Xujiahui – Night


We had a long dinner in the Grand Gateway. It is a nice restaurant on the 5th floor of the building featuring mushroom. Very nice place to go.

At night, Xujiahui is a great place to be. I love the buildings along Huahai Road and the architectures of the Band area, but from the food perspective, Xujiahui is uncomparable. There are so many restaurants and bars in this area, which I never realized before. I tried to find somewhere to eat in the other amazing areas, then I find it is harder than in Xujiahui. – very good place!


Picture of Xujiahui at night.

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  1. Hi! I’m planning for a trip to China next month, and since I have no idea what life is really like in China, I was searching for it in Google search engine, and came across your site. It’s so useful and entertaining! Keep up the good stuff. =)

  2. I know the Grand gateway well as I always stay at the Jianguo Hotel which is just up the street. You are right its a beautiful area at night with so many restaurants. Heng Shen Lu a prime night life stop is about a mile up the road.

  3. Hi!!

    I am going to study in shanghai at Jiaotong University. This is my first time to shanghai. Can you suggest me how to go to jiaotong university (Fan Yu road)? Can i go by Meglev? or taxi is easier, or shuttle bus. Thank you in advance…..


  4. Hi PiN,

    I had studied in Jiaotong for 7 years and spent more than 3 years in the main campus (whose back gate is at Fan Yu Rd.) I think i may be able to help you out on this–

    as you may know Shanghai has 2 airports — Hongqiao (or SHA) at the west side and Pudong(or PVG) at the east. The main campus of Jiaotong is in the Southwest of downtown Shanghai and therefore it is close to the Hongqiao airport.

    Check your airticket to find out which airport you will land at.

    From Hongqiao to Jiaotong:

    the most convenient way is to take taxi outside the landing hall. remember the taxi out side SHA are divided into 2 groups (Long distance and Short distance, depending on the distance of their service geographic coverage). to Jiaotong, you need to queue for a Long distance cab (the airport has clear sign in English outside the hall). it will take you ~20Min to go to Fanyu Rd., and cost RMB 25 max. on cab meter plus 15 RMB when leaving the airport (totally 40 RMB max, or ~5 US$).

    I dont remember if there are any banks in SHA (probably no). but there are 2 ATMs in the landing hall: 1) Beside No.1 Door of Arrival Hall in Terminal A; and 2) In South of Greeting Hall in Terminal A. i never tried to withdraw RMB using a foreign card there though.

    You cannot take Maglev from Hongqiao.

    From Pudong:

    the most convenient way is, also, to take taxi. PVG doenst differentiate Long and Short distance cabs. therefore what you need to do is go out of the landing hall and queue there. PVG also has big signboard showing you the taxi place in English. the journey will cost you ~170RMB (or >80US$) to get to Main campus Jiaotong.

    if you are interested in experiencing Shanghai’s Maglev, take the escalator from the landing hall (floor 1) to floor 2. you can find a long passage there directly connected to the Maglev entrance. show your airticket to the Maglev ticket office and you can get a 20% off on the Maglev ticket (40RMB, or ~5$ after discount — the air ticket can be used only once and for the named person only). the Maglev will take you to the Longyang Station of Metro Line 2. you can then find a cab there and go to Jiaotong. the cab then will cost you ~120 RMB (or ~15 US$)

    There are 4 local banks available in the landing hall (ICBC, Pudong Development, CITIC and BOC). you may exchange some RMB there.

    Cab drivers usually dont speak good english. you have to show him the Chinese address of Jiaotong or a map in Chinese. but most of the shanghai cab drivers are nice. they usually dont cheat.

    the address of main campus jiaotong is:

    上海市番禺路535号,淮海西路口,上海交通大学 (Pinyin read as: Panyu Lu Huaihai Xi Lu, Shanghai Jiao Tong Da Xue)

    #535 Panyu Rd., Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.

    this is the back gate of Maincampus Jiaotong, and the nearest to your international education school. enter the Univ gate and turn right at the first T-intersection, where there is a bookstore called Only Bookstore. the end of the road is the International Education School (an old building). you can feel free to get anyone (student) there to ask for info if get lost. The students usually can speak english well there–

    OK, good luck and welcome to shanghai–

  5. sorry, I just recognized the address may not be right.– not Panyu Rd.#535! i could not remember the Number! who can help me and PiN on this?

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  7. Hello Wangjianshuo,

    I really like your blog postings; some of my favorites are the bus stop sign and the pictures of old Shanghai.

    I’m planning to arrive in Shanghai February and am looking for a place that rents rooms. My budget is modest and I don’t need a lot of space, just enough for my violin, some clothes and an electric cooking pot. Where should I look?

    Any ideas you may have are most appreciated.

    Please keep up the good work,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Rex Gardner

    Washington, DC

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