I Love to Read Wendy’s Blog

If you have me on your MSN contact list, you know that I seldom change my display name from the formal one: “Jian Shuo Wang”. Recently, after reading Wendy’s articles, I cannot help putting her beautiful sentences into my MSN Messenger display name. The last display was:


I cannot translate her sentences into English well, since they are just so beautiful in Chinese. A rough idea is: The hint of happiness gradually showed up. It is take from this article.

Tonight, I changed display name to Go mawing in the lovely garden.


This one was taken from her article Free Saturday

Wendy is a talented writer. Her article in Chinese is sweet, decent and delightful. Among all the readers, I am, of cause, the most enjoyed reader. This afternoon, she was a little bit worried: Why people don’t like to put comment on my weblog? Is anybody reading it? I am sure many people are reading her blog. Why not leave some comments to make her happy? :-D (Sorry. There is only Chinese version available.)

Wendy is Back from Europe

Wendy is back from her Europe trip. It seemed a nice trip except she was really starving there. We rushed to her favorite restaurant as soon as she got out of the plane. The black bread there seemed not good for her. :-D

Her Europe travelogue has been published on this site. It is in Chinese but the pictures will tell more than characters.

Nice Pictures

Among all the pictures she took, I like these three most.



Photographer: Wendy

X’mas gift shop. I have decided to use this photo as my Christmas card to my friends.


Photographer: Wendy Fan

Wow. I never saw Wendy with such a big cup of beer – black beer!


Photographer: Wendy Fan

See more pictures at her own Blog.

Wendy’s Blog

Wendy has setup her blog. It is in Chinese.


Wendy loves to describe the lovely and good things in life. This is the advertisement for her to show my support. Now, all members in my small family (two persons) have blogs.

Wendy hosted her blog at Run2me.com. It is powered by Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. I did complain that she didn’t host her blog on my site, but she has her choice. :-)

Anyone unaware of who Wendy is? She is my wife.

Christmas is Coming

There is only about two weeks to Christmas. I have decorated my blog a little bit to reflect the happy seasons. You may have seen the little golden bell on the right-top corner, the small snow field icon at the footer. I promise on the day of Christmas, the homepage of this website will begin to snow. Yes. Wait for to see it. I just cannot wait till Dec 25 to put the lovely little decors on. The Christmas in America and Europe must be splendid – Wendy told me that shops in Munich have been decorated for the holiday already. So does the oriental city Shanghai. Big Christmas trees appeared before our office building and the silver flowers are shining on the top of the elevators.

Update Wendy’s blog Moved December 28, 2003

I am happy that Wendy finally moved her blog to my server. Her new blog is at http://home.wangjianshuo.com/fanfan. It happened after I managed to fix the Chinese display problem of MovableType. Wendy started her first part of a short novel today. I doubt whether she will complete the whole novel though. :-D

Wendy Became PMP and This Site Listed in DMOZ

Big congratulations to Wendy. She successfully passed the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam and became a one of the 50,000 PMP worldwide (according to PMI). I know this is not an easy job. She prepared for it for about 4 months and took the exam the day before our wedding. :-D

Hehe. Very good news for me too. I am so happy also.

Wangjianshuo.com is (Finally) Listed in DMOZ

Today, when I checked the server log, I found a huge jump in hit rate. They are refered from the Regional > Asia > China > Provinces and Regions > Shanghai > Travel and Tourism in DMOZ directory. I tried to become an editor but was rejected. I’d like to thank the current editor for the listing.

There is only 7 sites in the list today and it explains the reason it attracts more visit. :-) Interesting!

The other change of the submission is the Google search result for Pudong Airport


Looks at the Description and Category under the result – they were not there before. This will also benifit the PageRank for this page (currently it is PR4). It is always good to get listed in a directory. Well, wait a minute, I believe the emerge of Google made the directory not that important. The human edited directory seems working not better than computer behind Google.

One Word Keyword

By checking the referer log, I found my site can be discovered by some keywords that is so popular. Maybe you will be surprised by the result as I was. I only list single-word keywords where my site was listed in top 10 result.

WANG – one of the most popular last name in China (also should be the among the top popular last names in the world providing the large China population).

Tongli – my favorite old town.

Dopod – The hottest smartphone in China.




Actually, some very popular keywords with two words (such as Sony P8 and MSN Emotion) also hit the site.


Todo maintained a good personal blog site at Pure-Essense.net and was brought to my attention from her comment. It is that kind of blog with interesting personal stuff. I was really surprised to see a girl who is so good at (especially so passionate about) programming. Check her online user code. BTW, I love the theme of Clean most from all the beautiful themes.

My Big Fat Wedding

Finally, I find out some time to upload the pictures of our wedding to my site. Sorry for the week long pause of this site.


Picking up the bride to the new home.



Reading the greeting cards at the new home.



On the grass of central park


Cutting the big cake


Lighting up candles on all the tables


Cheers to all guests

More Pictures

More pictures can be found at http://home.wangjianshuo.com/family/wedding

Growing Old Together Gracefully

This is the forth month memorial day after Wendy and I got married. It is always sweet to look back to the long road we have come along.

I happen to see the picture in Dan Washburn‘s article – Build Me Up, Tear Me Down on That’s Shanghai Magazine – Growing Old Together gracefully.

I feel warm when I read it. Seems to God has intentionally show the sentence to me on my special day. :-)

Recently, my friend and my favorite blogger Christina in Nanjing got married. I’d like to congratulate her and David for their wedding and best wishes to them. Christina was nervous at the time – I can understand that but I am sure the decision is the one that mark the beginning of happen times, like mine. :-)

Wedding Anniversary

By chances, I visited Kayne’s Pleasing to Remember. He was celebrating his four year wedding anniversary. Congratulations to Kayne and his wife (since I am not a native English speaker and not very sure whether Kayne is a man’s or woman’s name. Sorry if I made a mistake here). How sweet it is to look back to write a brief review of what they’ve accomplished and where they’ve been. Read the orginal blog entry for details.

I happened to get married one week before – today is the one week wedding memorial day for me and Wendy. It is nice. After my four year wedding anniversary, we also should been together for ten years, too.

A brief review of what we’ve accomplished and where we’ve been: (as Kayne did)

  • Trip to Longmen in Luoyang, which is our first trip together
  • Trip to Putuo Island which the best trip ever
  • Trip to Beijing before we graduated
  • Trip to Daocheng and took great photos there.
  • Vacation to Xi’an
  • Bought the house together
  • Been together for almost 365 days a year for 6 years.

We are looking forward to our first wedding anniversary next year. It would definetely wonderful. I hope at that time, we should accomplish the following:

  • Trip to California, AZ and Washington DC for the honeymoon.
  • Trip to Hainan again in this winter.

Marriage Announcement


Hereby, I’d like to announce that I am married with Wen Feng Fan (Wendy Fan) today. After getting know each other for 6.5 years, we finally setup the family. I’d like to share the good news with you.

shanghai-fanfan-in.white.red.lean.jpg shanghai-fanfan-in.white.red.hands.on.head.jpg shanghai-fanfan-white.red.wet.hair.jpg

We will hold the wedding ceremony at the begining of May. Here are the details:

Date: May 6, 2003

Venue: 3th Floor, Penoy Plaza, Luoyang, Henan, China

We invite all our friends, families to attend our ceremony. Please give us your confirmation using the comment system below. Thanks.

About Wendy

Wendy is one year younger than me but we entered the same university at the same year. Both of us took the China Southern Airlines flight from Zhengzhou to Shanghai in the year 1995. (The air tickets were gifts from the airline since I took the first place of all new students of Henan province while she was in the third place).

She studied Computer Science while I majored in Automation. We first saw each other in end of Sept, 1996. After I graduated, I entered Microsoft and she continues to work on her master’s degree. Two and half years later, very interestingly, she also choosed Microsoft although she got offers from many companies including IBM and Intel.

We have been planning the wedding for some time and we are so happy to finally make it real. Congratulations to me and my wife, Fanfan.

Update Wedding Ceremony Delayed April 22, 2003

We regret to announce the wedding ceremony to be held on May 6, 2003 will be delayed. The health of all our friends are our first concerns. We will announce the new date when the situation becomes better. Thanks for your understand and sorry for the inconvienience this may cause.


Wendy and Jian Shuo

Update My Big Fat Wedding December 8, 2003

Finally, our wedding was held in Garden Hotel, Shanghai on September 21, 2003. It was a fantastic wedding. I have put some pictures on my site. Thanks all for your love and friendship.