How to Tell if Someone Block You on MSN Messenger

Due to the privacy improvement of Microsoft on MSN Messenger, it seems definitely impossible to have a tool to check whether someone blocked you, or he/she is always offline. Many people claim they have MSN block checker. Unfortunately, they are useless, if the privacy setting is turned on (the default). It is very unlikely the person you want to check has changed the setting.

The only way I can think of is to call some friends (who also on that person’s contact list) and see if the status of the person is the same. If he/she appears offline on your MSN Contact List, but online on the other, you must be blocked by that person.

If you don’t have this kind of friend, or you don’t want others to know what you want to know, just create a new MSN account, and sign in MSN Messenger. Then send an invitation to that person until he/she add you. Then compare the status.

However, Try Your Luck!

I do have a tool that can help you to try your luck. Although only once out of ten times of try may turn out to show you the right result (when your friend did turn the privacy setting off), if you are feeling lucky, give it a try:

Try Your Luck and See if You can Check Whether You are Banned

Updated April 8, 2008

There is a technique to check whether you are block by your MSN contact. However, this technique has a very limited usage senario:

  • The person you want to check has a Microsoft Live Spaces Blog (previous MSN Spaces Page)
  • The person also set the setting to “Only allow access to Messenger contact”.

If the above are all true, you can try to visit that person’s Live Spaces Blog. If you can access it, although the person may seem offline, you are not blocked. If you cannot see the space blog, you are for sure blocked.

As I said, there are no other good way to do it so far.