Mid-Autumn Festival Comes

Tomorrow is the traditional holiday in China, known as Mid-Autumn Festival. I’d like to send my best wishes to my dearest GF, my families my friends, my old classmates, my colleagues, and all visitors of this site.

Mid-Autumn is an occasion for families reunion. Families get together to eat moon cake. However, I am 1000+ km away from my parents in Luoyang, and 12,000+ km away from my brother in Toronto. I regret that I didn’t send the moon cake to them earlier so that they can get it on the Mid-Autumn Festival night. Fortunately, I will enjoy the holiday tomorrow with my GF. It is also sweet.

4 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival Comes

  1. Dear Sir your web site is very helpful, I arrive at Dupong airport Dec 8th (first time in China)from the USA and will be in and around Shanghai for 1 week on business do you know of english speaking car owning driver that drive me for the week……..Wayne

  2. Hi Wayne,

    Thank you for visiting my website and leaving the comment.

    Welcome to Shanghai. Meanwhile, I want to check do you prefer “English speaking?more and “Car Owning Driver?more? I am afraid I don’t have a friend who has the spare time to drive for one week. I do have know some very good taxi drivers who drive taxi. They know some English too (by some, I really mean some). They want to know the price you are going to offer ?the official price ?which is around 600-1000 RMB per day or you want to negotiate on the price.

    I would also want to recommend you to the Forum of http://www.shanghaiexpat.com. It is the community of Expats in Shanghai. Chances are, they may have more experience on this, even any of them will do the job themselves.

    Jian Shuo Wang

  3. certainly it will be sweet i mean to have a mid_autumn day with GF!

    and may i think you bless(best wishes to all visitors of this site) also include me!!!

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