9 thoughts on “Returned from Chong Ming

  1. Haven’t visited your blog for a long time. You are really enjoying your life. But how do you manage to persuade your boss to give you one day free for travlling? I really admire you. Recently I was kept busy by work all the time and dreamed to have a rest to relax.

  2. I have just viewed your pictures in Chong Min and I found that strange “vehicle” with name “科考2? And I have just viewed a picture of that car on pop.pcpop.com. So I guess you must be a frequent visitor to pop?

  3. I didn’t see the picture on Pcpop.com. The Kekao No2 cart may be famous since there are only about 8 carts like this at the Dong Tan Wet Area.

  4. I rent a double rider bike yesterday and went about 30 kilometers acrossing my hometown with my girlfriend. It is really interesting trip and we have drawn a lot of attention from people passing by. But the bike is not good enough and my legs feel a little bit pain today.

  5. Nice web page. I really enjoyed those beautiful pictures of Tibet, Daocheng, Tongli etc etc. It seems life in Shanghai is great.

  6. How to go to Chongming when we have no drivers could you write the names both english and chinese Thanks a lot

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