SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai

Photos from Anzhen Hualian Shopping Mall – It is very encouraging to see all the sales persons were wearing masks. This demononstrated the preventional measures have been in place to fight against SARS.

Street photos of Beijing on the day of April 23. Much less people can be seen on the most crowded street in Beijing – Wang Fu Jing Street. People are wearing masks, including the guards.

Photo credit: lowxu from

Work Together – Fighting Against SARS

The following photos are popular on the Internet – I saw them from time to time in the email sent to me and on the public forums. An article on provided a good summary of these photos. The title for the article is “United – It is the best medicine to fight against SARS”.

Copyright and credits belong to the original photographers.


The red characters state: Fight Against SARS, Protect our Homes. It is the AD used by the SARS chapaign.

This picture of the two young lovers is the symbol of love in the SARS times. People’s lives are affected; faces are covered by the masks; but the lover and the family are even closer with each other. Taken near the Beijing West Railway Station.


News reporters are well equipped but taking high risks to report SARS to the world.


Tianjin: train attendants were preparing to disinfect the train.


Taken at Shanghai Auto Expo. Volkswagen (VW) even prompted their brand on the facial masks. The show was closed yesterday ahead of schedule.

SARS Update – April 24

More and more companies are working out plans in the current situation. I have heard of the following actions were taken:

  • Some company asks employees to stay in home and don’t need to come to office unless required.
  • A company is encouraging employees to install ADSL, broadband network in case SOHO work is required.

According to some friends of mine, most universities have restricted people from outside the university to enter. Student ID is checked. Annie from Tongji University left comment on this page. She also confirmed this piece of news.

Universities also announced to pause all internship program in local companies. Official letters have been sent to employing companies to ask pause the internship for one month. This is to make sure the students won’t bring virus from the working places to school or spread the virus to other companies.

United – Protect China Against SARS

It is the special time and but it is not the worst of time. I saw a lot of solid actions were taken in the city and the people become more united during these situations. I am personally very confident that the epidemic will be stop soon. I solute for those doctors who fight day and night at the first line.


United – Protect China Against SARS

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  1. David Heymann, the W.H.O.’s executive director of communicable disease, said a team of the organization’s doctors inspecting Shanghai’s medical facilities for the past four days had found evidence to suggest that the city has more than the two confirmed cases it says it has. Shanghai says it has 16 suspected SARS cases.

    “Our team in China has clearly indicated that they feel there are probably more cases in Shanghai than have been reported,” Mr. Heymann said in a statement on the organization’s Web site, without elaborating. The W.H.O. team is expected to report on its findings in Shanghai shortly.

    Shanghai authorities hinted that there would be at least some upward revision in the numbers of cases there, attributing the pending change to what one health official referred to as a “stricter standard” of classifying SARS cases modeled on the one Beijing uses.

    It is unclear why it has taken so long for Shanghai, which boasts of being the most modern and open city in China, to use the standard employed in the capital and around the world. ”

    Taken from the New York Times today!

  2. And remember when buying masks, DO NOT BUY THE gauze kind, but the N95 kind made by 3M or use a surgical mask. The gauze/cloth kind will only trap the virus in the damp cloth and make you inhale it all. I see doctors in hospitals using this, and I foresee many doctors and health workers getting ill and dying!

    Check out the Hong Kong Hospital Authority website for more information!

  3. I hope everyone knows that if you put things on your mask to decorate it, you’ve completely contaminated it and is now useless.

    A Chinese perspective! Yay!

  4. i had to get my family to send me some from Hong Kong. its hard to get masks here.. and if we do, its that cloth kind..

    where can we purchase the n95 masks in shanghai? do we have to go to a hospital?

  5. jianshuo,

    great pictures!!!!!

    btw, i go to jiaotong university. ;-)

    thanks again!!!


  6. The Health Minister has announced that weddings should be cancelled! What are you going to do Wang??

    Don’t go on the train! There have been so many cases of infected people travelling. I read all the emergency notices posted by the Transport Department on Sina! There are people taking taxis who were infected, and now the Beijing officials are looking for the taxi drivers!

    The Auto show in Shanghai was cancelled because 2 people in it were infected/suspects! This rumour is from someone who worked in the auto show.

  7. SARS ?How to protect yourself

    SARS is here to stay. We don’t think this epidemic will subside soon

    It is indeed highly infectious and is associated with a significant mortality.

    Following the Prince of Wales and Amoy Garden outbreak, I am afraid there is a significant risk to the general population, as we do not know the exact number of potentially infected patients.

    Therefore be vigilant and honest with yourself ?don’t hesitate to seek help if you think you have SARS. Encourage others or potentially exposed people to seek expert advice and help

    The younger population tends to do quite well – the youngest we’ve seen is a 4 year old who was quite well after a few days.

    Patients above the age of 45 have a high chance of getting into Intensive Care.

    Patients above 70 have not survived so far.

    We also really don’t know the many ways in which this Virus can spread.

    Close Contact with infected patients results in a high transmission rate with 60-70% of exposed contacts developing infection.

    I would consider the Lift, Park-n-shop, MTR, Buses, crowded office environments as potentially dangerous.

    Wear A Mask whenever you are in public spaces and in possible close contact with people.

    A good surgical mask from Watsons or Mannings is good enough for most environments except the hospital, or if your relative is affected.

    If you are working in a high traffic flow environment and in real close contact with people ?a N-95 type mask may be even better.

    Essentially, you need to “know?the people you are in close contact with ! Watch out for each other’s health.

    Wash your hands every time you make contact with a “public?object or interphase. This includes doors, lift buttons, MTR handles, elevator rests.

    An Alcohol wash will kill all viruses. This is available from Mannings and costs 30-35 HK dollars. Worth it ! Microshield from J & J is even better as it has a sustained effect. It is not freely available though at the moment.

    Be careful ?wash your hands every time you touch your nose, mouth, ear or eyes. If You do so, then it is fair to expect your colleague/neighbor to do so as well !

    In fact in Prince of Wales a significant number of medical and non-medical personnel got infected despite wearing masks. The one thing they forgot to do was to wash their hands ! We have know of colleagues who became infected even after touching patient’s records !

    So Wash Hands ?even if it looks like you are obsessed !!

    Both the Corona Virus and the Paramyxovirus have strong envelopes that protect them They can survive upto 8 hours on most surfaces ! Alcohol and bleach are effective anti-viral agents.

    We also recommend that you clean “public?objects such as key boards, mics, etc ?with Alcohol or Bleach, if possible.

    You may want to know how long do we need to follow these routines ?unfortunately, at this stage no one really knows !

    Dispose your mask by putting it in a plastic bag and then sealing it. Masks should be changed everyday.

    Here is what we say at the Prince of Wales Hospital

    “To be Obsessive is the Minimum, …………To Be Paranoid, The Standard ?

  8. This is a very good article.

    Gave me lot of info about the disease.

    thank you

  9. hey this is a pretty cool site, i am doing a research paper on sars so if you could maybe just post some pics on here of what the disease it self really looks like i would greatly apreiciate it

    luv always Elisabeth

  10. Some of the information that we are getting tells us that many people in Beijing are only using cloth face masks. It has been reported that the only masks that are working are of type N-95. These are fine enough material that the virus can not go through. Cloth only traps the virus and then you breathe it in after time. Touching the mask also contaminates the mask. Also, we heard that people are using vinagre to clean things with. Bleach and boiling have been shown to be the only real disinfectants for this virus. You can get bleach at JiaLaFu.

  11. i jus dun no wat 2 say i feel very sorry about them anyway good pics n info. tanx





    but realy i hope that this thing does get better, i feel sorry for you lot that’s got it. hope you get better and theye clear this sars up.


  13. hi. first i want to say that sars is really scaring me….. even if i’m not from toronto, still i’m si afraid about myself and my family…. i’m trying to stay away from toronto…. and i’m not letting anybody to go there…… I think the Government should do something to help the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you !!!!!

  14. Don’t worry. Preventional measures should be taken but Toronto is not that terrible. People are afraid but the chance to get SARS is just as winning the big prize of lottery.

  15. i want to know why the U.S is not doing anything to find a curable the money a problem is is that they dont want to have anything to do with china?

  16. SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai

    SARS Pictures From Beijng and Shanghai Keep forgetting to blog this. Interesting insights from the front lines. The red characters state: Fight Against SARS, Protect our Homes. It is the AD used by

  17. Why does someone assume the USA is not doing anything about SARS? Why is the USA the only one that needs to take action?

    Making a cure to something like Sars takes years not just money. The largest drug company in the world has only just developed a test for Sars and it needs to be checked and that alone takes a year to 18 months.

    Perhaps you are unaware that the variations in treatment in Hong Kong may have actually killed some people.

    You can not just randomly inject people with whatever and hope it does not kill them the process to develop vaccines that are both effective and safe is very lengthy.

    I find this type of naive anti-america rhetoric disturbing and does nothing to foster better relations. I think you will find that China is extremely important to the USA and that I expect both countries to become very close friends over the next decade.

  18. Nick, I agree with you. It is not the time to blame anyone and the U.S. has done a lot to help. I am very glad to see your comment “I think you will find that China is extremely important to the USA and that I expect both countries to become very close friends over the next decade.” Thanks. The relationship between the two countries is important for both countires and the world. The SARS issue is a crisis for China currently. I hope it will be over very soon.

  19. > i want to know why the U.S is not doing anything to

    > find a curable the money a problem is is that

    > they dont want to have anything to do with china?

    > Posted by: mayra mendoza on May 15, 2003 11:06 AM

    Ms Mendoza is full of it.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is throwing millions at SARS, despite extreemely low budgets and other burdens (such as being prepared to finght anthrax and other biowarfare).

    Here’s the CDC home page for SARS:

    Please, folks, don’t take panickers like Mendoza at their word. Check out the facts before you accept them at face value. In short, Don’t Panic.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  20. thanks for lovely pictures of this dangerous disease


    wonderful pictures and articles

    once again thanks a lot

  21. may god open the doors of all the sufferers of SARS to heaven and bless the human kind with the technique of finding the medicine of SARS.


  23. I think “SARS” is being hyped to benefit 3M Corporation’s investors. Forcing people in China to purchase masks from 3M Corp results in greatly increased profits for 3M and 3M’s investors. Perhaps, these increased profits offer a means of helping to finance the Three Gorges Dam construction?

    Here in America 36,000 Americans die each year from the common flu virus. In the past 8 1/2 months, 646 people have died from SARS in China and Hong Kong. Thus, comparing these two, SARS is comparatively insignificant, yet it is being called an “epidemic.” I believe China’s people are being forced to buy masks in order to benefit 3M Corporation’s shareholders.

    Sincerely, Patti

  24. Patti,

    Thanks for posting, but I don’t think the SARS situation has anything to do with 3M or its investors. 2M is not a big player in the SARS situation since most of the masks people buy are produced by local mask venders.


  26. I’m dowing a report on SARS i’ve been searching for good info and this is the best site for SARS information. I live here in California i didn’t think much about SARS i just picked it because i couldn’t think of anything else, But now i see how important SARS is.

  27. ^^;; this website really helped me out on my report, and if any of my other friends have a report on SARS i’ll give then this site

  28. Hi I am a student at New Lebanon Middle school and i am doing a report on sars and i was wondering if u could sendd me a couple diagrams on sars or maybe some information on the disease all tthaat you send me will be appreciated Please and Thank You

  29. im also doing a report on this subject, can anyone send me any pictures!?!? beacuse my school has blocked that images search on the system. Thank you for any help that is sent. bi!! :)

  30. why dont you tell or show us the real things and my name is shawna anthony jodi anthonys daghter and i am doing a report on S.A.R.S. and i need more than this. So all im asking is a littel more.O.K. but not to be in a mean mood.

    / shawna anthony

  31. SARS:

    I’m not so much afraid of SARS,

    But rather, people driving cars.

    For there’s more dangers in the street

    From crazy drivers that you meet!

    Who knows what liquors they’ve been drinking

    Or what could be their lack of thinking.

    Traffic accidents in every city

    Take greater toll of lives, a pity!

    While Severe Acute Respit’ry Disease is

    Well-contained with covered sneezes.

    — Greg Molenaar

    New London, Minnesota USA

    23 May 2003

    (A frequent visitor to China, Molenaar will return annually during the flu season)

    E-Published at: and…

    See also the haiku version published here

  32. @ sandra and jasmine

    LOL you spelled your own country’s name wrong. It wouldn’t have been as funny but it’s in all caps too. ROFLMAO I’m laughing at that so hard…You fail at internet…

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