Frequent Flyer – Jian Shuo

During the clearance of my drawer, I found a notebook with the following flying records:

Aug 24 7:30 PM Shanghai -> Hefei

Aug 26 8:15 AM Hefei -> Shanghai

Aug 29 7:15 PM Shanghai -> Beijing

Aug 31 6:30 PM Beijing -> Shanghai

Sept 4 8:15 AM Shanghai -> Guangzhou

Sept 5 7:50 PM Guangzhou -> Shanghai

Sept 8 7:00 PM Shanghai -> Beijing

Sept 10 7:00 PM Beijing -> Shanghai

Sept 17 7:00 PM Shanghai -> Beijing

Sept 18 7:00 PM Beijing -> Shanghai

It is among the busiest time I had during my life. It is in the year of 2000.

2 thoughts on “Frequent Flyer – Jian Shuo

  1. Hi Mr Wang

    Was doing some research on the Internet abt Pudong airport and came across your really interesting site, esp since Pudong airport does not seem to have its own site (if it does, I stand corrected)

    I am currently doing a survey of the use of the Internet to make travel bookings, and I think that Pudong Airport would be the place that I could get a representative sample of travelers in Shanghai.

    Would you happen to know if I would need a permit to carry out such a survey in the public area of the airport? If so, who should I contact?

    many thanks.

  2. Basically, you are not permitted to carry out survey in public areas. It is illegal.

    HOWEVER, I believe you can do that without permit. People typically will not give you the fine or publishment if you are a foreigner. Also, I don’t think there is a place that you can call to get the permit.

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