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Something strange and interesting:

1. cannot be accessed via Great Wall Broadband Network and some China Telecom users in Shanghai. It reports the same error when is banned. However, this only affects Shanghai. This has lasted for 4 days in GWBN.

2. Heavy rain today in Shanghai. There is no empty taxi on the road. I walked 1 mile in the rain and catch a crowded bus to office.

3. I talked with Prof Ju and really admire his knowledge and thinking.

4. Too many things to do and I struggled to complete only half of the to-do-list on my PLOG (Isaac’s term = paper-log = notebook). I have to complete the second half tomorrow, since it is already deep 1:30 AM in the night. (I have changed the time of this entry so it falls to the entry of Nov 17. Thus I avoid a blank day in my blog)

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  1. hi, do you happen to know, when and how it will be possibel to ues msn messenger again in shanghai? it used to work, but since a few days i can not sign in anymore. thank you, i really appreciate your help.


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