first place. Thats like selling $hit to a pig farmer. Thats like selling someone their own dead grandmother back to them. Thats like…well, I think you get the idea.

    Thanks for the tips. The pop ups were getting annoying.

  108. ENDADS hit me. It’s not a pop up. It’s a money sucking virus. And I can’t get rid of it.

  109. by the way if you really want to tell endadds how you think



    PO BOX 22271

    San Diego, Ca 92192


    Domain name: ENDADS.COM

    Administrative Contact:

    Williams, John aslk12@hotmail.com

    PO BOX 22271

    San Diego, Ca 92192



    Technical Contact:

    Williams, John aslk12@hotmail.com

    PO BOX 22271

    San Diego, Ca 92192



  110. I request that you stop this annoying habit of sending me this unwanted (spam), messeges from endads.com to my computer!

    I did not ask for it and I believe it is againsat the law.

  111. Thank you for contacting Level 3’s Network Security Operations department.

    This message is to inform you that your case is being investigated and

    action will be taken in accordance to Level 3’s Acceptable Use Policy.

    You can find a link to the Level3 Acceptable Use Policy at:


    Your case has been assigned a tracking number of: 1383837. Please use this

    tracking number in all further inquiries regarding this issue.

    Each complaint received is addressed in accordance to the Level 3

    Communications AUP, however, if you wish to escalate or check the

    status of this case, please submit feedback via the following web



    Thank you very much,

    Level 3 Communications

    Global Network Security Operations Team

    Level 3 Communications has submitted its dial pools to the MAPS DUL,

    http://www.mail-abuse.org/dul/. This project provides a mechanism to

    restrain the receipt of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. When implemented,

    the process prevents receipt of e-mails directly from an end user that has

    not properly gone through the mail server of their ISP. Thus, Level 3 is

    actively involved in the reduction of unwanted e-mail.

    Original Complaint


    This is a multi-part message in MIME format.


    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;




    Content-Type: text/plain;


    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

    I wish to file a complaint against endads.com for sending =

    enormous amounts of pop up ads to me. They have no way of removing my =

    computer address from their site. This is annoying and, in my opinion, =

    a violation of my privacy.

    I have turned off the messenger service on my Windows XP just prior to =

    sending this email to you. I hope this will solve the problem.


    Don Wheeler

    Monroe, LA

  112. Thank you! You deserve an award!! Found you yesterday and followed your instructions. Got rid of EndAds, but am still getting pop-ups from other entities. I’ll go through the instructions one more time; maybe I missed something? I keep COOKIES and FILES cleaned out. Does this help? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

    Teena Read

    Caldwell, Idaho

  113. Thank you. I will also write to abuse@level3.net and that piece of scum John Williams. By the way, how do you know to write to level3.net? (Sorry if I’m being stupid!!) Talking of being stupid how many people would seriously pay someone to rid themselves of something that endads had sent them in the first place. Amazing – some people……

  114. Here is an email I sent to John Williams and tech@endads.com. Hope some of you can use it or part of it and not waste time like I have writing to the parasite:

    For the attention of John Williams

    I hearby give notice that I wish you to stop sending me popup messages advertising “ByeByeAds”. This is wasting my work time and I will take further action should this not stop with immediate effect.

    I have sent a written complaint to abuse@level3.net. I trust that they will shut you down as soon as possible. If no action is taken I will hound their abuse department until something is done. To protect others I will periodically check who is providing your internet presence and alert them about your activities. Should you change provider I will pester their abuse department until you are finally shutdown for good.

    I cannot believe that people are so stupid to pay you money for removing something you sent them in the first place.

    The internet needs to be rid of parasites like yourselves.

  115. And here is an email to abuse@level3.net:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Complaint regarding “EndAds.com”

    Using Whois I have tracked down that you are hosting endads.com (

    For the past few days I have been inundated by a pop-up message advertising “ByeByeAds” a product offered by EndAds.com. I have no other pop-ups appearing other than that from Endads. Therefore they must have initiated this problem. On the website it offers “ByeByeAds” to rid this problem. I cannot believe that people would be gullible

    enough to pay these parasites to rid themselves of a problem that EndAds have created themselves.

    It has wasted a lot of time and I am extremely annoyed that someone would host such a unscrupulous operation.

    I assume that you will have received and will recieve other complaints regarding this. I trust you will withdraw your hosting of this site with immediate effect. I trust you will also inform all other hosts of this disgraceful scam, preventing them setting up again.

    Please email me back the steps you intend to take.

    Thanks for responding.



  116. Thanks for the advice. I hope it works. I sent the following e-mail to abuse@level3.com:

    One of your clients, End Ads.com, is running a spamming operation in which they send recurring pop up ads seeking payment from victims of their spam to pay to make it stop.

    I will not pay their ransom fee and am offended by their spam as I’m sure are many other unsuspecting Internet users.

    Please do something to make them stop.

    I also sent the following e-mail to tech@endads.com:

    The only pop up ad that is giving me problems is the persistent little bugger you’ve put in my system.

    How do I make your ad stop without having to pay you a ransom fee?

  117. I just received the following response from abuse@level3.com. Maybe they will live up to their word and do something to end endads.com forever.

    Thank you for contacting Level 3’s Network Security Operations department.

    This message is to inform you that your case is being investigated and

    action will be taken in accordance to Level 3’s Acceptable Use Policy.

    You can find a link to the Level3 Acceptable Use Policy at:


    Each complaint received is addressed in accordance to the Level 3

    Communications AUP, however, if you wish to escalate or check the

    status of this case, please submit feedback via the following web



    Thank you very much,

    Level 3 Communications

    Global Network Security Operations Team

    Level 3 Communications has submitted its dial pools to the MAPS DUL,

    http://www.mail-abuse.org/dul/. This project provides a mechanism to

    restrain the receipt of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. When implemented,

    the process prevents receipt of e-mails directly from an end user that has

    not properly gone through the mail server of their ISP. Thus, Level 3 is

    actively involved in the reduction of unwanted e-mail.

  118. make a list and check it twice,no moe pop ups, no isnt that nice /internet options/level/edit list

  119. i hope these idiots aren’t American. How embarrassing for my country if they are. Blackmail is what we call what they’re doing here in texas.

  120. Thanks for the fix. My fingers are crossed that it will work.

    I sent the following to abuse@level3.net


    I keep getting pop up messages from Endads, which I understand you host. The messages tell me to buy their software so that I can stop getting pop up messages. However, I only receive their messages.

    This seems like extortion. Certainly it is abusive.

    I think I found a no cost fix on a different website. So hopefully that will stop the flow of their ads to me. In the meantime, others are being subjected to the same extortive activities. And I have lost precious time trying to figure out how to protect myself.

    I wanted you to be aware of this abuse by an entity that I understand you host.

  121. Thank you for your information on turning off Windows Messenger. Sometimes after the pop-ups, my computer would run slow and have to be restarted! So far so good! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  122. ENDADS if you dont stop i will fly down there and KILL you all … ALL you i will watch as i pull out you guts and eat them … and then puqe it up on leve13 and .. watch as they puqe die die die die die …

    love me :)

  123. Thanks HLB for your useful info on endads SPAM. I have blocked it using your method and have sent an email to their hosts using all my available email addresses! Fight SPAM with SPAM!!

  124. I have followed ur procedure, but i still reciver the pop-ups, not from ‘endads’ this time, but from ‘byebyeads’

    Why is everyone elses ok and not mine

  125. I followed the directions to block the opups…i got as far as servies…messengewr; when i tried to get to properties, nothing happened. any suggestions?

  126. Thank you very much for providing a service that assits, without payment nor credit, people in need. Your kindness restores faith that some people are good and kind. Good luck and I hope you receive the fortuntes due you because of your generiousity.


  127. I shall forward this page to everyone I know who has had this problem. This is probably the best web page that I’ve come across in a long time, a million thanks!

  128. It is great to get genuine help from a source that is not after your wallet. And yes those bastards behind ENDADS suck!

  129. i dont have a problem with popupsexcept endads and a bunch morelike them.

    i wouldnt buy anything from them.

  130. Thank you so much for putting this up. It worked right away and came up in google for the search of “how to get rid of endads”. Great work, thanks again

  131. I am so tired of interruptions by spammers and the worst seems to be endads and others advertising to stop popups. They pop up as I am typing and are sooooooo annoying. Thanks for your help in ending this.

  132. Thanks so much it works

    btw for winxp in french when i did the Services.msc i had to change to disable in the (affichage des messages)tab


  133. THANKS A LOT!!!! I hope everybody who ever had a problem with endads.com sent them a very nice message. I know I did. I told them their crap isn’t going to work anymore so basically they’re screwed!

  134. I looked on Visa’s website, to see if there was some way of reporting them there. There should be a way of reporting them to the CC companies, but I was not able to find it on their site. I would hope that they would take a stance against shady dealings like these. Is there anyone familiar with skinning the cat from that angle?


  135. The problem is finding the cure…somoen set up a webpage with insstructions and title the page


    i found this page by typing “endads” it would be alot easier if there was a listing for endads.com endads and http://www.endads.com

  136. Hi. Thanks very much for these instructions. Those popups were becoming very annoying. Should this also take care of those pesky “Buybeads” pop-ups? I started getting those at the same time that I started getting the Endads ones.

    Thanks again for your help.

  137. Here’s what I sent to EndAds’ provider:

    I have been receiving annoying popup ads from http://www.EndAds.com,which promise to stop the popups only if I buy their service. The ads originate from your server. Here is my log entry:

    Connection: http://www.endads.com( http(80)

    from S0028974394( 3556

    927 bytes sent

    29741 bytes received

    23.625 elapsed time

    This activity verges on extortion, since there appears to be no way to cause the popups to stop short of buying their product. Please do what you can to make it stop.

  138. I went through the XP disable procedure as suggested and am still getting about 4-8 Endads.com pop-ups per hour… AND I have a good pop-up stopper program running at all times!!!

    Any other suggestions?? I’m sending the Endads.com host strongly worded emails with each popup incident, all I get back is a cyber-form letter saying they’re “looking into it”…

    I’d like 5 minutes with this jerk-off…

  139. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Endads.com was driving me nuts! I’d wake up to 20 or 30 of their stupid messages each day. I too thought about formatting my drive and starting over. I’m glad I came here first. You just saved me a ton of backup and restoring. I’ve sent a complaint email to their provider, I’ll let you know what their response is.

  140. What a pain in the arse ENDADS is, I too have been harrassed by this “virus” for the last few weeks.

    I have followed your instructions and am now hoping that these pop-ups now stop.

  141. Thank you! I appreciate getting rid of that message. It was killing my wife and I every few minutes.

  142. Thank you very much for your help. Those EndAd messages were driving me crazy!!!I totally agree with you. It is ridiculous to pay someone to stop their ads!!! I have complained as you suggested. Hopefully, this will end the problem forever!

  143. If I ever meet someone who works for endads, or even talks about it like a good marketing thing… I will beat the crap out of them…. and not feel bad.

  144. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…. for helping stop that endads pop up. I want to kill them.

  145. I just notified Abuse@level3.com with the following e-mail

    Good afternoon,

    I was told that this is where I should formally complain about the company, Endadds.com.

    I am sure that this is not the first complaint received.

    It was an easy enough task for me to solve the problem of there annoying pop-up extortion policy.

    There needs to be a law preventing this maliscious sort of pop up bombing that they seem to practice so freely.

    Thank you

    I then e-mailed the server for endadds with more colorfulls than i care to post here

    thank you for the quick fix

  146. Thank you for your instructions to stop the pop ups, my husband is in the IT industry and actually cleared the information they enbedded into my registry.

    This company should really be stopped…I can only imagine all of the people who misinterpret this as a virus and pay good money to have someone fix it for them. I think Endads should be held accountable.

    Patty Kuksov

  147. Thank you SO much for instructions on how to get rid of endads pop-ups. I just e-mailed abuse@level3.net. I will post the response when I get it.

    By the way, I typed “endads” into Google and you came up as the #2 site. Guess who was #1? The evil incarnate itself.


  148. Thank you for helping me get rid of the ENDADS virus. I just don’t understand how this jerk still able to invade a person’s computer and life. I was sure he would have been gone by now.

    I will never forget how you helped me out. We need more people like you in this world.

  149. Thanks a lot for your help… I just moved to broadband after staying with a modem for as long as I could stand, and this is the crap I get as soon as I got connected… Easy to follow instructions and, so far, they’ve worked…

    It’s good to know there are still some good people left out here… :-)


  150. Thanks, I cannot believe that it is legal for these criminals to brake into our homes and defile us with their lies. I wish that it was illegal for these criminals to do this. I also wish that the government would put the spam eamilers out of business.

  151. I hate this is just fucked up shit….now i can’t even work on my puter just cuz you want to advertise….FUCK YOU ENDADS STOP THIS FUCKED UP SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. I hate this is just fucked up shit….now i can’t even work on my puter just cuz you want to advertise….FUCK YOU ENDADS STOP THIS FUCKED UP SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. I followed your instructions on getting rid of endads and it worked. Thankyou from an 80 year old computer novice!

  154. I made the MS Messenger Service changes you recommended, and find that the ENDADS popups continue (one came along as I was typing this reply).

    Thank you for your help, but it looks like the vermin has mutated.

    Best regards

  155. Please removed the Endads.com popup from my computar.l do not appreciated it.Hope Action to be taken.Thanks you

  156. Have followed your instructions – if this have worked (no pop-ups so far :) ) I will be forever grateful. Thank you!!

  157. To anybody that still has pop ups. Whan you make the changes you need to click apply than OK

    I hope this helps.

  158. up yours endads, thank you so much for the info your a god send wish i knew where these asshole were i’d pop my foot up thier ass. again thank you soooooooooooo much

  159. Thanks for the info on how to make the annoying Endads pop-up go away! The directions were easy to use and so far it seems like it worked. I also registered a complaint with level 3.com. They responded with a tracking number. I may pursue this further. It should be illegal. At any rate, I would like them to feel the heat!!

    Thanks Again,

    Ricardo Motobahn

  160. Hello again!,

    Remember me? I am the guy who originally posted on this thread letting you all know that Level3.net was the parent hosting company of endads.com. To be technically correct, level3 is the hosting company that hosts the company that is hosting endads.com. What does that all mean? It means that the buck stops at Level3.

    I wrote the original email to abuse@level3.net. And from what I see a bunch more of you sent email as well. I am glad to report that as of today, at least from my connection, endads.com SEEMS TO BE OFFICIALLY DOWN! I hope this is true and none some glitch on my side.

    Now, I know the likes of Endads.com and their villanous ways. They will change their domain as fast as the chameleon sheds its skin.

    So, let’s keep this going people. Let us know the new domain name they come up with and we will get that thing shut down quicker than a skittish jackrabbit can lick a carrot stick.

    Bravo people! Well done! Power to the Internet community fighting these SCUM! Let’s keep this going…

    – chris m.

  161. I just tried endads.com SEVERAL times myself. It is NOT working.

    Congrats to all and kudos to Chris.

  162. ROFL – nope not married. Send me pics and your most embarassing moment in the last 2 years! :)

  163. Ok I have updated your post to teach EVERYONE how to do standard sleuthing to discover who is hosting a website so you can complain to their abuse department. I used to run a large hosting company so I know that each of them HAVE to have an abuse department. If they don’t, then their upstream bandwidth providers will shut them down faster than wild animals flee from me when I am doing quasi-nude interpretive dance routines.

    So don’t worry, there is ALWAYS a live human reading ANYTHING you send to abuse@xyzhostingcompany.com! Send it and watch the results!

    Here read this to learn the tricks:

    –> http://home.wangjianshuo.com/archives/20030822_shutdown_defeatmessenger_and_fightpopups_spam.htm

    – chris

  164. I wanted to say the same, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.!!!!!!

    Those pop-up’s were starting to drive me crazy, and there isn’t a hope in &^%$ hell I was gone pay them to make it go away. Keep up the good work.


  165. I was told that this is a place where I could report spam, I am getting tons of spam from companies trying to get me to pay them to stop the annoying spam that they are the only ones sending me. The two companies are endads.com and defeatmessenger.com. Please get rid of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You,


  166. Hi,

    I’m so glad I found you!!! I was sitting at home one day and all of a sudden “pop” an ad came onto my desktop advertising, “www.BustPopups.com” then another, “www.FightPopups.com”, and another and another in windows based boxes. I immediately contacted one of them via their “contact us” link and wrote them a rather impressive nasty-gram if I do say so myself however to no avail in stopping the annoying “pop ups” themselves. I then tried an “opt out” to my so called subscription..lol..again to no avail.

    It was put best by one of your readers here that its like selling shit to a pig farmer. To rid yourself of these popups, without guarantee, you have to subscribe to the site for $30.00 US. I will try your solution tonite when I get home, I am currently using Windows XP Pro. and I do hope its effective for the particular web sites I’ve listed. If you have any input for me at all or further advice, please feel free to email me.

    Thank you in advance, wish me luck…

    Dave R.

  167. Ah! I have had a pop free day at last. I was one of those who declined to shut dowm Microsoft Messenging Service to rid myself of those pesky popups from endads.com /byebyeads.com. Instead I became a persisent moaner in the direction of their host isp. My last letter to them was yesterday 26th. August. Today there has not been a single popup. Does this mean my domain is nolonger receiving their attention or have they been put out of business for the time being?

    I would like to hear if anyone else can confirm that the popups have popped for the last time or are you still getting them. Switch on the messenger service again just as an experiment.

  168. This is considered extortion.

    Buy this or we keep f*cking with you.

    Why dont the States Attorney Generals Pursue this?

  169. I had the same problem, they were http://www.BustPopups.com & http://www.FightPopups.com

    Very annoying so I contacted each one with 100 e-mails with the same message, they ended up blocking my e-mail address.

    I actually reimaged my computer to get rid of the damn things. As soon as I was finnished they were back again.

    Then I read this and Disabled the Messenger. I hope it works.


  170. Stinking ass holes endads, byebyeads.com and others I HATE… Thanks for the information on how to get rid of the ads…they drove me mad…

    I have adesk top publisher ..prospect mailer and have emailed the abuse@level3.net many times and will continue to do so………………….Mikey, I hope all the spammers of this company die.

  171. Thank you very much on showing me how to get rid of those popups. It was really making me mad.Every time I was playing a game that was on a time limit those popups would pop up and I would lose time. They are really annoying.








  173. Can you please stop sendimg you adds, I do not your services. If I will need them, be sure that I will not buy anithing from whoever is sending the pop ups.

  174. I tried the instructions posted on your site for the elimination of messenger spam. It worked once before but I got the latest worm and had to re-install everything on my computer. I tried to block the messenger spam agin but I still get the annoying things. Why is it different now? (Windows XP )

  175. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip, I am so glad that you saved all of us for the evils of internet forced messaging……….

  176. Thanks for the help, I already sent a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission last week. I am still getting a few popups a day, but not as many as I was last week. I can’t disable it because I’m not the main user on my computer, but I let my husband know about your page here. Thanks again!:)

  177. Hello,

    I’ve got also this pop up coming every time from DESTROYADS.COM.

    To avoid it it was quite simple but I had to change a value of my pc services (shut down the PC message management) . I don’t know the exact consequence if one day my system will need to pop up me a real system message, I don’t know if I will get it, I will investigate.

    The second thing is that I get it only since yesderday, but I more or less always visiting the same sites, so I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, but for me that means this thinks is now resident on my PC ?

    Because of that for me I consider more this specific pop up as virus, so why this company owning this site could be consider as a virus spreader and treated as it must be ?

    Alain (From France)

    By the way why hackers are not blocing this spammer’s sites ?

  178. how do you stop the messages without turning the messageing thing off? – i use it quite alot across the network


  179. Endads should be castrated. Its time this type of stalking was made illegal internationally. Since installing a firewall the only one that still appears is endads ( May their gonads shrivel and fall off) At the same time the firwall alert pops up with a message that ‘Generic Host Process for Win32 Services v5.1.2600.0’ is trying to access the internet illegally. I wondered if endads had managed to install a program of some sort that activates the message from your computor. Does anyone know if this is possible and how you could delete it.

    PS thank for the advice


  180. Another easy way to get rid of popups is to run a little free program called shoot the messenger. It gives you the ability to shut the messenger service off and on with the push of one button. :)

  181. Yes I get pop up all the time and I am pretty tired of them

    wish they would make law saying you can’t do that lol. if they really want to do something send them to Bush and there gang at the White House because that would be right down the line of work (POP-UP)

  182. Spammers you are crimminals!

    You suck and your time is running out, eventually you will face your doom!

    And as for sites like this thanx for the valiant effort to thwart these sleazball little bastards from taking advantage of the net.

    Everyone should realize the danger these people pose on internet security and the privacy of every internet user, since really it is illegal access anyway I look at it (like getting into my wallet) If I do not give you written permission stay the fuck out!

    Come on uncle sam and wake up you suck as much as they do when you don’t protect the privacy and rights of internet users!.

    As for those who read this, try to surf as safe as you can by using firewalls and virus protection softwares.

    Thanx for the web space for this message!


  183. During the past few months that I have been online I have received a few of these ‘pop-up’ ads. Generally these ads have been few and far between and in small doses were tolerable. Some of the ads that I recieved were from many of the same so called ‘companies’ that everyone here has mentioned but I had also recieved others asking me to view their web cam (ie porn sites). This morning however I found at least 30 ads on my computer offering to STOP these UNWANTED ads for a price! Coming from a place where names like Carlos Gambino and Nicky Scarfo were made famous I recognize EXTORTION and having to pay money for protection when I see it!

    Since I am retired and have all the time in the world to pursue this issue I will be starting off my own personal ‘crusade’ against those that wish to SPAM me and others out there.

    My first order of business is to send a letter to each site. The list that I have compiled so far includes the following; BroadcastBlocker.com, EndAds.com, BustPopups.com, FightPopups.com, DestroyAds.com, ByeByeAds.com, DefeatMessenger.com and Level3.net. In addition to sending letters to each of them I will also be sending a letter to the F.C.C. and the F.B.I. mentioning the names of each ‘company’ previously mentioned. Along with the letters to the F.C.C.and F.B.I. I will send copies of it to a few select senators and congressmen as well.

    Please let me know if I have left any of these so called ‘companies’ out of my list so that I may include them in my correspondence.

    Thank You

  184. Go fo it NJTAZ, and thanks to everyone for your enlightening comments and a way to finally rid myself of the fraudulant activities persued by the stinking, less than useless, pea brained tossers at endads, and others.

    I will be spreading the word too.

    Special ‘Hello’ to all in Shanghai from us lot in Rochdale, England.

  185. Thankyou for helping me stop the endads.com pop up! It was really starting to anoy me after puting up with it for the past six months, but it is gone now! I will email their ISP too, to compain about their spamming!!

  186. I’d like to thank you, you are wonderful human beings.

    PS. I sent a mail to abuse@level3.net telling them what we all think of them for hosting these tossers, and it was returned cause their mailbox was “over quota”, so if they can’t get mail, then hopefully they can’t get any orders from people who dont realise that this is extortion.

    Keep Up the Good work !!!

  187. Thank you very much for letting me know how to stop the stupid pop-ups. I knew they were coming from my computer, but I had no idea how to stop them.

    I am amazed that the makers of my new computer have the right to put this junk on my computer then try and get me to pay them to stop it!

    Again Thank You for your help


  188. Seems they are on the move again. Queensland Australia??

    And a tracert now does not reach them (hiding somehow) so I suspect that Level3.net has kicked them off, only to surface somewhere else (who to complain to now? coverage1.com?)

    Turning off NetBios over TCP has not helped, I’m about to try stopping Messenger service.

    Anyway, thanks to all fellow-sufferers here for support and advice.

    What bl**dy timewasters these ba***rds are!

    Domain name: ENDADS.COM

    Administrative Contact:

    Support, Tech 1348@coverage1.com

    EndAds- Suite 1348

    PO Box 2356

    Townsville, Qld 4810



  189. Hey,

    Just wanted to pass my thanks. I’d tried just about everything that could think of to stop the insane pop-up. Was losing complete faith in my (for the most part) truly excellent pop-up killer. Thanks again, appreciate the help.


  190. Thank you for sharing your endads solution. I have Norton SystemWorks and Norton Internet Secuity but they did not help me. I can’t understand why this solution isn’t more widely known.

    I have another problem and that is with XP. I have to defrag every day and this is a known problem with XP and SystemWorks. Do you have a solution for this one too?

    You have been wonderfully helpful and you have a great site. Congratulations.

  191. I want to thank you for your suggestion on removing the “Ad Pop UPs” from my computer. So far so good!

    I do hope that the FCC will review websites like this and remove these web sites that are “spamming” Its much like the “no call list” for Telephone lines. So maybe we need to create one for “Ad Pop Ups” but of course call it “NO Ad pop ups”?

    Thanks again for the instructions to stop the ads.

  192. actually it seems im late endads.com is outta business, but in the future remember people there are laws against what they are doing. So find out who their hosts are and warn them, and if they do nothing send them a legal letter warning of legal action. They’ll move faster that you could believe!!!;-)

    btw than you Jian for the real cure to this garbage.

  193. thank you thank you! i literally got pop ups every 3 minutes, and the ONLY pop ups were people selling Anti-Pop up software. I Refused to pay money for the solution to the problem the caused…so thank you………

    I love you ^.^

  194. Thank you so much, I’m another been affected by those MAFIA guys, yes MAFIA, asking to pay for protection is one of the gangsters practices.


  195. Thanks for the hint — I emailed level3’s abuse address. Hopefully this will get them to stop hosting the spammers.

  196. thanks, I’ve obviously been suffering like everyone else who visits this site from endads, I don’t know if it will work as I followed your instructions and still had two pop up, anyway I’ll finish this and then switch off and restart, once again thanks.

  197. I am a writer and editor of a site that mainly deals with computer games. My fiance and I just moved to the UK and after installing the package that this ISP included for connecting to the internet I started having all kinds of issues, including this annoying pop up thing. I’ve written about the incedant and posted the URL to this site for it’s solution to the pop up problem. Next step will be to email anyone who’ll “listen” to see if something can be done about these criminals.



  198. It seems the EndAds.com guys like UK better than other places – I will nominate the founder of EndAds.com to be the Man of the Year of Internet Magzine. :-D

  199. You Are the greatest. Thank you SOOO much. goodby to those C*ome guzzling D*ck junkies…..I hate them I hate them…and now there gone. My they rot of genatle diseases.

  200. I would be more than willing to send an email to endads.com’s hosting service every time I sit down at the computer. Is there any way that you could keep us updated on where they are and who we should email?

    I would love to hound this company wherever they go.

    Thanks a bunch for the fix.

    People like you deserve to have all your dreams come true – I hope they do.



  201. I sent an email to report abuse and I sent ENDADS.com a lil email syaing sumthin along these lines…”u suk i hate you makin innocent people pay for stuff they can disable in seconds i hope u all rot in hell” :D

  202. Yay!

    Good to hear someone got these guys. When I saw the post here about them being nabbed I checked on them myself, using a few other way I have to search this type of thing out. None of them came up with a thing, and then there was an article on MSNBC that clinched it.


    Let’s hope they’re gone for good :)


  203. I disabled the Messenger and I’m still getting popups. Please help I can’t get online without getting like ten popups everytime I go to a different website.

  204. (IN GOOD FRENCH because WINDOWS items words change in every language – I hope you get one day the procedure in all languages !):


    1.Cliquez sur “Demarrer/Executer”

    Entrez “Services.msc” (sans les apostophes)et cliquez sur OK.

    Consultez la liste jusqu’a trouver “Affichage des Messages” dans la colonne Nom

    cliquez-droit et cliquez sur “Arreter” dans le menu qui s’ouvre.

    Cela peut se faire aussi en cliquant sur : “Demarrer/Executer”

    puis en entrant “cmd” (sans les apostophes) et cliquez sur OK.

    puis entrez :

    net stop messenger


    2.Ce n’est pas tout. Si vous voulez supprimer definitivement ces messages a chaque redemarrage de Windows, Continuez avec l’etape suivante :

    Double-cliquez sur le service. Les Proprietes du Services de Messages s’ouvrent.

    Choisissez : “Desactive” dans ‘Type de demarrage’ puis Cliquer sur le bouton ‘OK’

    Bonne Chance et Merci a Wang Jian Shuo

  205. I am not able to see the messages sent by friends and nor able to see the messages sent by me. when i am writing the messages it is fine but once it is disapperian and insted of message showing “P”

  206. In in Windows 98 I am not able to see the messages sent by friends and nor able to see the messages sent by me. when i am writing the messages it is fine but once it is disapperian and insted of message showing “P”

  207. From:


    Subject: end-ads

    Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 00:36:35 -0400

    i am pissed off that you assist this company “end-ads” with its spam.

    STOP the madness NOW!!!!

  208. Please I would be very glad if you could stop sending me these spam messages. Thanks

  209. Help all day they keep popping up! They wont go away. I’ve gone to every site they tell me to, and they still are on my screen HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going crazy

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