Wedding Anniversary

By chances, I visited Kayne’s Pleasing to Remember. He was celebrating his four year wedding anniversary. Congratulations to Kayne and his wife (since I am not a native English speaker and not very sure whether Kayne is a man’s or woman’s name. Sorry if I made a mistake here). How sweet it is to look back to write a brief review of what they’ve accomplished and where they’ve been. Read the orginal blog entry for details.

I happened to get married one week before – today is the one week wedding memorial day for me and Wendy. It is nice. After my four year wedding anniversary, we also should been together for ten years, too.

A brief review of what we’ve accomplished and where we’ve been: (as Kayne did)

  • Trip to Longmen in Luoyang, which is our first trip together
  • Trip to Putuo Island which the best trip ever
  • Trip to Beijing before we graduated
  • Trip to Daocheng and took great photos there.
  • Vacation to Xi’an
  • Bought the house together
  • Been together for almost 365 days a year for 6 years.

We are looking forward to our first wedding anniversary next year. It would definetely wonderful. I hope at that time, we should accomplish the following:

  • Trip to California, AZ and Washington DC for the honeymoon.
  • Trip to Hainan again in this winter.

18 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your wedding, and our best wishes to you and your wife. It sounds like you’ve also had an eventful year. Hopefully, all the years you spend together will be good ones.

    We’ve been to California and to Washington, DC. I must recommend the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, as well as the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. My wife particularly enjoyed the Natural History exhibits.

    Enjoy the honeymoon!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. My friends suggest me to go to Washington D.C. for the museum. They said it may cost three days to cover the key museums. Do you have any suggestions about the trip? My wife is dreaming of going to European countries like France and Germany. What is your comment? Which is better for honeymoon? Thanks.

  3. I’ve visisted your web for several months.It looks nice and friendly.

    It seems a little late to bless your wedding…

    Whether or not,i wish you and your wife should be together for one hundred years . :)

    I plan to be in Tibet in May.Thanks for your fantastic photo.

  4. ChangYu Fu, thanks for the greetings. It seems your congratulations are so important for me that I noticed it within one minutes after you posted. Thank you very much for that. Wendy and I are very happy to receive your warm congratulations.

    I’d like to keep coming to this site as my friend. Tibet is definitely a very good place to visit as long as you prepare for the tough trip in advance. The scenery there will pay off for all you spent. Good luck!

  5. Nice blog! and congratulations for your wedding!

    For the matter of where to spend your honeymoon, I highly recommend Italy and France here in Europe. Just imagine those names: Paris, Nice, Canne, Bordeaux, and Roma, Venice, Florenz, Sicily, and Naples …

    Washington is just another Seattle you’ve been to, with some Italian or Greek style of buldings they call “Capitol Hill” … :-)

  6. Good Web site.

    Your age let me remember when I was 25 years old

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    The foreigen IT companies in china are still booming and need to

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    Anyway, To continue my story, I come to States after 1998 and

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    Right now, I want to tell you that living USA and visiting USA

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  8. Hey this august 31st would have been my 1 year anniversery but my first love cheated on me ,then dumped me cause i found out better luck next time around i guess.


    first love josh

  9. You commented on whether Kayne was a man’s name. Actually I get fed up of all the unusual spellings that people are using for their names nowadays, to try to make themselves special. There is a man’s name, Cain. I suggest you use this spelling and tell him not to be so pretentious. At the very least the spelling Kayne shows that Cain’s parents could not spell and so were semi-literate at best.

  10. Not sure if you have been in California yet as you planned. If not, please let me know. I will be happy to be your hoster in California.

  11. It’s so warm to read your story about what you and Wendy have accomplished. I miss my bf now.

  12. Hello

    In this time every person is too busy,bust some impotent date is too important for every person because it,s provides many happiness but it is most important how to celebrate,and is most important when it is your first Anniversary.


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