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People kept asking me what it really is to live in Shanghai. I have talked about the living cost before, now, let’s talk about radio stations.

Recently, the most popular radio station in Shanghai – the East Radio Station (ERS), begin to broadcast on the net in real time. If you haven’t decided to move to Shanghai yet, check out the radio station below and get a sense of what it feels like to be in Shanghai.

Update Online Radio Station Location Moved January 14, 2004

The website is changed for whatever reason – it was an IP address like and not it moved to http://www.eastradio.com/netradio/. It seems those guys behind the webpage became smarter – so I assume they will not change it again. I have updated my links and hopefully, it is working now. Thanks for Wei’s reminder. – End of update –

East Radio Station – Pop Music Channel FM101.7

Image credit: Shanghai East Radio Station website.

This is my favoriate radio station. It provides the latest music. I believe it should be the starting place for you to try if you don’t know much Chinese. Most of the content are music, so just enjoy.

East Radio Station – News and Misc Channel AM792/FM104.5

Image credit: Shanghai East Radio Station website.

This is the offical news source. Current, not so many people are listening to this channel now – at least for my friends – if they turn on radio, they will listen to Pop Music channel. For me, I seldom turn on radio unless I am on a taxi.

East Radio Station – News Channel AM990

I am confused about what is the difference between this channel and the AM792 news channel, but my life always start with the AM990 news everyday when I was in the university – the big high volume speaker to start to broadcast the AM990 News program. People in Shanghai, especially those who cannot access TV and Internet (like some university students, taxi drivers, and the poor), this channel is the main information source for events like Iraq War and SARS.

East Radio Station – Classic Music Channel

Never heard of this channel and not interested in it either.

Other Channels:

Good start

It is a good start to migrate the radio to Internet. I found it is using the latest Windows Media technology. You need to have Windows Media Player 9.0 to play the sounds. You can download free of charge at Microsoft’s website.

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12 thoughts on “East Radio Station Goes Online

  1. Hi Wangjian,

    Just tried playing the stations with mplayer on Linux. It’s a fairly easy to compile program and now I’m able to listen to Shanghai radio from Canada on the Linux box. Cool!!! Thanks for this link.


  2. 101.7 and 103.7 was my favorate radio station when I was in Shanghai, and I still miss them often. The program such as > which was on 9pm was my favorate program…

  3. Hi guys! this is victor the most fun for your station.I am calling from Jouberg(WITS University),but I am from KZN MPANGENI.I am warried, i don’t get connected when I am here at Jouberg.

    Kindly pass my regard to my family(ZIKHALI) younger brother LUNGA Mpontshane.

    PLZ send me the relevant e-mail address for dedications(evenings)


  4. Hi,

    The link to 101.7FM doesn’t seem to work any more. Does anyone know if the site’s been moved or if the service has been cancelled? I really enjoyed listening to it.


  5. I just want 2 send my enjoyable to the east coast,that every thing is going okey.i’m at university of zululand.

  6. hi. would you know of any chinese radio station that streams instrumental chinese songs in the internet? I like listening to relaxing chinese music but I don’t know what radio station carries this, and if they can be listened online. thanks.

  7. hey!! i’m currently listening to East Radio Shanghai Pop and was wondering if you could provide me the email address for me to email into the show!!!! i really want to tell them what i think of it!!!

  8. hi, was wondering if you could provide me with the email address to email into the live show thanx

  9. thanks for the great source.

    just got back from shanghai and am really missing everything there lol.

    too bad can’t take it on-the-go :)

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