Two More SARS Cases in Shanghai

According to Shanghai Morning Post, two more SARS cases have been confirmed. They are a couple traveling to Shanghai. 42 intimate contacter and 63 indirect contacter have been tracked and related locations have been quarantined.

5 thoughts on “Two More SARS Cases in Shanghai

  1. That’s terrible! 100% increase! I hope that 100+ people who were directly or indirectly affected will not have it! Imagine each affecting another 100!!!

    I think Shanghai is doing a good job with the nabbing and quarrantining!

  2. 6 cases as of yesterday! There are about 200 people quarrantined because of the 4 recent affected people! The last 2 couple went to the Shanghai No. 1 Department Store during May 1st holiday!

  3. That is terrible!! I think Chinese government should make sure people in the area which by affected by SARS won’t go anywhere else, especially Beijing. I just saw the news online, people who work in Beijing try to go back to there home, and spread SARS to their area. I think they should control all these people!!

    by the way, there is 1 death in Shanghai!! That is getting horrible!!

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