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The PVGBBS has been out of order for about one month. Whenever I click on any of the post, it always report:

Untrapped Error:

./sources/ does not return a value from E:\Customer\Wangjianshuo\…

This is an annoying error and I looked it up on Internet and didn’t find any suggestions. Actually, the error message is too broad and does not help.

Finally, after I backup all the files into my local disk, I suddenly noticed that has the size of 0 byte. How can it happen? I downloaded another copy of YABB Gold 1 SP 1.0 and replaced the problematic – everything works like a charm.

It turned out that during the change of web server, the staff from my ISP didn’t migrate my site completely. There are some posts and files lost during the migration, but the affect is minor.


The homepage of is changed to the new style:

News from’s blog (this web site) appears on that static web site using VBScript.

If you are also using MovableType, just create a new index template named “News Feeding VBScript” and let it create page named news.vbs. Use the code below as the content of the template, save it and rebuild, your blog newsfeed is ready.

Here is the source code of the VBScript generating the headlines:

<script language=vbscript src=""></script><

On Error Resume Next

Sub PrintNews()

strNewsHTML = ""

<MTEntries lastn="7">

strNewsHTML= strNewsHTML + "<a href=<$MTEntryLink$>#<$MTEntryID pad="1"$>><$MTEntryTitle$></a>

<span class=posted><$MTEntryDate format="%B %d"$></span><br />"


Document.Write strNewsHTML

End Sub

Call PrintNews

Adding the following line to the webpage ( and the headline is displayed automatically.

<script language=vbscript src=""></script>

This is the redesigned homepage.

You can provide me some feedbacks regarding the redesign using the comment function with this blog.

5 thoughts on “Fixing and Changing on

  1. I think it looks great, and it’s also very organized. The best thing is that is summarizes all of the best features of your site into one page, so that they are all accessible from one place. Very useful!

  2. Hi Wangjiang,

    Love the look of the new page. Just a small typo though. On the main page the heading for [other months] is listed as [ohter months]. Just thought I’d point it out so you could fix it :-)Bye!


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