How do you Feel if Being Misunderstood?

Hey, I just got the following two comments from the same person today under my article – NET SEND Spamer and Comment Spammer. This guy insisted that I use golarger as free adertisement and the forum I setup is definitely not to help people. He also reported my site to FCC.



Posted by: jmyjm on April 21, 2003 01:14 PM


Posted by: BRWBRWB on April 21, 2003 01:21 PM

I am very angry

I am very angry when I saw his comment.Actually, I have received some complains on my board asking the spammer to stop sending the spam to them. I am not the spammer. I kept about half of them and delete those with too many dirty words – the words are insulting every reader’s eyes.

However, I never expect to get such comments when I started to discuss about the topic. jmyjm or BRWBRWB (they are the same person) insisted that it was me who send out the NET SEND SPAM to all the people as a way to advertise my site – how can it be possible!!! He even reported the IP address of the web site to FCC – I have to say it is crazy.

The facts

I don’t think I need to spare a single word to explain the situation. All the frequent visitors know what the site is for. It is a personal weblog discussing the topics that affects my life and many other people’s lives. Recent topics include SARS, net send spam and MSN Messenger Spam and travel to places like daocheng. There is no commercial content on this site.

But the comments about the evil motivation really let me feel very upset. Why the creative guy has to think I am using Golarger as a way to get free advertisement to my site? Why can he claim that “THE REASON THIS GUY HAS A FORUM IS DEFINATELY NOT TO HELP YOU……”. I cannot think of a worse statement like this.

How this site is related to the a**hole golarger keyword?

OK. ymyjm, if you want to know more details, I can tell you the whole story. It is the simple 7 steps.

  1. On Sept 23, 2002, I got my first spam pop-up on my own computer screen, I wrote angrily about it in this entry: “Net Send” – Yet Another Type of Spam
  2. One month and a half later, that is November 7, 2002, I posted the solution to stop net send spam. I even wrote Fighting back for NET SEND SPAM.
  3. 3 months later, that is on Feb 14, 2003, a person named James left a comment on my previous entry with the following content:

    I mean, honestly… should be the target of the next “Code Red”…

    Posted by: James on February 14, 2003 02:25 AM

  4. Three days later, February 17, 2003, I found many visitors came to my site when search for term “” in Google or Yahoo!. I was quite puzzled why people will come to my site for this term. Then I found out the comment James left three days before. So I commented on this event in the entry named – NET SEND Spamer and Comment Spammer. In this entry, I claimed that golarger is not only a net send spamner, but the comment spammer who posted his advertisement on my comment system.
  5. After sometime, maybe it is because lots of people are complaining to the ISP of, as SImo did, the domain name of no longer works. When people type, instead of going to the spammer’s website (because it is down), most browsers use search engines to find the best match. Unfortunately, my article on this topic are always as the first record – it is because this site is doing a better job to provide information than the spammer’s site.
  6. I don’t know why, but the spammer is still sending out the Net Send Spam even when his website is down. So I posted Physical Location of with satalite photos and hope it can help to stop it.
  7. Lots of people was outranged when seeing the dialog box, type in at address book in his/her browser, and get to my site. They found the comment system before they check the content and wrote down all the dirty words they can think of on the board. Well. I can understand that – they were just careless and didn’t mean to hurt me. But I cannot stand jmyjm’s comment since he obversely checked out the site and know the whole context – his comment is completely insult at me.

There is no advertisement on this site and I don’t sell goods. Why do I need to send the annoying spam to you? Think about it before leave the comment!

I need your support

Actually, you know, it is very discouraging to see comments like this. I threw money to my ISP to rent the hosts and spent quite some time every night – from 23:00 to 24:00 – to keep this site up to date. I am trying to provide the information people needs and try to help people. It is the case for SARS and NET SEND SPAM. But how do you feel if you are misunderstood? How do YOU feel?

My Life Begins to be Busy

I am very busy recently. It is the first time I can clearly see what I will be doing in every hour for more than one week. My schedule has been filled till 9:00 AM, Jan 30, 2003.

It is amazing to see how Outlook calendar can help me. My life must be completely in a mass without a calender. Actually, I didn’t use calendar or to-do-list before, but now, it is a must and an essential part of my life. Without a calendar, first, I don’t know what to do, second, I will miss meetings and appoints.

This is a normal Monday. I have created a very nice PPT with my own template. I love the style. It is a horizontal large box on the top, with 20% of it are completely filled with pure red (R255,G51,B0, actually). The rest of completely filled with black. The title is in Tahama size 24 in the black box and with white color. I hope I can share the template with you soon.

Me, a Sleepy Cat

Every Sunday or Saturday is a good day for me. They also mean half day for me. I tend to get up as late as 2:00 PM to have a complete rest. It is not unusual this time.

The life in Shanghai is hard. I miss the life in my home town Luoyang, from time to time. People don’t live in such a competitive world like those in the big city of Shanghai. The work does not look so much and the pace of the steps are slow.

Everytime I return to my hometown, I feel completely relaxed. It is good to go out with old friends. Very nice! The Peony Square is always a good place to see people paint the characters using brushes and waters on the stone ground.

At the same time, I always need some time to get used to Shanghai again after I come back. I love to sleep but I cannot. There are too many things to do, the work, the householding, everything. Before I realize, it is about 1:00 AM. The night always passes quickly and the morning call always beeps earlier than I expects.

Anyway, Shanghai means excitement and I love to live here, though sometimes it is a little bit too tough.

Next week, I will go to see the drama I hope I can share the story later.

Realize Your Potential – Wine

The theme of this year in Microsoft is “realizing your potential”.

It is a great topic. Before tonight, I thought I cannot drink too much wine or bear. But to my surprise, I attended the annual party and drunk a lot of wine. I had 2.5 full cup of white wine tonight – about 1000 ml and three cups of red wine, along with count-less cups of bear.

It is amazing if not astonishing. Before that, I cannot drink any wine or hardly can have much bear. Now I am OK and am not drunk. This can be a milestone for me in social communication.

Before today, I really hesitate to build up my capacity to drink wine. I think it is bad thing to drunk too much. Now I believe as long as it is OK for the body, this social communication is required and benifits for the person and for the business.

Hopeful, this is the right direction we need to grow up to get used to.


A big change in life happens. Sometimes people gather, happy and excited to know each other, sometime they have to depart. That is nature. Thanks for everyone around me everyday. I will announce some changes in my life very soon. But I prefer to keep it confidential now.

Cost Center and P/L

I am busy learning the concerpt of Cost Center and P/L these days. It is essential to understand business. I don’t have time to update this blog and may fail to write, but I will update you with the study result.

If you have any book or URL that can help me to understand these basic fiancial and accounting terms, please refer it to me. I know very little about it now.

Some random quotes from the web:

For purposes of accumulating costs and for program management, each distinct project, regardless of source of funding, is identified by one or more cost centers. Each cost center is assigned a distinct seven-digit number. The first three digits identify the performing OU and division and the last three digits identify the source of financing which supports the work. The fourth digit is an optional designator for use by the OU.

Source: NIST Fund Structure

Short Self-Introduction

I am asked to introduce myself in short words. It is easy. I have personal website and some kind of bio, but it is either too long to read or out of date. I’d like to spend some time to update my self-introduction.

I am working in Microsoft Global Technical Engineering Center. Now, I am working on the following projects:

1. I work on the Asia Community. I will drive the community efforts across Asia region. The main regions include China, India, Korea and Taiwan

2. I also manage the Microsoft Development Management Advanced Training business in the year 2003.

3. I was also a member in PMT.

Business is Business

I found myself to be a business man recently. I am working on the figures of money everyday, just like the owner of a startup.

It is a completely new world when you are counting about the P/L. In the next few weeks, I will spend some time on the finance and business part. This is a major focus shift for me. I am no longer a technical person.


Saturday! I have a friend whose name is Paul. He travels to 50+ countries in the last 20 years. When I met him, he was a financial consultant contracted with my company. He sits in the cubicle besides me.

He taught me a new word: T.G.I.F. – “Thank God. It’s Friday!”. This should be a very famous term in U.S., but it was my first time to know the word. Very interesting. It is at that time that I know the full name of the famous “Friday” Restaurant is “TGI Friday”

I love Friday. I especially love the night of Friday and the morning of Saturday. The causual nights and sunny mornings are the best time for me to relax and really enjoy my life.

Unusual Day

It is not a usual day for me today.

The day starts exactly as previous days:

Step 1: Gett up and rush into the restroom.

Step 2: Wash the face and brush the teeth using the shortest time possible. It usually takes only 5 minutes.

Step 3: Grab my laptop and rush into the elevator

Step 4: Struggle to get into the over-crowded metro train. It is always hard to get in.

Step 5: Waiting in the long line for the elevator and look at the watch frequently

Step 6: Thank God again for not being late…

After get to the office, I found there are some new opportunities and I need to really think hard to determine what is my response. Change in life is always an exciting but risky element, especially the change will cause deep impact. I admit I am person who likes stable and unchanged situation. I’d like to describe it later when there is some result but at least, thinking about change, facing the change, or even looking for change is good katalyst in life.

Learning Swimming

I went to swimming today and learnt some basic breaststroke skills.

Swimming is another exciting sport in life. I feel guilty that I cannot swim for 25 years. Recently, I went to Sports Hotel – the hotel near the conjuction of Nandan Road and Cao Xi Road North to learn swim every Saturday and it is especially interesting for me as a beginner.

Before today, I cannot breath when I swim. I can manage to swim to about 15 meters with one single breath, but cannot reach further. The breakthrough I got today is, I begin to be able to breath. According to Red Cross’ seven level of swimming, I am almost in level 3 now.

I found this article on breaststorke very useful for me. It may be useful for other who can or cannot swim.

I remember the old poem on progress again:

Computer files are always incompatible

If it worked yesterday, it won’t work today

— That’s progress.

Today I will say: “I cannot swim yersterday, I can today – that’s progress

A nice day, isn’t it?

Me, As a Trainer


If anything can go wrong it will

Equipment knows when you’re nervous

No two plugs are compatible

Slides are always upside down

Computer files are always incompatible

If it worked yesterday, it won’t work today

— that’s progress.”

Ian Hart, University of Hong Kong, via Glitch Management for Internet Instruction

You will feel it very interesting and real if you have delivered some training.

Me, as a trainer

I am marching on my path to a professional trainer. Sometimes I am very puzzled about what are my key competencies. After sometime, I realized training and presentation skills may be the one that counts.

I started in Dalian

The first official training I delivered within Microsoft was held in June, 2000 in Dalian. It was on BizTalk Server, the very new product to everyone, even within Microsoft. The training was thought highly by participants and this kicked off my training experiences.

More presentations

Later, with the launch of BizTalk, as the only one who had delivered most BizTalk sessions, I presented BizTalk Server in lots of events, such as Web Interactive Conference – I presented 40% of the sessions for the series of talks, covering topics on UDDI, Next Generation Internet, .NET, BizTalk, and How to Improve Performance of web site.

Later, I got the opportunity to introduce BizTalk Server in China CIO/CTO Summit in Beijing and Shanghai. It was a tough session since the time was deduced from one hour to 15 minutes for me due to emergencies. I finished the job successfully. It was very cool, I believe. It was on that meeting I know a lot of CIO/CTO of most famous .COM company at that time (Sina, Netease, 3721, Sohu…) I love this experience very much.

Wow! Famous DevDays and TechEd!

Very soon, I spoke at two largest technical events from Microsoft – Developer Days 2000 and TechEd 2000. It is interesting that all the presentations concentrated in Nov, 2000. For TechEd 2000, it was held in three different cities. It was in that month I created my record of fly 8 times in two weeks. I counted that I altogether presented more than 15 sessions that month.

Keynote speech demo of Microsoft .NET Launch

The most exciting presentation I delivered was also in November 2000. I joined with Dr. Jun Tang, now the Present of Microsoft (China), to present the key note for Microsoft .NET Launch. It was a grand launch and the keynote speech was the first session. More than 1500 people and about 300 medias attended the keynote speech. My part was a BizTalk demo of about 20 minutes. I’d like to thank Jun for giving me the opportunity to work with him and the trust he gave me. You know, I was under very high pressure since the demo cannot fail. This also marked my record of most audience – 1800+ in a single room.

Meeting the giants of the industry

Based on the training experience, I got more and more opportunities to meet with our partners in the industry. I started with .NET training for enterprises from South East Asia. I still clearly remember how embarrassed I was when half of the audience kept shaking their heads during my presentation. “What is wrong with my presentation? Is there any thing wrong with my English?” I checked again and again, until finally I realized they came from India. They were expressing “Yes” by shaking heads – it was the difference in culture.

The same culture shock continued when I was invited to attend an Intel Company Meeting of Asia Pacific. The audience came from all countries in AP area. People are using English with different accent to ask questions. It was really interesting. I was also very honored to attend Siemens Global IT Managers Summit. “Siemens means quality and Microsoft means innovation” – Dr. Tang said during the summit. I still remember that and think it was just to the point.

Transition from presentation to training

After delivering more than 50 presentations with an average of 150 audiences each, I got a little bit tired for presenting to too many people. I double how much they can learn via this kind of lecture. I also doubt the technical depth I can reach via this kind of “What’s New” or “overview” At that time, I took the responsibility of Software Park project. It is all about bringing software development process and practices of Microsoft to software companies in China. It is much meaningful and I felt the power to influence a company and contribute to the country in much large scope. I researched and prepared a training course called Microsoft Development Management Training with my colleagues. We presented the session for 12-30 people at a time and started our road show in different cities – Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou and Chengdu…. I will continue to bring the session to more cities and to more companies.

At that time, I attended a very good training delivered by PAAP. It is called Developing Effective Trainer Skills. The trainer Richard Ong did wonderful job to deliver the training and I learnt a lot. After that, I decided to develop more trainer skills and go further in the path of professional trainer.

Helping others on training skills

Now, I am playing more important role in the company for improving the organization’s trainer skills. From yesterday, I presented the forth Train the Trainer Training (TTT) named Creating Effective Workshop in the company. I love to see how the ideas of Experiential Learning and Handling Tough Situations bring a difference to everyone’s training and improve the training quality in an organization.

Nothing is perfect

There was an emergency during the after session of my training. Due to system replication error, the record of the room I booked got lost and caused conflict. I have to pause the training and wait for the future. That is the reason I posted the poem at the beginning of this blog – it always remind me, there is always emergencies in the training and there is always some thing to improve.

I was a Called Copier Today

Today, I was shocked when I found my name appreared on my favorite weblog andersja’s blog. It is even more astonishing when I found my name was related to something negative – copier.

“I like writing articles and other content for my weblog, and I like tinkering with design – visually and technically. Now, wangjianshuo has copied my CSS stylesheet and also other MT config elements very closely, and I’m not entirely sure if I’m comfortable with it.

Other people occationally nab links without linking back… not exactly weblog etiquette, but something we’ll have to live with…?”

andersja wrote.

I have to say, it is my fault not to be careful enough to link back to the site I copied from or inspired by for all instances. However, I did link back in some blogs.

I have changed my site after I saw andersja’s post. For some of my readers of page was directed by the post, I still keep a copy of my original page, so you know what andersja said is true.

I wrote a comment to clarify the whole thing. This is the comment I posted with a little bit change to add hyperlink to words instead of leaving the unclickable URLs.

Hi andersja,

This is Jian Shuo Wang, the “copier?you mentioned in your blog.

== Firstly, I apologize ==

First of all, I have to admit that I have used your CSS completely and I added category link function as you did on your site. I sincerely apologize for it since it has made your feel uncomfortable.

== But the true is, I did link back ==

You may misunderstand me on linking-back. The truth is, I did link back.

On my first blog at MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP, at the end, in the Acknowledge section, I wrote:

“I also want to thank andersja, the owner of anderrsja’s blog. His site on weblog are very well done. I learnt a lot on categories and the pertential usage of MovableType from his site.”

Certainly I swear I did it on the day of Sept 11 instead of adding it after you got angry. Geo, my friend at can also confirm it, since he also commented after my blog.

In the acknowledgement part, I mentioned the categories function on your web site. It inspired me a lot and I decided to make my own category links. I finally completed the function on the day before yesterday with the help with MovableType document.

I noticed you may have read this article since you wrote comment for this blog on the same day — Sept 11, 2002 09:48 PM:

“Thanks for your feedback and congratulations with getting Movable Type running on XP – very cool (I haven’t seen it done before :-)

Happy blogging!

Posted by: andersja on September 11, 2002 09:48 PM?

Maybe you didn’t notice I linked you back on my first blog.

== More evidence that I did link back ==

On my forth blog, I started my paragraph with

“Inspired by andersja’s Optimizing Movable Type (part 3) – get more readers , I sent my blog site to”

Posted by Jian Shuo Wang at September 14, 2002 09:31 PM | Categories: MovableType

As you can see, as a beginer of blogging (only 6 logs so far), I have read carefully on many of your articles on your site and was trying to follow your steps to setup a blog. This includes registering my blog on But after I did, I wrote in my blog to thank andersj for the great inspiration you gave me.

I wrote six blogs so far and two of them mentioned that I am inspired by your site. I didn’t put you on a seperate link for your site on the right pane of my first page. The only reason is, I am running this blog for less than one week and there is too much things for me to improve. I am going to do so now.

== The facts ==

I have commented on your page on and received your quick reply. This is very helpful for me. Although I have been web developer for many years, it is the first time I setup blog and the first time to play with Perl and MT stuff (as I mentioned at the beginning of my first blog. I worked very hard to get some idea from other great site like yours. I was using MT’s default CSS template. I just wanted to change the font to Verdana instead of the odd font. At that time, I copied your CSS and made very little modification and used it in my site.

== Anyway, I apologize ==

Again, I admit I did it. I should have mentioned somewhere on my blog, but I haven’t yet. That is “not exactly weblog etiquette”. I will go back to change it to the default one immediately if this made you uncomfortable.

Please be assured that I am not “fighting back” in this comment. I am still grateful for everything you did on your site, including sharing your setup experience of MT and your tips to optimizing MT. They inspired me a lot. That is the source of my first blog “MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP” and later, “Webcam Set Up, Broadcasting Shanghai”. I will also continue to share how I created the site and how to make things work as you did. I agree with you weblog etiquette is very important and I am always trying my best to follow. Sometimes I may make mistakes and I will be fully responsible for that.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if any of my content or behavior makes you think I do not respect other people on the net. I’d like to hear and like to improve.

Best wishes

Jian Shuo Wang

The Copier

As always, Anders replied very soon after I posted my comment. I agree with him on this reply:

To copy from one = plagiarism

To copy from many = inspiration! ;-)

I continued to send email to him and explain the whole story. It seems the mistake has been recovered and the issue has been settled.

More on credibility

Anders is a very kind guy who wrote this only to encourage innovation instead of plagiarism. This reminded me to check throughout my site to ensure I “properly give credit where credit is due“. It is essential to build up the credibility of the site I own.

I was refered to this page by andersja’s page. After that, I found Spartaneity Project is a very good source for credibility.

Result of the review

After carefully reviewing the content of my site, I found I did something good and something bad.

  • I kept the POWERED BY MOVABLE TYPE 2.21 logo which gave credit for MovableType. They did wonderful job on authoring this tool.
  • I missed links-back on my homepage. I added link back under a special section called “Credits” on my homepage for andersja’s blog and Geo’s Geo’s site is the first one which let me be aware of the personal publishing form called “weblog” and andersja inspired me a lot on feature-related or technical aspect.
  • It seems I have tried my best to keep giving credit. I gave credit to Billy Qiu when quoting his words – I also asked him to review the page during the course of my publishing.
  • I linked to the source of the news in my blog on Korea’s broadband development and other sources.

To be honest, I didn’t realize it is so important to add link to sources before this accident. I used it to make it easy to verify accuracy of the information of my site. Now it means something more important to me – to show respect to others by giving others credit. This is the most easy and powerful way to build up my own credit.