Unusual Day

It is not a usual day for me today.

The day starts exactly as previous days:

Step 1: Gett up and rush into the restroom.

Step 2: Wash the face and brush the teeth using the shortest time possible. It usually takes only 5 minutes.

Step 3: Grab my laptop and rush into the elevator

Step 4: Struggle to get into the over-crowded metro train. It is always hard to get in.

Step 5: Waiting in the long line for the elevator and look at the watch frequently

Step 6: Thank God again for not being late…

After get to the office, I found there are some new opportunities and I need to really think hard to determine what is my response. Change in life is always an exciting but risky element, especially the change will cause deep impact. I admit I am person who likes stable and unchanged situation. I’d like to describe it later when there is some result but at least, thinking about change, facing the change, or even looking for change is good katalyst in life.

3 thoughts on “Unusual Day

  1. I am from Mexico and have been reading your blog since I happened to stumble with it about two months ago and may move to Shanghai this summer.

    What happened with these changes you are talking about? I am facing something like this right now, and think it is interesting to find out what happened to you.

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