Hospitals and Hotlines for SARS in Shanghai

I believe this entry should be the most useful one among all the SARS categoris so far. I’d like to provide some solid information about the hospitals and websites you should go to see a doctor if you suspect you are infected by SARS.

Offical website

According to the press conference from the Shanghai government, is the offical website for SARS information. It is a pity that there is no English information on this site and I’d like to pick some most important news and list it here.

Hosiptals for SARS

You can go to any hospital to see a doctor if you suspect you got SARS. If it is confirmed, you will be moved to the following four hospitals which are especailly equipped to treat SARS.

Foreigners – Shanghai Pneumonia Hospital

Not sure whether I translated the name correctly. It is located on

507, Zheng Min Road (Yang Pu district, in Puxi)

Zipcode: 200433

Phone: 65115006

Fax: 65111298

Website: (Chinese site)

Transportation: Bus No. 8, 55, 75, 90

All childrens – Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, SCMC

All childrens, foreign or native, will go to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. Here is the information:

Location: 1678, Dongfang Road,

Postcode: 200127

Phone: 58732020


Transportation: Bus No. 219, 593, 614, 626, 771, 819, 871, 980, Tunnel 9, 119, 795, 772

Shanghai Infectious Diseases Hospital

Location: 56, Shui Dian Road

Zip: 200083

Phone: 63062125

Fax: 56637442

Updated: SARS Hotlines

Yesterday, SARS Hotlines open in Beijing, Shangai and Guangzhou by Disease Prevention and Control Center.





24 Hours a day



08:30 – 20:30, Beijing Time (GMT +0800)




Updated: Hotlines in other areas April 12, 2003

Jiang Su Province: 0086-25-3737121

Nanjing Province: 0086-25-3421474

Hubei Province: 0086-27-87652021

How to dial

If you are in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou, just dial the last 8 numbers listed above for your city. If you are not in the three cities, dial 010 (for Beijing), 021 (for Shanghai), 020 (for Guangzhou) before you dial the 8-digit number. For international calls, add China’s country code 86. The intertional calling code may be different. For example, in U.S., you need to dial 011-86-10-64212486 for English hotlines in Beijing.


Best wishes

I hope that you can get through this tough situation and don’t need these hospitals.

19 thoughts on “Hospitals and Hotlines for SARS in Shanghai

  1. Your website has to be the best I have seen about Shanghai.

    You should applaud yourself for taking the initiative to actually have SARS information that is useful and relevant. I had no idea what to do/where to go if I suspected having the SARS virus, but I know now.

    I shall continue to check your website on a daily basis.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Great job posting information on SARS. A good public service. I would be interested in your coments about the reports (Time Asia) that many SARS cases in China are not being reported. Does that seem likely?

    Tim from

  3. Tim, I have read about the Time Asia report. It is very likely to be true. However, I’d like not to comment on this immediately at this board. Too agressive comments will put this site and me into trouble. :-)

  4. hey everyone. i just got this info from another media source… and i hope that i won’t cause you any trouble by posting it here.. please feel free to erase my message…

    in the meantime, please be careful everyone~!! the best thing for us to do is wash our hands, avoid crowded places, use bleach to disinfect… (dettol doesn’t work)… etc etc….

    its true that the chance of actually dying from sars is very low.. but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the necessary precautions!! no one should expose themselves to it if it just takes a little effort to avoid getting infected~!! right???

    take care!!!

    “Nine foreigners have been referred to a Shanghai hospital with suspected Sars, although at least one has already been released after doctors eliminated the virus as the cause of illness.

    An official at the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, the designated facility for foreigners, said the tally included six Westerners and two from the Asian region but declined to say how many had already been released. All were working in the city.”

  5. Yo, it is kind of you to consider my situation. I will try my best not to erease any comments for political reasons – till now, I didn’t do it yet. :-)

  6. excellent! thanks for keeping your side so up to date … please continue as well, its really difficult to find good information about sars here in shanghai!!

  7. There are two good articles to read in newsweek (april 21st) and tim (April 21st) about SARS and the formation of such diseases. Understood today that they shortened the Auto expo in Shanghai by three days (it would have been more clever to cancel but money is most likely more important). Anyway tomorrow night we will know more info on Shanghai, the questions is how reliable that will be…..

  8. Respected Sir,

    I am residing in Kolkata ( India ). My uncle is suffering fromm cancer . Recently an article was published in the daily newspaper analyzing about the gene theapy in Beijings elite Tongren hospital. I have managed to get the address and telephone number of the hospital but am unable to communicate them as they speak in chineese and not in english.

    Please mail me the website / email address of beijing`s elite tongren hospital along with the email address of the reknowned oncologist Niu Qi

    Please treat this matter as urgent

    Looking forward for your reply

    Best regards

    Sumit Kanoi

    Email :

  9. Hi Sumit

    Tong Ren Hospital in Beijing (site down at time of writing)

    You may want to write to CCTV (China’s BBC) program “Chinese Medicine” which has a good section dealing with viewers’ queries. Often combined Chinese-Western methods are used as case studies on the program. (Chinese)

    The email adress of their presenter, Miss Hongtao ZHAO. She seems like a helpful person. She & her colleagues may be able to put you in touch with Dr Niu Qi.

    If you can post the link to an article in Chinese referring to Niu Qi here, I’ll have a go at looking for his email adress. A Chinese transliterated name is virtually impossible to locate or identify precisely.

    It’s probably worth contacting the newspaper publishing the article you mentioned.

    The above info has also been emailed to you.

    Hope things work out alright…

  10. Sumit, you might want to try calling the Daily Telegraph in London to obtain the contact details for Adam Luck (in Hong Kong), who wrote the following article about the gene theraphy you mentioned.

    Daily Telegraph (in London)

    TEL: 020 7538 5000

    The above info has also been emailed to you.

  11. Hi Sumit,

    my father is suffering from cancer too. We are trying to contact Mr. Niu Qi but with no result. If you finally contacted him, could you send to me contact information?

    with best regards

    Luca Chiodaroli

  12. We do have RAID 1 0 on the DB servers, a live backup running now, and have done a few other things to ensure this won’t happen again. The timing was unfortunate because things were still in transition because of the datacenter move.

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