Thanks to the Crisis

This is the second entry about the Financial Crisis. As an Internet entrepreneur, I have some observations.

It Reminds us the Basics of Business

One of the key basic rule we noticed these days is: profit equals revenue minus cost.

This equation is obviously but was not paid attention to during booming times. When Internet investment is hot, people tend to think about revenue and cost this way:

Every dollar in revenue may result in 20 dollars in valuation of the company, and for that 1 dollar, many first-time-entrepreneurs and VCs are willing to spend 1.2 dollars to get, or even 18 dollars! That is the source of the crazy Internet bubble when people spend 18 dollars just to get 1 dollar – the sin of valuation.

Now, everyone gets back to basics. If you spend one dollar, and you cannot get 1.1 dollar back, why bother doing that?

Thanks for the Crisis

For the generation of China like myself, we were born in 1970s, and started to work in 1990s, we were lucky enough to get a job (pretty good one) after graduation. When we started to run business, we experienced the up turn and now the down turn. The contrast helped us to understand how to run business better. Without a down turn, an entrepreneur or a company does not grow up, and never becomes mature. It also provide golden time for profit making company to be stronger.

I’d like to see how this crisis change the world, and more interested to see what the world after the crisis looks like.

Financial Crisis and Shanghai

It may be too late for me to write about the financial crisis, and its impact to Shanghai (I tried hard to avoid to use too big terms like China – basically, I only know a very small portion of the city of Shanghai, not to mention about China).

Shanghai IS Impacted

Despite of many claims that China is fine so far, I clearly feel the arrival of winter, or at least approaching of financial winter.

Taking Wendy and I as an example, although we are not directly impacted, the sentiment of being more conservative surely impacted us. We have canceled almost all the movie expense, and cut our dining out to once every week (before, it was once once every day or twice per day).

For layoffs, recently, I started to see signs like this. The winter has clearly impacted some higher risk companies, like Internet companies. It is not surprising to know friends leaving their company, and I feel very bad about it, and also, it is almost inevitable in this environment.

Role of Controlled Media

It is interesting to see the role of media in financial crisis. If you open all the major newspapers, and websites, the theme of all the news is: We face challenges, but everything is still fine, and at least it will be fine. For the majority of people who rely on the limited source of information, they are more optimistic than they should be, and ironically, this is a good thing in this era. The current economy is all about confidence. If majority of people are still confident (or blindly confident) about future, maybe the situation won’t go as worse as it should be. In the US crisis, I am sure Internet plays an important role, that everyone knows the bad news, almost at the same time.

I will still keep an eye about what is happening here in Shanghai, and if you have any specific questions about what the real situation is, feel free to ask me, and the questions help me to observe what is happening around me better.

Shoe Thowing

I got an email from a reader of mine who wanted me to post this message from him:

Dear China,

We wish to express American solidarity with China in sharing our disgust at the Cambridge shoe incident involving Premier Wen Jiabao.

We in the United States know how it feels to have a shoe thrown at your leadership, if you recall the Iraq incident involving our Former U.S. President George Bush.

Regardless of the messages intended by such actions, they are disrespectful and can convey rude posturing toward that nation.

So, as a single voice trying to convey the thoughts of millions in the Americas, I say that in the least we know how it makes you feel.

Hang in there, China. All our love and prayers!

– America.

Only after that did I became aware of the Cambridge Show Throwing incident. Then I checked Chinese news site, and video sharing site. The news is the top headline in Sina, and was mentioned by the CCTV News at 7:00 – 7:30 PM, according to the recorded video.

Hmm… It is not a big deal. I haven’t formed any oppinion yet. Just publish the message as my reader wished to first.

Watching US President Inauguration

I am watching the US President Inauguration 2009 now using

Interesting enough, I browsed all the 50-something TV stations I have in my home, there is no single station reporting the event.

Well. Many people argue that who would be interested in a president inauguration in China. There are one scene (night scene, which should be taken 12 hours ago) on CCTV News Channel for 1 minute). That is all I saw 13 minutes before the Inauguration starts.

About 8 years ago, when the 9-11 event happened, I opened the TV, and every station was broadcasting as usual in the two hours after that – either soap opera, or junk TV-commercial for old people to kill time. It appeared that nothing happened.

The quality of Hulu is not bad. Almost real time when the event happens.

I just cannot imagine the narrow National Mall can hold 2 million people in Washington.


Correction: Starting from 1:00 AM Shanghai time (which is 12:00 noon EST), CCTV News Channel broadcast live of the event with Chinese interpretation.

HD90 Fake Renminbi Note


I just started to form the habit to write down the first four numbers of Renminbi note the first week of this year, the news of fake Renmibi note came out.

I never saw a HD90 note yet. It is pretty famous. Yesterday, we chatted that some people offered 360 RMB for a fake note, just to keep something special.

This event may serve as a PR for the numbers of RMB. The numbers on the note turned out to be meaningless – just as the serial number of CPU – the only thing for sure is, the numbers are unique.

Bomb Threats in Shanghai

As always, Wendy, and I brought Yifan to the Super Brand Mall on Sunday. There are many interesting things for Yifan to play with, from the cute elecronic devices in BestBuy to toys in ToysRus, and the big shoes from Crocs…

However, there are something strange today. The undergrand garage of Super Brand Mall was closed today. There are two policemen safeguarding the entrance, and the entrance was blocked completely with big red road blockers.

At the very begining, I thought it was because the parking lot has been full. Without second thought, I drove on, took a U-turn and get back, and turned right into Shangri-la hotel – my favorite parking lot (although it charges the same as Super Brand Mall – 10 RMB per hour).

To my surprise, the same thing happened with that parking lot. Policemen are standing in front of the entrance, and the sign shows the parking lot is full, again.

I still didn’t realize anything. I thought – what a Christmas crazy time!

I drove on again, and turn right at the Fudu Road – the road along the Huangpu River in Pudong.

Again, all the cars parking long the roads are cleared up. There are five policemen there, and asking all the cars to move on.

I thought it is maybe because this place was cleared up that all the parking lot was full.

I drive on and on, until I reached the parking area under the garden of the Huangpu Park. In normal days, this parking lot is always full, and I didn’t expect they have space. Again, to my even greater surprise, it is almost empty – only 1/5 of the places were occupied.

How come?

When I drove back alnog the Lujiazui area, I found there are at least one policeman at every corner of the street. It is unusual.

Then I started to connect what I saw to the news Wendy told me: Ikea received bomb threat in the garage, and all the customers were evacuated at around 7:00 PM the other day. (Chinese news source).

From last year, people in Shanghai, or other big cities in China started to face the same trouble many countries had been facing for many years – terrism, and attack. It seems to be more and more common in the future. We just need to get used to it.

Taiwan and Mainland Direct Transit

What? Direct flight between Taiwan and mainland China is opened. Meanwhile, there are more than that. There are direct post lines across the strait.

I saw this news on ITimes this morning on Metro. It was a big surprise to me. This seems too quick, much quicker than I thought. I am even not prepared yet.

Taipei and Shanghai?

In the future, direct flight between Taipei and Shanghai will only be 81 minutes. That is just one and half hour – shorter than Beijing and Shanghai.

Before that, my friends coming from Taipei to Shanghai have to transit in Hong Kong. The last week, my visitor from Taipei need to wake up at 2:30 AM to catch earliest flight to be able to have dinner together.

This will happen in 40 days

Big news. Big news. I am looking forward to take flight to Taipei one day in the future.

Bigger News

Of cause, the bigger news is that Obama won the president position… Compared to the later news, the direct line news is not that hot.

How’s China in Global Financial Crisis?

This may be the million dollar question that everyone what to know the answer. Many friends and readers asked me about how will China perform in the next few years when the global financial crisis is spreading. It seems for sure that US will suffer from the recession in the next few years, and so do many other countires. What about China?

To be honest, I don’t know. I am confused myself.

The last time I have the feeling of confusing was during the SARS period: everyone is asking how serious SARS is, but even I am not sure whether I should believe in what is reported in TV (I was very sure that I should not believe, but if you don’t believe it, that is your source of reliable information?) However, just as the SARS period, although I cannot confirm the over situation, I am 100% sure of what I see from my own eyes. In this time, I hoep I continue to act as eyes and hears for people who are not able to be here by him/herself.


It seems to me the consuming in Shanghai is not impacted. Restaurants still have enough customers, and you have to wait in long line at almost everywhere at dinner time, especially on Fridays.

The shopping malls are still full of people, with long lines at check out area.

Real Estate

Real estate price seems to drop a little bit, but only on the newly built house side. For second house side, the price is there, but there is no volume. The price for second hand house are stuck in the middle. Recently, there are a bunch of aggressive controller method from the central government regarding real estate market, like lower down the tax, and lower the down payment requirements… It seems to me that the Chinese government has learnt from US experience, that if house market crashes, the whole economy suffers. If the previous 1-2 years, the government is busy pressing house price down, now they are working hard to keep the house price stable (not up, but definitely not down).


When my friends about whether people in China are optimistic about the future of economy or not, my answe was: “People are still very optimistic, since the media propogada is all good news”.

When you browse the headlines of major newspapers (if not all the newspaper), it all stated that “China is confident to keep high growth during the hard time for the world”, or “Impact to China will be small…”.

The other interesting news I got from one of my friends was, key financial magazines have been banned to reprint news from Financial Times, or Wall Street Journals.

Industry Experts

When I talk with normal people around me, they are very optimistic, just as newspaper headlines can be. However, when I talk with industry expert, from economist, to fund managers, to government officials, they are not that optimistic. Some of them are “scared”. One of them said, I have been working in this field for so long time, but I have never been so scared.

My 2 Cents?

Me? Just as one blind man around the elephant, I have no idea about what it is going to be. Let’s wait and see…

Free Exam Offered for Poison Milk Victims

Yifan got a little bit fever, and we brought him to the Shanghai Children Medical Center. We have already tried the local small clinic called Anda Hospital – the place within walking distance from our home, but they were on holiday, and we went to the Becai Community Medical Center – they were on holiday too. We have to take our last choice, the one we really don’t want to bring Yifan to – the Shanghai Children Medical Center. We don’t want to bring Yifan there because it is really a refugee for children. Today, Yifan’s grandfather went there early this morning, and got a ticket with #608 in the queue, and he came back. We drive there about 2 PM in the afternoon, and we arrived just on time. They just past the ticket No. 600. So, practically speaking, you have to wait for 4-6 hours to get your child to see a doctor for 2 minutes. Anyway, this is not news. They are always like this. The conclusion I got was, with the increase of GDP, tax dollars the government collect from all kinds of activities, and the increase of demand for people to get health care, the supply of hospital and other medical resources just kept unchanged. That is a big problem for the current system.

The Free Exam for Poison Milk Victim Children

Something new I saw this time was about a special area, and process to handle the victim children of the poison milk. There are many places you can get aware of it.


The first is the poster everywhere telling people what to do. They listed all the symptoms of the affected children, and procedures to get the free exam. They rest assured anxious parents that by drinking a lot of water, stones in kidney smaller than 4mm that are not solid enough will run out of the body. Bigger one will be handled by the hospital.

Pre-exam Counter

The second place is a “pre-exam” counter at the entrance of the hospital. They have banner with the following message:

“Problematic Milk” Pre-Exam

They have a form on the table that parents can fill in.

I asked them that my child didn’t drink the “problematic milk” that were reported, but I am still not sure. They offered pretty good answer, and suggested that if I want, just bring Yifan to the clinic for a free and quick B-ray scan of the body. It seems every child, no matter what history is, can go in and do the exam immediately, for free.

I finally decided not to take the exam. Something I learned was, hospital in China is one of the most dangerous place to be, and I don’t want to risk Yifan’s health to take any unnecessary exam.

The Special Area for the Exam

Immediately after the registry counter are a special area with large banner: “Problematic Milk Children Exam” (I just did the word by word direct translation). There is a safe guard sitting there to maintain order. There are not many people there. During the several minutes I was there, I only saw one child went into the clinic, and two out of it.

Only Comparable to SARS

That is what I observed so far. This special treatment is comparable to SARS period – I mean by the terms of the amount of resources hospitals put into this. Let’s see how it developers.

P.S. I still don’t have too much to say about this whole event. I think the only value I can add besides the piles of articles and comments on this is to provide some first hand information about the event to my readers who cares about it.

Impact of US Financial Crisis on China

Several weeks after the US financial crisis really burst out. I tend to use Monday, Sept 15, 2008, the day Lehman Bros announcing bankruptcy, and Merrill Lynch’s sold out as my indicator of the big storm in US. I was luckily (or unluckily) in US at that time. At that time, almost everyone I talked with concerned about the crisis, and talked about the impact to them, to their firm, or to the country.

In China, there is no big tangible impact in daily life yet. The real estate price was impacted a little bit, but just from the real estate developer side. The newly built house price drops a little bit, but for second hand, there is no direct change yet (I mean the area I live in Shanghai). The increase of grocery and other daily goods are there for a long time already. Banks are still stable, and I don’t think people worry about any bankruptcy in China yet. In contrast, during my dinner with Microsoft friends, they were worried about their money in Washington Mutual Bank, which turned out to be valid concerns. In China, there is no such worry, YET.

I will continue to report about the reaction in China, from the daily life perspective.

New Embassy of United States in Beijing

Very soon, the US Embassy will move to a new location in Beijing. It is said President Bush will attend the opening ceremony of the new Embassy.


The new embassy will move from its current location to several miles to north east. It is near the Beijing Airport Express Sanyuanqiao Station, and the Liangmahe Station of the Subway Line #10.

Below is the map of the New US Embassy. The embassy is in the red circle.

The two circle roads on the top-left is Sanyuanqiao.

The Building

Reportedly, the facility costs 434 million USD to build. To my surprise, the expensive building just holds about 950 employees. It is the second largest embassy for US. The first one is in Baghdad. It is understandable for Baghdad to be the largest one, after they spent much more money to be able to build one there – just kidding.

What is 97sese?

In the search log, I found many people searching for, 97sese, or similar website. However, the site itself cannot be opened. I am amazed by the huge amount of search queries it generated.

My quick conclusion is, it must be an porn website which is recently banned by the GFW, or by the hosting company in other countries.

Along with the search keyword, there are other keywords like 97bobo or 97ai, 331xx… I assume they must be some porn sites.

Some people say the search log or any log that people input is many be the most accurate capture of what people think. I also think so.

Killed 6 Policemen and Became Hero

I am always not sensitive to breaking news, like the this one. The reason is, I don’t position myself to be a news blogger. News is just news. It becomes relevant to me and my readers only when it is proven to be a piece of meaningful news. Only time can tell whether an event is just a random thing, like a car hit a bus, or it marks an important milestone in this city/country. Today, I want to talk about a piece of old news.

Yang Jia, a young man Killed 6 Policemen

The story was pretty straight forward – a young man from Beijing run into a police station in Shanghai with a knife, and injured 10 policemen. 6 of them died. He did it because he was, reportedly, innocent while the policemen has insulted and jailed him for long time.

Putting aside the astonishing news itself, the reaction from people around the country is very unique and interesting. Most of the people on the Internet forums, bloggers, and people around me, believed Yang Jia is a hero. He did something many people wanted to do for a long time, while was not brave to do.

The Reflection of the Social Problems

This is astonishing. The story let me recall a story happened in New York quoted in the book The Tipping Point. It happened during the time the crime rate in New York was so high, and it became a dangerous venture to take ride of Metro. When four people approached a young man, without saying anything, but appeared as bad guy, the man pull out a gun and shoot them. The New Yorker said, the man is a hero. The book tipping point used that story to tell that impact of environment for people’s behavior.

In Yang Jia’s case, it is almost the same. Policemen abuse their right to arrest normal innocent people, or restrict people’s freedom very often. I personally got very angry because of them many times, but most of the hate didn’t accumulate to a dangerous degree was in Yang Jia’s case.

To echo the event in Shanghai, hundreds of people in Wengan in Guzhou province run into a police station and burned the whole building, and beat many policemen. The violence also got many supporters on the Internet. It was the accidence in that area of young girl raped and killed happen many time, and the latest case was the trigger.

All these problem has presented a very big alarm sign for China, which is one month before the Olympic.

May China be Peace

As I mentioned in my Chinese blog: the Tragedy of Humanity and Love to the Guilty(CN), it is the crime and unfairness that we need to fight against, not the criminals.

In this case, as many of cases we saw, all people involved are victims of hate – both Yang Jia, his parents, the six policemen, and their family. No matter on which side of a crime scene, crime itself killed both the victim, and the killer.

There are more and more social problems revealed in China, and I hope these can be a force to push the peaceful political transform, instead of break out violantly one day due to the high press to the need of the people.

Gas Price and Plastic Bags

The recent ban of plastic bags, and raise of gas price today are, I think, both good for the environment.

My Recent Shopping Experience

Wendy and I went to Decathlon near our home today. As most of the retail stores I went to, they didn’t provide any bag after shopping. They do offer a big bag as a “product”, costing 5 RMB. Wendy and I checked what we have: several clothes, two box of Ping Pong ball, and a big volleyball, and decided that we don’t need a bag. It was not as easy job as to bring it back to our car with a bag, but we finally made it.

The other gentleman after us bought a pair of running shoes, and he grasped the running shoes in hand and went away.

In many times, we rely on bags, and consume all kinds of one-time goods. We take it for granted, but now, it looks so clear to me that reducing plastic bags is exactly the right thing to do. I admit I still didn’t form the new habit to bring a bag or two with me when we go shopping yet. That is the reason I had to buy big bags from Carrefour, Tesco, and other stores, but the bags are very good, and endurable so we can use them again and again in the future.

Actually, without the plastic bags, and carrying the smooth clothes in hand, I felt much better.

Gas Price

Today, the retail gas price increased a lot in Shanghai.

Here is the price change:

#90 4.77 ==> 5.57

#93 5.19 ==> 6.05

#97 5.51 ==> 6.42

Yesterday, I heard many cars lined up to get their tank filled with the last tank of cheaper (already expensive) gas. When I heard about the news at the end of the day, I looked at my gas meter – almost empty.

The raise of gas price is a good thing, maybe. For some days (I don’t think it will last too long when people get used to it) at least, people may think twice when they use their car (including me). I still remember the time when I just need to pay less than 150 RMB to get my whole tank filled with #93 gas, and the last time, even 200 RMB cannot fill it, and how about the next time? 240 RMB?

BTW, why every time, I happen to talk about gas, and plastic bags together, like last time?

I Hope We can Start to Talk about History

Today is a special day in Chinese history.

What happened on the early morning in the history remain a topic that is not allowed to discuss. However, I do hope that one day, China really opens up and allow people to discuss about what happened in the past. With enough wisdom, we can face it and find a better way to solve problems.

19 years have past, and I think everyone involved, including those standing-by like myself, has been thinking about what happened. With the 19 years of reflection, I believe the whole generation have been more mature than they are, and the people is more mature. Taking me as an example, I have realized there are problems in the students side also, and it is the protesting group and the government that caused the tragedy. My current understanding is, at the beginning, everything went one well, but at the later stage, one side is a crazy government and the other side is a group of crazy students, both of which didn’t give any room to another alternative. I do hope we can start to preserve more facts, and be able to start to talk about history, and think about the future of China.

Plastic Bags and Gas Shortage – My Observation

Today is not only an International Children’s Day, it is also the first day China ban retailers to provide free plastic bags to shoppers.

I didn’t shop today, but yesterday, when I bought a toy for Yifan, I already saw the price list for plastic bags in Grant Gateway.

The big yellow plastic bag cost 1.00 RMB, and the smallest bag cost 0.1 RMB. We will need to wait and see how this policy is enforced. It is said retailers will be fined for 10,000 RMB for providing free bags to consumers. Although as any policy, I don’t see a democratic process to pass this regulation, it is a good one that I support.

Gas Shortage

In the morning, I start to observe people get to work late just because they pass a gas station or two on the way. Now besides 0# gas, #90 and #93 gas is also in shortage. I first reported 0# shortage in Oct, 2007, and found out diesel shortage started to cause traffic jam, I didn’t expect 90# and 93# gas are also in shortage. In media, I saw drivers line up for 2 km to fill in the gas, and even taxi drivers were forced to use #97, instead of cheaper #90.

I went to gas station just now. It is still OK, just as normal days. Maybe I am lucky. I will report later to see how the situation goes.

I Felt Afraid of Public Opinions Now

Recently, I felt more and more helpless. Once, when I was younger (around 20 years old, I think), I always classify myself into the group who represent the public opinions – we think exactly like the massive public. However, in the recent years, especially after I started this, and at some special events, I just realize that my opinions are often on the opposite side of what most of people are thinking. I felt pretty worried and felt afraid.

Like the recently, people really get angry of many companies, especially international companies, and public companies, for not donating enough money to the disaster relief in Sichuan. For example, Vanke and its CEO Wang Shi were attached like crazy, just because they only donate 2 million RMB to the earthquake at the night of the earthquake, and Wang Shi justified the amount by saying it is what the board authorized them to do. For me, I felt Wang Shi did exactly the right thing by stick to the principles by not abuse his right and donate something that does not belong to him. However, I am obviously on the wrong side of the camp from most of my friends – they said I am stupid, not to mention the massive attach on the Internet.

For most of the company CEOs, when I check their decision to donate tens of millions of dollars, people get very excited, and no one really check whether they are authorized to do it. Also, many companies where boycotted, just because they donate just several million Yuan, instead of tens of million. KFC was boycotted, and people are protesting before many branches, in many cities. What happened before Carrefour happened before KFC, and many other multinational brand companies, simply because they just donate 10 million RMB, not more. Like Wanglaoji, another local brand, who donate 100 million RMB to Sichuan, which is named the best company of China (according to Nanfang Weekend). Personally, I think emotionally speaking, there are some sense in it, but rationally, I don’t think most of the companies, especially public companies can donate more than what its share holders authorized them to do. The current donation (like crazy) is a very good thing for Sichuan, but it hurt the well being of China in long term – it is public abuse of their power, and if I don’t put it into the crime bucket.

Recently, around the earthquake, there are many opinions around donation amount, and many many issues. The really good thing is people start to discuss about it publicly. I do feel very happy about it, although I don’t agree with many of the reaction from the audience.

However, I really get depressed, that free speech is not pressed by the government, it is well censored by the public opinions. I don’t want to mention to much of it, just because I know I will be another Wangshi – being the target of most of people in China, and be called whatever bad thing people can think of.

So, I am really afraid of public opinion now. Inside myself, I often feel that I stand on the other side of the people in this country. You know that kind of feeling?

P.S. Ping Pong Game Resumes

I am resuming my Ping Pong game practice now. I played Ping Pong for some time at night, and finally get back to the status I am in many weeks ago. Now I feel much better, and ready to challenge many people tomorrow.

P.S. Met Christine, Elliot, and Thalia

Met Christine Lu from The China Business Network, Elliot from, and Thalia from Nice talk about blogging, business in China, classified a little bit, and the upcoming cnbloggercon.

Olympic Torch Arrives in Shanghai

Olympic Torch has arrived in Shanghai today, but it is extremely low key this time.

I didn’t go to the torch relay since it is working day, and when I turn on TV or radio at night, there is no any mention of the torch so far. All the news are still about Sichuan earthquake and relief effort. I think it is the right thing to do.

The torch went on the same street as where I am living and it is about 3 km away from my home.

Tomorrow, the Torch will march for its second day in Shanghai, and it will arrive the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Minhan campus.

P.S. At night, I saw the replay of the relay on Shanghai TV Sports channel.

Requirements for Websites Related to Earthquake

Since I have previously hosted my little blog at one of the data center in Shanghai, I got an email in my mailbox from the government (Internet branch, News department, Shanghai Municipal Government) about the requirements for websites related to the recent earthquake.


Brief translation (for time being, didn’t fine tune words, and it just reflecting the basic ideas. Refer to the original letter for details).

To every web site in this city:

The Statement Department decides to hold "National Mourn Day" from May 19 to 21 . According the spirit of  the instruction of News Office of State Department, the following requirements are announced:

  1. Every web site should propaganda and report State Department’s Announcement promptly, dominantly, and repeatedly;  should timely and dominantly report mourning activities of Party Central Committee, State Department and local’s. In parallel with propaganda and report on the Internet, related web site should utilize mobile SMS, MMS, Mobile newspaper, etc methods to report. State Department Announcement should be put at the dominate location on the home page of every web site during National Mourning Day.
  2. Every web site stops 3 days of all kinds of entertainment activities and services. From 0:00 19thto 24:00 21th, every game web site, game channels of every web site must be all closed; every entertainment channel and entertainment kind of video and audio channel web site must be covered by mourning pages; pages under these channels must not be accessible. All entertainment forum of all web sites must all be closed; all music, entertainment video search function of all search engine must be all closed; all entertainment kind of advertisement must be all closed.
  3. Organize mourning on the web well. Atmosphere of all web site must be appropriate to the national morning.  All major news site, and major commercial sites should well organize mourning activities joined by netizens, should completely reflect the painful sentiment and patriotic heart of massive netizen.
  4. Effectively do the media management job. All major web site should implement 24 hour on duty, meanwhile must have person-in-charge to lead the team. Every web site should effectively strengthen management of forum, blog etc interactive columns. All comments that are not in align with the main theme of anti-earthquake and disaster relief must be completely deleted. The job implementation situation of every web site should be reported in electronic form to Municipal Government News Office (mailbox:
  5. Make disciplines strict. For web site who does not do the effective job effectively, should be seriously criticized, and handled. Web sites which do not obey requirements will be all closed, and will be hold responsible afterwards.

Earthquake didn’t change China too much.

Shanghai After Sichuan Earthquake

  1. Focus media stopped all the LCD commercial these three days. There are black screen everywhere in this city.
  2. Bund turns off lights at nights.
  3. All newspapers are black and white.
  4. All the national flags were lowered
  5. Many young people are vending national flags, or T-shirts with "Love China"
  6. Donation boxes are still seen in many places
  7. No film on these days