PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

It is hard to find the answer to this question on the Internet:

How can I go to Nanjing from Shanghai Pudong Airport?

I definitely know the problem people meet. This can be seen from my website log. A lot of people are searching hard for terms like Pudong Airport to Nanjing train. :-)

I hope this page will help you if you are among the many to seek for the result.

Locations of Pudong Airport and Nanjing

Before I offer the route, I suggest you to take a look at my hard work – the map of East China. Thanks for NASA‘s Visiable Earth project, I created the map below using the satellite image of the eastern China cities AND the Pudong Airport.


On the map, the dark spots are cities. The right most largest brown sport is your Shanghai. From Shanghai and moving westward, you will pass Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and at last, arrive in Nanjing. This map will give you clear concept about how far Shanghai and Najing is and the relative locations for the two cities.

Pudong Airport is far from the downtown Shanghai. I marked it with a red dot on the map. Yes. There are still 40 km from PVG (Shanghai Pudong Airport) to downtown Shanghai.

How many options do I have to go to Nanjing?

Well. Based on my current information, there is no direct bus or train connecting the airport and the city of Nanjing. Here are your options:

  1. By Bus
  2. By train
  3. By taxi

(listed in order of recommend level)

By bus

As I said, there is no direct bus to Nanjing, but there are at Hong Qiao Airport. Well, we meet the new name – Hong Qiao Airport. Where is it?

Again, I mark it on another satellite image of Shanghai since I trust what the land really looks like more than maps. It is a pitty that the image scope is small and I cannot mark Pudong Airport directly on the map. Fortunately, you can get some idea by referencing the two satellite maps with each other.


Credit: NASA. Used with permission

In case you want to see the runway of the airport more clearly, here are the image:


Credit: GlobalSecurity.org

There are 50 km between the two airport. You can take the Airport Bus Route #1 to get there.

Price: 22 RMB / 2.65 USD

I have a special page for the buses. It is clean and comfort. See picture below. Bus interval is 15 minutes.

After you arrive in Hongqiao Airport, you can take the bus to Nanjing at the same bus stop of Airport Bus Route No.1.

Price from HongQiao to Nanjing: 20 USD (Actual price should be cheaper since the source I got included $8 for handling fee)

By train

If you are first time visitor, don’t try to go there by train since the railway station is very confusing. If you do want to take this route, here are some suggestions:

  1. Take airport bus route No. 5 to Shanghai Railway Station (marked on the map). Price: 18 RMB /

    2.16 USD

  2. Buy train tickets there. There are many trains to Nanjing eveyday – with average interval of less than one hour. I suggest you to take T712 (SH14:10->NJ17:20). See my previous experience.

By taxi

If you do want a comfortable trip, AND you don’t care too much about money, hire a taxi and ask the driver to take you directly to Nanjing. Most drivers will be more than happy to do that if it is not too late. Let me check the average price and be back with you.


Use the comment system below if you have any question regarding the trip. Not surprisingly, I will not garentee an answer. :-)

This is part of the series article on Pudong Airport to help visitors to the airport. After SARS, the traffic in Pudong airport dramatically increased, so does page views of my Pudong Airport website and query emails I got. If anyone interested in volunteering to gather more information or help to answer emails, please send email to me. Please be advised that I reserve the right to publish your email with your name if you don’t instruct me not to do it in the mail.

Q: Arriving late to PVG


Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2003 8:44 AM

Subject: PVG-> Nanjing question

Hello, Jianshuo,

I appreciate your website a lot. It provides lots of info. for visitors to Shanghai. Although I am not a first time visitor to Shanghai, I have not been there for a while and don’t keep up with the changes. Could you help me with the following question?

I will arrive in Shanghai PVG at about 5:50pm. It may be about 7pm by the time I claim my luggage and check out the customs. I wonder if there is still ‘route 1’ bus (via Hongqiao Airport) available to Nanjing by then? When is the last bus from Hongqiao Airport to Nanjing? How long does it take? If I decide to take a taxi, how much should I expect to pay?

Thanks and have a good weekend.


Daisy, you are right that after you claim your luggage and check out the customs, it should be 7:00 PM at least. (Maybe you are aware of that you check out the customer BEFORE you claim the luggage.)

According to Pu Dong Airport Bus Services (+86-21-68346612) via Pudong Airport Service Hotline +86-21-68341000, via Yellow Page Service +86-21-114), the scheduled last bus leaving Pudong Airport is 11:00 PM and the interval is about 30 minutes at night. They provide serivce that as long as there are still flights operating at the airport (due to delay), the airport bus will be available. It stops until that passengers from the last flight arrive.

I just got the latest information that buses from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nanjing started operation recently. You can find the bus at Gate 19 of the Arrival Level. There are 6 schedule every day.

From: Pudong Airport To Nanjing

Departs at





Price: 122 RMB

Time: About 5 hours

Bus stop location: The Bus Center at the opposite side of Gate 19 of Arrival Hall

Note: It will stop at the Hong Qiao Airport to pick up more passengers before they continue the journey to Nanjing

The bus from Shanghai to Nanjing at Hong Qiao Airport will stop operation after 7:00 PM. So it is impossible for you to catch it considering the 1 hour transportation from PVG (Pudong Airport) to SHA (Hong Qiao Airport).

If you take taxi, it is about 1300 RMB (150 USD). You can call a taxi at PVG. I am sure the taxi will be extremely happy to send you there since this will be a very big business for him/her. However, some one may ask you to pay the money back from Nanjing to Shanghai (almost the same money) since they need to come back with an empty car. You may need to negotiate on this. I know you can also send an email to services@okiedokey.com and they will arrange reliable taxi drivers for you and negotiate the best price for you.


Jian Shuo Wang

Updated Latest Bus Information September 22, 2004

Here is the updated information of the bus to nearby cities.

Hangzhou 100 RMB 1030 1200 1330 1530 1730 1930

Qing Tian 青田 192 RMB 1310

Kun Shan (via Hong Qiao Airport) 76RMB 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 1630 1730 1830 1930

Suzhou (via Hong Qiao Airport) 82RMB 1050 1150 1250 1350 1440 1520 1610 1650 1750 1850

Wuxi (via Hong Qiao Airport) 100 RMB 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620 1720 1820

Zhangjiagang (via Hong Qiao Airport) 110 RMB 1140 1250 1440 1540 1740

Nanjing (via Hong Qiao Airport) 122 RMB 1120 1320 1510 1640 1840

If there is any conflict between this table to other time table, this one should be more accurate since I recorded the time table from the poster of the ticket office at Pudong Airport for my visitors.

104 thoughts on “PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

  1. The first map looks really nice.

    Personally, I prefer train than long-distance bus. Train ride is more comfortable than a bumpy bus ride. The only thing I dislike is the long queue at the Shanghai Railway Station ticket lines. It would be cool if one day people can buy or book train tickets from a machine or mobile phone.

  2. My wife is from Nanjing (I`m from Germany)and I never forget when I visit her the first time some years ago. I arrived the old airport in Shanghai, then Railway Station by taxi and I was really shocked of these thousends chinese in the waiting halls in the station. No one understood me, I cold not read anything and without help of a really friendly taxidriver I never had arrived Nanjing. It was the first and last time I go alone by puplic traffic systems in china. Specially the ways to get a train ticket is difficult to understand for western brains: You must order ticket with seat-number, but everytime your seat is occupied, -You cannot order by telephone,but all cabins are full -sometimes all tickets are soldout,because someone bought all and sale it for more money…

    My wife prefer the (VOLVO) long distance bus; I prefer train, because to go by train in china is a small adventure (the first travelling was by steamer). Everytime when we arrive pudong airport on way to Nanjing, we take the next mini-bus to the railway station. Opposite to there is a not bad and cheap hotel (You can order their rooms in Internet too: “ZhongYa Hotel”, English, Internet, all credit cards), where we spend one night, buy train-ticket immediately and arrive Nanjing the next fresh, taken a shower and full (-Mc Donald`s is next door to hotel). The hotel staff will help You, how to buy a train ticket.

  3. Well. It depends. A lot of people prefer to travel by bus since the train station in Shanghai will bring a not-so-good experience if you are not familiar with the city.

    George, thanks for sharing.

  4. Recently I am a frequent traveller from Pudong airport to Nanjing. My office is in Nanjing but in last month I have to visit one of my customers in Dalian several times. (Since everyone in my office prefer China Eastern, we only order tickets from this company.) Everytime the trip is compact and 1-2 days long, always first day arrival while second day leave. But almost all times I could only take flight to Putong first and find some way home later from there to Nanjing. My suggestion is, if you arrive Putong at night, the best choice is to find a hotel and take the train next morning. Everyday morning there are three fast and comfortable train to Nanjing at 7, 8, 9 a.m. The trip will take you about 200 minutes to reach your destination. My preference is the first train at 7 because I could appear in office before 10:30, a reasonable time to begin the work for that day. Contrarily, I do not suggest to take the train as soon as you get to the train station. It is already late, and even more you could calculate the time you enter your home if you catch the train after 9 p.m. The most unfortunate thing is to buy a ticket without seat number while the train itself is slow and stop for every little station on the way to Nanjing. (I took this kind of train when I was a graduate student. Such a terrible journey!)

    btw, Jianshuo, thank you to open up the new site for Pudong airport. I have so long time no visiting your blog.

  5. Yi Fei, I am afraid I don’t have larger scale Shanghai satellite map. :-( I want a more detailed map but it seems there is no such resource publicly accessable on Internet.

  6. I will arrive in Shanghai PVG at about 5:50pm. It may be about 7pm by the time I claim my luggage and check out the customes. I wonder if there is still ‘route 1’ bus available

    to Nanjing by then? When is the last bus from Hongqiao Airport to Nanjing? How long does it take? If I decide to take a taxi, how much does it cost approximately?

  7. I will at PVG at 9:05pm,I wonder whether or not there is still bus available to OTV Guest House from PVG? If there is no any buses available for me, how much does it cost if I wanna take taxi?

  8. How are you? I am Jisung Kim living in KOREA. I’m 16 year-old student.Nowadyas I am in the middle of collecting information on Pudong airport.This is my assignment from school. Today I happend to see you web-site.You made a great job. I am really impressed with your achievements. How can I get the pics about Pudong airport? I hope I can get your reply asap.

  9. Hi, Great side!

    My question. Is there a direct bus (what bus number?) form Pudong to Nanjing operating currently and if so what are the depature times?

    Would be very helpful to get this information since I arrive in Pundong 8.00 in the morning and want continue my travel straight away to Nanjing.

    Thanks and regards,


  10. HI!

    I want to go from PVG to Nanjing, i wonder whether how long will it take after the check-out and after having claimed my luggage to get tickets? Is there a possibility that one needs to wait for the next bus if one is already full?

    Also, where does the bus stop in Nanjing and about how long will the ride take?

    Thanks a lot!

  11. how should i go to nanjing from hongkong.which option will be cheapest bus or train or flight.


  12. hi,

    I want to go from PVG to Changzhou.

    What is the best way to do it?

    Is there a dircet bus?

  13. Hi! I’m going to Shanghai on Sept. 30, then will go to Yiwu the next day. My questions are: How do I go to Yiwu? By bus or train? Which is more convenient? Do you have their rates. If by train? Which train station? Is it hard to go by train? How long will the trip take me? Where do I buy the tickets? Are there different types of seats? We want to go to yiwu comfortably, meaning, we want reserved seats ( do they have them?)

    If by bus, where do we take the bus? And how much will it cost? Can I also book for seats on my way back from Yiwu to Shanghai? I really appreciate all the information that you can give me. Thank you very much.

  14. I need to travel from Yiwu to central Shanghai. What is the best way for me to get there. I don’t speak mandarin. Is there 1st class bus or train service?



  15. Hi,

    I am currently working on a school assignment to see how to get from Pudong Airport to Wuningnan Lu. The project has to be in English but I can’t get a decent map of the whole of Shanghai. Please help me by e-mailing me A.S.A.P. Thank you very much

  16. hey…

    I’m leaving for nanjing this coming saturday however my flight is to shanghai…

    can i confirm that there will be buses to nanjing from pudong international airport at 14:40 16:10 and 18:00 daily…

    may i know where will the final destination of the bus be so that my family members can fetch me from there…

    if i choose to take the train whud is the time schedule for buses to the train station and whud will the cost be…


  17. What is the latest updated shuttle schedule from Pudong to Nanjing? It seems that there is a demand for late shuttles from Pudong to Nanjing — wondering if there is a corresponding supply? Thanks a lot.


  18. We are a family of four going from Pudong airport to Nanjing – we are ready to pay the price for the taxi – and tried to email services@okiedokey.com – but with no result. The address seems to be unknown? Any other suggestions on how to make arrangements with a reliable taxi at a fair price.

    Great website this one – thanks from Denmark!

  19. I will be arriving in Shanghai in a couple of weeks around 7:00 pm. After overnighting there I would like to travel to Nantong. What are my options?

  20. Hi Jian Shuo.

    I am a little bit confused: Does it take 1 hour or 1.5 hours to go to Hong Qiao Airport from Pudong Airport?

    Is Route No. 1 the only bus from Pudong to Hong Qiao?

    Does it run every half an hour? Does it operate like this: leaving at 7.00 p.m., 7.30 p.m., 8.00 p.m., etc.

    If my plane arrives at Pudong at 6.00 p.m. and the plane leaves Hong Qiao at 9.00 p.m., do you think there is sufficient time? If it takes 1.5 hours, then I will be able to catch the plane leaving at 9.00 p.m. Right or wrong?

    What is the taxi fare from Pudong to Hong Qiao and how long does it take?

  21. Really appreciate all the info on the site. I am goign to live in Nanjing for the next year and need to grab a bus from PVG to Nanjing. Is the number on this site still accurate? Also, are there earlier buses at all from PVG to Nanjing, or are the times you have here are the only times they have?

  22. Hi! I’m going to Shanghai on Okt. 21, then will go to Yiwu the next day. My questions are: How do I go to Yiwu? By bus or train? Which is more convenient? Do you have their rates. If by train? Which train station? Is it hard to go by train? How long will the trip take me? Where do I buy the tickets? Are there different types of seats? We want to go to yiwu comfortably, meaning, we want reserved seats ( do they have them?)

    If by bus, where do we take the bus? And how much will it cost? Can I also book for seats on my way back from Yiwu to Shanghai? I really appreciate all the information that you can give me. Thank you very much.

  23. Hi,

    I’ll be arriving at Pu Dong Airport on Sunday’s morning. I’m first time traveller. I prefer to take a bus to Nanjing. I’m a student and I cant afford expensive hotel’s room rate. Please kindly recommend me one single room in an OK hotel in Nanjing and how to reserve a room from my country and how to get to the hotel.

    Appreciate your help


  24. My husband is in Nanjing and needs to get to Shanghai Pudong airport to catch a plane to Fukuoka, Japan which departs at 6PM, November 18th. What is your recommended means of transport and what is the cost? If bus, where does he go in Nanjing to get on?

    Also, when he returns, he will arrive in Shanghai Pudong at 10:35 on Monday, November 21st. Would he do better to take the bus or the train to Nanjing?

  25. Folks,

    I can not get thru the spam block at this site, so if you keen to get the result of my search about Yiwu pleas email me wisnu.murka at gmail dot com.

    best regards,


  26. Hi I am going taking a flight arriving at Shangi and wanted to go to ZheJiang – YiWu and NingBo. Me and my partner wants to take Train from Airport and looking for a Cheap/nice Hotel in Ningbo , Please advise.

    Thank you


  27. Hi There,

    I would like to know what is the best way to get to Yiwu Market from shanghai pudong airport. Thanks

    Joseph Alphonso

  28. Ni hao,

    are there any news/updates about going to Nanjing from Pudong (PVG) airport and back(!)?

    I want to go to Nanjing from 2006/03/16 till 2006/03/20. I would arrive at PVG around 6pm (domestic) and my flight back will dep at 1:20pm (domestic).

    Is there a kind of “shared taxi service” available? At PVG or downtown? I can imagine at the arrival time (6pm) it’s not easy to get one.

    Thx in advance for any info and help!


    a n d r e a s

  29. I will be arriving at Pudong airport on 6th May, at 8AM. I intend to carry on straight away to Nanjing. Is taking the bus directly from Pudong airport still the best option, or would taking the train be just as easy?

  30. I believe so. I suggest you to take bus, instead of Train. The bus stop is just 100 meters away from the gate, and you can put your package in the closet of the bus. For train, you need to take it up and down – not as convinient as bus.

  31. thank U Sooo much for such info. I have another question and please give me some help. I will arive late at night maybe 11:00 pm. I plan to stay at a hotel near Pudong airport and take the bus from Pudong airport to Naning the next day. But i am worried if the taxis are willing to take me the the hotel. it’s just a 10 rmb business and they may not want to do it. My questions is will this be likely to happen and what else I can do if yes?

    Thanks a milllion….

  32. Hi

    I want to go to Nanjing from pudong airport at the begginning of July 2006. Could you tell me the latest bus Timetable to Nanjing and which gate I should go to? May I also ask where is the final destination of the bus in Nanjing? Thank you very much.



  33. hi, do u know how to book domestic flight from pudong to other parts of china, like zhejiang and chengdu? can we do it online?

  34. we are going to pay a work visit in Nanjing on the 22th Sep. And on the 23th Sep. must we leave for Shanghai from Nanjing.

    How much does it cost with a taxi (we have three people)? Thanks.

  35. To call a taxi from Shanghai to Nanjing is not very feasible. It takes at least 1500 RMB (just some rough guess, it should be even more expensive). I didn’t know any one who take taxi to Nanjing.

  36. Hello, your page has been very useful for me, I have been planning to come to China during 12 months or more, I’m Mexican and now I’m teaching in China… and I have always found handy stuff in your blogsite. I wonder if you have any information about going from PVG to Nantong, because next week my boyfriend arrives there and I work in Nantong and we will like to arrive my place that same night. The thing is he will arrive around 7pm in the night, what do you suggest? I have been thinking of taxis, but because it’s late, could it be a little bit difficult to find one and kinda expensive…

    Take care, hope you can write me and I will send you some ideas I have about helpful stuff that you can post, bye bye!


  37. Congratulations for such a useful site.

    I am an Indian and studying in nanjing university.

    Is there any foreign student’s dormitory near PVG Shanghai or bus stop, where I can take a room on cheaper rent for night stay? If some one reached Shanghai Pudong at 9. pm and willing to go to Nanjing, which is the cheapest option for night stay?

    with regards.

    Alok Shrotriya

  38. Thanks for your very informative website

    Can I rent a car at Pudong airport at around 7.00 – 8.00 pm?

    If so do you have any contact information?


    John (Three Rivers California USA)

  39. Im will visit my friend my friend at Yangzhou is there any long dis bus to Yangzhou from Pudong airport


  40. Dear Mr. Wang,

    I’ll going to visit some of my old Chinese friends who are currently living in Nanjing. Here is the plan… I will arrive Pudong Airport on 22 november at 05.30 AM. I would like to have your advice how I could have the most fastest (best connection with arrival flight in Pudong) and convenient way of travelling to Nanjing. I’ve heard that they are currently buses leaving from Pudong Airport directly to Nanjing but the first bus is leaving at 11.30 AM. Is that correct? There are also buses leaving from the Airport to the Shanghai Railway station leaving from Pudong Airport with interval of every 20 min.

    Is it wise to take a bus from Pudong to the Shanghai railway station to get connecting train to Nanjing instead of a direct bus from Pudong that’s leaving at 11.30 AM to Nanjing? Or will I just don’t win time with this connection? Maybe it’s better to wait for direct bus from Shanghai to Nanjing?

    Could you give me a timetable from the train leaving from Shanghai to Nanjing? What are the prices of traintickets from Shanghai naar Nanjing.

    I know alot of questions. I hope you could give me some answers or advice…

    Thanks in advance,


  41. Mr Wang,

    I find your page informative , thank you. My wife and I are traveling to Shanghai from Nanging by train on Saturday in the early morning on the day of our flight out of PVG. We want to take the metro from Shanghai Train Station to the SMT and then to PVG. However we have at least five peices of luggage (two big ones) and a 5 year old boy who will probably be pulling a carryon.

    Do you or any of your readers know of the escalator situation and the difficulty or ease of this travel scenario? Your response would be appreciated.


  42. If someone reached shanghai pudong airport after 8 pm. By air port terminal bus he can go to railway station(cost 18Yuan) and stay at hotel Kunming( a budget hotel 198 yuan ) .

    In the morning one can take any of the option given bellow:

    Railway station to Nanjing:

    by train 70 yuan

    by bus 97yuan

  43. Hello,

    I will arrive PVG at 2:50pm Dec. 25. By the time, it will be 5:00pm after claim luggage. Is there any transportation from PVG to Nanjing? Would you please provide detail information about the schedule, location and price? Thanks.


  44. Hi

    My name is Roberto. I’m traveling to Shangai by the 28th of this month I arrive at the Pudong airport at around 5:45 Pm. After that I should get to Yiwu.

    1) Do you think is best to stay one night in Shanghai and go to Yiwu the next day?

    2) How do I get from Pudong airport to the railway station to take the train to Yiwu?

    3) How hard is it to comunicate to the taxi drivers in English

    Thank you very much

  45. We are planning to visit China from USA during spring break. We want to visit Nantong while in Shanghai. What is the best way to get there? Does any one know the fast ferry schedule between Shanghai and Nantong? Any suggestion of a nice centrally located 3-star hotel in Nantong? And a nice 3-star hotel close to Putong Airport?


  46. For an hotel near Pudong airport, try Jin-Jiang Inn, Maria.

    To go to Nantong, it is not very convinient. Just take shuttle to Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station (near Shanghai Railway Station) and take bus there. There are about 40 buses to Nantong per day, and it takes about 2.5 hour to get there (including ferry).

  47. Dear

    I just arrive in shanghai 3 weeks ago.right now its Chinese new year I have nothing to do.my friend let me use his car for one week.I’M thinking to go to Suzhou but i dont know which highway should I take. Right now Im staying in Qibao can anyone help.?


  48. We understand that there is bus service between Shanghai and Nantong via a ferry across the Yangtze River.

    How can we find out the schedule of this bus service? So far, we have not found Nantong bus schedules on the internet.

    But we also have heard that there is a ferry service from Shanghai up the Yangtze River to Nantong. We would very much like to make this boat trip from Shanghai to Nantong, or vice-versa. So far, we have been unable to find information on the internet for this boat service. We understand that at one time, there was a fast ferry service directly linking Shanghai to Nantong, a company called Nantong High Speed Passenger Ship. But we have not been able to find anything about it’s current operation, or whether it still exists. How can we find out details (schedule, contact numbers, location of boat dock, etc.) for whatever boat service exists at the present time (all-water route) between Shanghai-Nantong?

    Thanks in advance, to whoever can help on this question. Happy New Year to all.

  49. Dear Jian Shuo Wang,

    I so so so much loved your websiye for the extensive information it has given me. Especially the satellite maps etc.. It actually felt as if someone is sitting beside me and actually explaining step by step how to reach this place and that.

    I came accross this site through google search of nantong city and usually i dont spend much time on any site, but i really got hooked on your site. I read so many experiences and got a feel of what Shanghai and travelling there is all about. I could relate so many experiences to my Indian ones especially the bumpy rides in the bus and the long queues..I also read your article expressing your wish to come to India..

    By the way, I am Vishruti from Mumbai-India.Basically I have got a job offer in Nantong- Jiangsu. I may come to China anywhere in April or May this year.. I was generally trying and finding out information to reach Nantong from Shanghai. Was trying to look what kind of a place is Nantong etc..I am also trying to learn Chinese by enrolling myself in classes since my would be boss said that english is not familiar in that part.. Also , on the internet I read that different kind of chinese dialects are spoken in different places so I got all th emore confused as to what I should be doing.. Will learning a generalised for of Chinese help? Also it would be very very kind of you to tell me abt Nantong, abt how safe is it in terms of living..I am a strict vegetarian and I dont even eat eggs , forget sea food chicken etc..

    You might be able to see that I am very nervous… I wouldnt have written this message , but I could make out through your posts that you are a very helpful person..So, can you please help me??

    Thanks so much

  50. The place is

    Waihuan Dong Road,Nantong, Jiangsu, China.

    Are there safe and good residential areas around this area?


  51. Hi , we are wondering if you were able to give any information on the ferry which runs from Nanjing to Shanghai. We shall be there in a couple of weeks and would really like to travel to Shanghai this way.

    Thanks Jill

  52. Thank you for your valuable information about Pudong to Nanjing!

    I will arrive 7:55 PM, April 19, 2007 in Pudong Airport. I would like to go Nanjing. I found out bus service is not available after 7:55 PM. I think train is an another option. I don’t have any information train availabilty after 9 or 10:00 PM.

    1. How long take time to Train station from Pudong airport and how can I go to there?

    2. 7:55PM arrive – it may take 1 hour to take out should be 9:00PM – may take 1 hour to go train station, 10:00PM – So, after 10:00 PM, anyone has train information to go Nanjing after 10:00 PM?

    3. I have a ticket 8:55AM April 25, 2007 depart from Pudong airport. Please give me a best recommendation from Nanjing to Pudong airport. Leave Nanjing April 24 afternoon or April 25 early morning, which one is better?

    4. Please give me bus or train information from Nanjing to Pudong airport.

    Best Regards,

    Sam (samswlee@gmail.com)

  53. Just want to let people know that there is direct bus from PVG to Nanjing now. The schedule is 10:20, 12:50, 14:50, 16:50, 19:20 as of May 7, 2007. Call 86-21-68345743 for more information (I guess madarin only).

  54. Can anybody confirm that there is indeed a bus going from PVG to Nanjing?

    Is it easy for a non-Chinese to take it? Where does it end in Nanjing? Is there english service at the bus station in Nanjing so the passanger can get to his hotel? I could not find references to the bus service in the PVG website.

    Feel free to email me at marcos_garciaacosta@yahoo.com


  55. Any luck to know if there’s any english website showing the train schedule from Nanjing to Shanghai??

    I need to leave late (after dinner) from Nanjing in order to reach the meeting in Shanghai next morning.

    Many Thanks!

  56. i am comming from bangkok to pvg airport next week i want to go to yiuw please told me the simple way starting from customs clearance to reach yiwu i shall be thankful to u.

  57. Thanks for this site…

    I’d like to ask a direction from Pudong airport to Nanjing. My flight will reach Pudong by 11.30pm then I need to leave to Nanjing.

    Which is the best advise for me to go?

    Appreciate alot for the info.


  58. 11:30 PM? I would suggest you to stay in Shanghai for one night and then go to Nanjing the second day. To go to Nanjing at night or mid-night is not a good option.

  59. currently i m in YIWU, i got my flight to singapore from shanghai pudong airport on 11th october 2007 at 8AM. how can reach the airport on time, what time should i start from yiwu, i prefer to take a bus

    pls. reply

  60. I am planning a late evening journey on 1st Nov 2008 from Hangzhou to Nanjin.

    Should I take a bus or Train? Could you please post me some details and bus time schedules.

    Many Thanks


  61. Hi..

    I am wondering if you were able to give me information on how to reach from nanjing to hongkong?How much does it cost by train or bus?How long will be the trip?What must i suppose to do..?

    Please help me..

    Thank you in advance…


  62. Hi Everyone. It seems that everyone is getting “quick and reliable” answers in this forum about trips from Pudong Airport to different destinations. As i have been reading for quite a few of the conversations, it seems that the latest bus from pudong airport to nanjing is at around 830pm. My flight departs from the philippines at around 8pm and will land pudong airport at around 1145pm. Is there any other option other than taxi to get me and my cousin to People’s Square? Please do reply. Anyone. Thank you. Cheers

  63. @Jeff, you can still take the Airport Shuttle to the People’s Square. The Airport Shuttle is available until the last flight arrives. So take it, and it costs you less than 20 RMB.

  64. Hi Mr. Jian Shuo Wang. You are so far the BEST source of info i have come across the web regarding Shanghai. Thank you very much. I have a question though.

    Like Jeff, I will be flying from the Philippines and my arrival time in PVG is past midnight. I want to go to Nanjing ASAP. I understand that my options would be bus from the airport directly or a train from shanghai central station (both) in the morning. I was thinking of just staying at the airport until the first bus departs to save time and money, would this be possible/allowed? I also understand that the first bus leaves around 1020am, so i’ll be there for over eight hours. I heard that there are transit beds at the domestic arrival hall (is this true?), would this be cheaper and/or convenient than walking all the way to to Jinjiang Inn?

    Thanks again and more power.

  65. I was impressed with your thorough website, and wondered if you are a travel agent? I have a big need for a travel agent in China, both for my many business trips, some tourism programs, and to also assist my colleagues and some customers. I’m hoping for someone who can provide good service over a long-term realtionship. They must speak good English because, sadly, I have only a few Mandarin words and phrases. It does not matter where they are located because email, internet, Skype and cell phones allow easy communication. (But Shanghai, Beijing or Dalian would work best for me).

    One more thing, I stopped using a previous travel agent because he insisted on including numerous “tourist trap” places in my intineraries. I know they pay a finders fee to agents, but I’ve had enough of them — usually you find merchandise that is overpriced and poor food!

    I will gratefully accept recommendations! A prospective travel agent could contact me directly at eastwestpartners@gmail.com

  66. Very useful and interesting page! I am arriving from Germany and one of possibly many who want to go from Shanghai to Nanjing. This page is a grat help! Thank you for your hard work and kind assistance.

  67. DO we have an update on this info? Is there a website listed long distance bus options from Pudong Airport? Is there a DIRECT bus line between PVG and Nanjing?

  68. Do you know where in Nanjing to take the bus to Pudong Airport and how many buses there are a day from Nanjing to Pudong Airport

  69. i am reaching pudong airport on the 6th april 23 25. i will stay 1 night at a hotel in south rd pudong. where will i take the train to go to yiwu next day. where is the nearest railway station found in pudong.

  70. Lufthansa German Airlines just recently launched a flight from Frankfurt directly to Nanjing. Instead of transferring from Shanghai, take the shortcut. Might also come in handy, if the flights to Shanghai are full.

  71. Re: Frankfurt – Nanjing

    This is great news considering that Air Berlin has announced the reduction of their just recently-established flights to BJ and SH effective from the upcoming winter season. It’s a pity because these flights were/are really cheap. Goddamn oil price…

  72. I am coming to Wujin (changzhou) via Shanghai airport on 1st of November. I have three year old child with me. How will be the weather like in November and December in Wujin District?

  73. Is there still has bus to Nanjing in November 2008 from PVG, and What is the schedule?


  74. HI,

    I need to get from Pudong airport to zhangjiagang. What are the options and how much should they cost??



  75. Hi there …. I am coming to nantong on 11th november for a month… I have not finalized my accommodation yet … can you guide me how much does it costs to take a flat for one month in nantong … and is it easy to get one? Are there some cheap and decent hostels?

    I will be grateful for help.



  76. hi, my arrival time at shanghai will be past midnight and i will be waiting for my next flight fo more or less 16 hrs.

    I heard that there are transit beds at the domestic arrival hall, would this be cheaper and/or convenient than going out the airport and check in to a hotel? would you have any idea on the rates they are charging for that transit beds? do i need an advance reservation for it or it could be walk in?

    by the way, i will be a chance passenger for my next flight. should i have a chinese visa?


  77. hi, my arrival time at shanghai will be past midnight and i will be waiting for my next flight fo more or less 16 hrs.

    I heard that there are transit beds at the domestic arrival hall, would this be cheaper and/or convenient than going out the airport and check in to a hotel? would you have any idea on the rates they are charging for that transit beds? do i need an advance reservation for it or it could be walk in?

    by the way, i will be a chance passenger for my next flight. should i have a chinese visa?


  78. The bus from PVG to Nanjing no longer runs. You’ll have to make your way to Shanghai Railway Station and grab a D-train or sit around and wait for one of the ubiquitous touts to find you a ride to Nanjing.

  79. Hello,

    My name is Mohamad. I am from Malaysia.

    I will be going to Hangzhou and Shanghai on the 27Jan-30Jan 2010.

    I would like to rent a Van and what is the price to my following itenery:

    Itenary 1.

    27 Jan 2010 : Arival at the Hangzhou Airport at 1.10pm and we would like to go to the Hotel and go around in Hangzhou.

    28 Jan 2010 : After breakfast we like to continue our visit around Hangzhou and after 3pm we will be going to Shanghai and to the Hotel.

    29 Jan 2010 : After breakfast we will like to go around at the interesting places in the morning and shopping in the evening.

    30 Jan 2010 : Continue our shopping and around Shanghai before we go back to Hangzhou evening and our flight back to Malaysia 11.25pm

    Itenary 2.

    27 Jan 2010 : Arival at the Hangzhou Airport at 1.10pm and we would like to go to the Hotel and go around in Hangzhou.

    28 Jan 2010 : After breakfast we like to continue our visit around Hangzhou and after 3pm we will be going to Shanghai and to the Hotel.

    29 Jan 2010 : Free and Easy (No Van needed)

    30 Jan 2010 : Go round Shanghai before we go back to Hangzhou evening and our flight back to Malaysia 11.25pm

    Please reply my email.




  80. Mohamad,

    You are better off to use a taxi or subway to get your way around in Shanghai/Hangzhou. You wouldn’t want to risk your nerve driving in China. Taxi & subway are very cheap in China. Further more it is left hand drive in China.

  81. The direct bus from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nanjing is no longer in service. So you have to take the train from Shanghai RR Station.

  82. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Very Nice website you got here. I’m sure there are lots of people have already benefited from this. Just for an update, can you kindly advise me and your other readers once again what to take from PVG to Nanjing if our flight will arrive (PVG) 11:45pm ?

    your response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks once again

  83. I will fly into PVG from Canada next week – is the high speed train to nanjing now available? What is the easiest way to reach the station from PVG? Can I use the maglev train for some entertainment? or does it go the wrong way?

    A great site. Thank you.

  84. halo..

    this is the greatest information source i ever found about transportation to nanjing, thank you Mr Jian Shuo.

    just wanna know is the direct bus from Pudong to Nanjing still operated?

    i have to go to Nanjing on July 8th and i get the flight to Shanghai..

    please let me know cause i will travel alone..

    thank you :)

  85. Hi!
    I need to get to Shanghai (PVG) from Nanjing. I have two suitcases. My flight is 16:30. Do you suggest I hire a driver to take me to Shanghai airport, or do you think taking the metro to the train station will be ok? All information will be helpful.
    Thank you :)

  86. Greetings for a great informative site.
    Sleeping over night in Shanghai airport standard hotel.
    How to obtain 2 bullet train tickets for 2 seniors to catch the 1st train out to Nanjing to see Massacre Hall & Taiping Museum .
    Have only 1 day to tour.
    how to get to the different tourist sites…. are they near to each other
    what time doe the sites open & close.
    thanking you in anticipation regards dorothy.

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