Hi all,

This is Jian Shuo Wang, a person.

I am currently the co-founder and CEO of Baixing.com, one of the largest online classified company in China. If you want to give me direct feedback about the site, feel free to use the feedback form below, or just drop me an email.

Before spin the business out of eBay and renamed from Kijiji to Baixing, I worked briefly in eBay for three years. Before that, I worked for Microsoft for 6 years, plus one year as intern. I worked on varies stuff from support engineer on desktop applications, Internet services, to eCommerce team founding member, to channel manager, partner support manager, to a consultant.

Before that, I studied in Shanghai Jiaotong University from 1995 to 1999, majoring in automation (Automatic Control). I met and fell in love with my wife Wendy at that time, when she studied computer science there.

You are welcome to contact me at jianshuo at hotmail.com

For my real-life friends who lost my mobile phone number, feel free to call me at +8613916146826

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