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I am learning to drive a car from today. To get a driver’s license is not easy – it is both complicated and expensive.

I try to get a driver’s license in two months. It is type C which is good for the cars under 3 ton.

I am lucky to learn on completely new Volkswagen Santana GLi – it is really new since the odometer shows 42 km when I drive on it and after one afternoon, it shows 102 km. :-)

It is interesting that I begin to drive on the real road at the afternoon of the first day. It sounds astonishing, right? I think so too. I believe I need to put a large notice board on the area I drive:

CAUTIONS: Jian Shuo Wang is driving here. Do escape, as fast as you can

In case you really what to know the most dangerous area in the city, it is in Xinzhuang near the Xinzhuang Central Park. :-)

8 thoughts on “Learn to Drive

  1. Jian Shuo, are you still learning to drive? My wife and I discussed her wish to learn to drive in Shanghai a few months ago. We decided against it because to own a car in Shanghai seems a waste. A license without a car is also not worth much.

    Public transportation, taxis, walking, bicycling are great modes of transportation if one can be patient. We’ve looked at the cost of owning and operating a vehicle and it is much more expensive than riding taxis everywhere, just not as convenient.

    …This is my first post here, but I’ve been checking in for about six months. Very inspiring, truthful, and interesting indeed. I’ve wanted to do my own blog for years, just no time to spend. Pat yourself on the back for me!

  2. Hi Jack, thanks for posting (and visiting) my website.

    Regarding car, I am hold the same oppion as you do:


    But to buy a car and to have a license are two different things. To have a license, you can drive when you have a car – I always surfer a lot when I go to Seattle.


    Also, as you know the regulation of Shanghai, new drivers (intern drivers) cannot use the elvated highway and expressway. May car rental company don’t provide car rental service to you if your license is acquired within 2 years. That is a big problem. So get a license earily and when I have a car in two years, I don’t have to wait for the two year regulation. Yes. I do admit that getting a license, don’t drive and wait for one years does not help on the driving skills, but at least when you get the car, whether to use the elvated highway and express way is your own choice instead of the regualation’s choice. :-)

  3. Jian Shuo, what will it approximatly cost to do a drivers licence in Shanghai? And could you succeed to get your licence in two month?

    Best regards


  4. It costs about 3800 – 4500 RMB for the tuition for the driver’s school. To attend a driver’s school is required to get a license here. I think two months should be fine.

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