24 thoughts on “Mountains and Snows in Daocheng

  1. 健硕:





    [English Translation by Jian Shuo Wang]

    Jian Shuo:

    How are you! I am glad to recieve the mail about the address book – I was longing for them for serveral days!

    I also have some photos. How I can link with yours? Please let me know the detailed steps for I have no idea about it.

    Please say hello to Fan. Best wishes


  2. 有网址吗?如果没有的,就把照片发给我吧,我帮你做一个网页,放在这里。

    [English Translation by Jian Shuo Wang]

    Do you have a web site for it? If not, please send the photos to me via Email. I can help to build a web page for you.

  3. Go to index2.htm and look at your picture with a little girl in uniform in front of Tibtan Hotel in Riwa. See the two men on the second floor? The men in light black is me. Very nice to meet you again.

  4. Really???!!! How is it possible?

    I am so happy to know you in this way. I remember I should have seen you there. Did you stay in Riwa for longer time? You may have stayed in that “hotel” for some days. How about your trip? Keep in tough.

  5. 王建硕:你好!





  6. 张羽,




  7. 秋天的稻城别有一番的美。我是今天五一去的,看到你现在拍的相片,回想我自已走过的路,就像看到了它从初春到初秋的变化,还是一样的美。很可惜我没有拍到日出与日落,你这里的相片也好像没有。

  8. 稻城是个美丽的地方,有美丽的山和水,我想她的四季都应该是美丽的。


  9. Pretty Good!

    There is no wonder that Ms. Fan recommended our classmate to see these picture in 5460, Wish you all happy!

  10. 嗨!我收到vcd了,谢谢!看到你们灿烂的笑颜,仿佛回到了美丽的香巴拉。旅途的艰辛早抛到了脑后,唯独那道彩虹;还有我们的法官久久地留在了心里……

  11. Homesickness just likes a chronic disease. Thank you to put these fabulous pictures here. I feel better now.

  12. Superb Photos. You are good with your camera. I look forward to traveling there one day. I have photos of Iceland and Greenland on my web site.

  13. Thank you for your photos which I discovered via a Google search for “Shangri-La”. Absolutely breathtaking–even some of the “So-So” ones!

  14. Hi! Greetings from Canada =)

    Thankyou very much for making these photos available. Your contry is truly a beautiful place, I wish I could travel there to see for myself firsthand. Thanks again!

    Myles from Calgary Alberta Canada

  15. Wonderful pictures!! I will be travelling through Yunnan and Sichuan (and hopefully Tibet) this summer and you have really persuaded me to spend a good deal of time in and around Daocheng! Amazing! thanks!

  16. Hi.. very nice places. I travelled to Tibet and is very attracted by Tibet Serene and peaceful ambience. Daacheng give me the same feeling, hope I have chance to travel to this place… Altitute Sickness is one that I fear most.. the killing headache… looking forward to hear from you again.. Cheers.

  17. Hi,

    Impressed. I am thinking of a trip there. Whe is the best time?

    When did you travel there?

  18. very beautiful place and pictures,if I have a trip at yading on last week of oct.-first week of nov.2007. Is it available to go there.

  19. very beautiful place and pictures,if I have a trip at yading on last week of oct.-first week of nov.2007. Is it available to go there.

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