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OOB today. Too much thinking recently. Thinking is better than writing sometimes. Let me catch up soon. Now? Going to bed… Zzzz

OOB in the Next Two Days

I will be OOB (Out Of Blogging) in the next two days. We will be at an island near Shanghai for meeting.

The sunlight today is so beautiful!

OOB These Days

I am in the China Internet Conference and sent out more than 100 name cards and get more…


These days, I am busy with some very key initiaves at Kijiji, so will Out of Blogging for some days. :-) Will be back soon.

OOB Today

No time to update blog today. I am happy to talk with 4 different people today, but the bad side is, when I am back, I don’t have too much time left for updating. Just post an OOB (Out of Blogging) today.

BTW, there is no response after I submitted my registration application. I checked today and the server is not working. I checked the Alexa ranking of the registration website:


Image in courtesy of

It is among the fastest raising site in rank. It is now the 746 most visited site in the world.

Sorry for OOB

I am out of blogging for some time these days. Due to the busy schedule, I have left some blank these week. I had a trip to Beijing and returned. I hope I will get back very soon.

OOB on Travel for Three Days

I am traveling to Hongkong on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I bring my laptop with me but I am not sure if I can find time to update this blog. Will be back soon.

OOB Today

I got back to Shanghai for weekend. I will go swim with Wendy and hold the update for this blog for one day.

OOB = Out Of Blogging

P.S. Shanghai is hot and my car (left there untouched for two weeks) seems a little bit strange to me and covered with dirt.

Pause for One Night

The left-most finger of my left hand started to feel pain. I suspect I am using keyboard too much these days and I have the bad habit to use the left SHIFT key only, for capital keys on both left hand and right hand. I pause the blog tonight to rest my left hand – or to be more accurate, the left-most finger.

OOB for Wedding Anniversary

OOB = Out of Blogging

Today is the one year anniversary of my marriage. On March 17 last year, Wendy and I got our marriage certificate. As some may confuse, the date of getting the marriage certificate and the wedding ceremony are typically two events. Typically, people will get the certificate first and prepare for the grant wedding ceremony in the next 6-12 months.

From this afternoon, we will fly to Hai Nan for sunny vacation. It is 28°C there. We will be back this Saturday. I know I have spent too much time with my laptop (for business and for blogging), so I decided not to bring my laptop with me. So we have some quiet time there. So you can expect my next update this Saturday.

Pause for One Day

I’d like to pause the blog for one day – today – to let me have a peaceful night. According to some tips to good blogging – when you don’t feel like to write down anything, just pause it and resume it the next day. Well. I will do it.

BTW, XGAO’s site at is very good.

Busy… Out of Blogging

Still out of blogging and may be back very soon after I took care of the post-event logistic stuff….

Out of Blogging for Wedding

I was out of blogging since Aug 19 since I held my grand wedding ceremony at Garden Hotel, Shanghai on Sept 21, 2003. This will definitely be a big surprise for every one who gathers at this blog. I am just too happy and too busy (for sure) these days to upload the pictures. I promise to put it online tomorrow. Thanks for all and best wishes!

OOB for Two Days

I will be OOB (Out Of Blogging) for the next two days. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know OOB – it is something like OOF (Out Of Office) and maybe I am the first one to use this term.

I will leave Shanghai and visit Jing Gang Shan, Jiang Xi in the next four days. We take train there – special train just for Microsoft (China). I will be on the training for one day and on bus for the other. The earliest time to get to a hotel should be on the night of Dec 29. My blogging will be paused for two days.