Taxi for families from Pudong Airport

Question: How convinient it will be to hire a 7 to 10 passenger taxi from the airport. Will it take long to wait for one?

This question comes from Mr. Lim.

Well. Most taxies in Pudong airport are the standard taxi – for 4 passengers at most. There is no larger taxi in general. I suggest you to take two taxies, or book a taxi in advance.

I am not sure if this is conveinient for you. You can call +86-21-82222 for a Dazhong taxi (there is only 7 seat taxi at this line). Note: They may speak Chinese only.

Call +86-21-62758800 (Jin Jiang Taxi) or +86-21-62580000 (Qiang Sheng Taxi) for 10-person taxi reservation. It is the most convenient way to move around Shanghai for team activities and for families. The fee is exactly the same as traditional taxi plus 5 RMB (15 initial fee, including 3 km, 2 RMB per kilometer).

Daozhong, Jin Jiang and Qiang Sheng are the three best taxi companies in Shanghai.

3 thoughts on “Taxi for families from Pudong Airport

  1. I am reaching Shanghai on 26th October from Mumbai, India .

    I need to know the approx. taxi fare to travel from Pudong Int. Airport to Yang Gao Nan Lu (Road).

    What is the Taxi meter in Shanghai?


  2. I will be travelling from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Jintan, Jinagsu Province. Please let me know what a Taxi from the Pudong International Airport will charge in RMB or USD

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