Many people have asked me about my servers, my domains and the weblogs. It is brought to my attention again when cuanyu talked with about the same topic this afternoon. I’d like to reveal everything behind the two sites – and Before continue, you can read my older article on

The domain name

I registered only one domain at HICHINA (Chinese site). Here is the domain information in WHOIS database (via Geektools)

Jian Shuo Wang

30 Tian Yao Qiao Road

Shanghai, Shanghai 200030



Administrative Contact::

Jian Shuo:

Jian Shuo Wang

30 Tian Yao Qiao Road

Shanghai, Shanghai 200030


Phone:: 021-64557230


Technical Contact::

Jian Shuo:

Jian Shuo Wang

30 Tian Yao Qiao Road

Shanghai, Shanghai 200030


Phone:: 021-64557230


Record updated date on: 2001-09-17 06:18:16

Record created date on: 2000-09-06

Record will be expiring on date: 2006-09-06

Database last updated on: 2002-10-20 11:50:12 EST

Domain servers in listed order:



I believe I got the lowest price of domain names. When I paid for this domain, it only cost me 60 RMB (7 USD) for one year of registration. I purchased the domain for a period of five years.

Now this special offer is not available, but you can still get a price as low as 100 RMB (12 USD).

Sub domain:

HICHINA is a good company. It provides free sub domain. Best of all is, you can use their system to create a sub domain by yourself and pointing the domain to any IP address. I have created some sub domains, such as, which always directing to my latest mail server.

Web server

I rented web server from Hotsales (Chinese site) at 190 RMB per year. They offer 50M static web page storage. There is no Email, no PHP, no ASP – only static HTML pages and images. It works for me at that time – it s about one year ago, and the best thing is, it is cheap. I used FrontPage to create the web site and upload the static pages. That is

Later, I rent another web server from COMPANYCN (Chinese site). It is 380 RMB per year and support PHP, Perl and ASP. It is good to have everything at low price, but the only drawback is, this server looks like a test machine. It reboot several time a day, and periodically goes down. I decide to keep the two servers up and running together for some time until I find a strong reason to consolidate them together. One is stable and the other is flexible.

Weblog? Powered by MovableType

The weblog is powered by MovableType. I have to say, MovableType is wonderful! You can refer to my blog on setting up MovableType on my Windows XP. Now my MovableType is still on IIS, but the operating system changed to Windows 2000 Chinese edition after my server down. Then I moved to the new machine. You can track this history at

Other news

A complete Pudong airport guide – PVG in Picture is available on my site. I received very good comment the first day when it is online:


I am about to visist Shangai and found your web site very useful. I may try taking the bus from Pudong airport and will try your recommended eating place.

Thanks for your hard work

Thanks Dave!!

The reason I spent some time to create the page is, my old page is listed as #1 site in the result in Google for search word of “Pu Dong Airport”. My old page didn’t provide much information, and I am feeling guilty for all the visitors. Now it looks better.

Web Construction History

Here, I would like to release a construction history log for your reference. As you can see, the site continues its growth since the first page is created back to 11/12/2001. Up to today, this site contains 377 all kinds of files, including 257 photos/pictures and 120 web pages. The total size reaches 14,541KB.


Date source: FrontPage report Created at January 8, 2002 by Jian Shuo Wang

P.S. This entry was previously published at 2002-01-08 20:42:51

5 Easy Ways to Find Out This Site

Sometime to find a long lost friend is not easy. You don’t have his phone number

and you forget his email. Maybie it is the situation when you want to contact me

after several months or years. To prevent this from happening, I am trying to list my

name on many directories as possible (both on the web and using traditional

ways) so you can reach me wherever you are and whenever you want. Now what I

need to do is to tell you who to ask if you lost my contact information one day.

New! A new method to access added

Directly type "Jian Shuo Wang" or "Jian

Shuo" or "wangjianshuo" in IE

toolbar. You will find my name listed #1 in as result.

1. Dial 114 and ask for phone number of Jian Shuo Wang

I have asked the Shanghai Telecom to list my home phone in the 114 directory.

The most convenient way to locate me is to dial 114 (021-114 if you are not in

Shanghai) and ask for the phone number of me. By the way, if you want to list

yours, dial 1000 for residents in Shanghai.

2. Search for in

You will get tens of result from Yahoo!. Pick up the one which leads you to

my homepage at

and you will find my contact information at [Contact Information] section.

3. Search for Jian Shuo Wang or

Wang Jian Shuo in any search engine

At least it works on,…, more and more search engines

are listing this web site now.

4. The most easy way, remember this web site

You will find all the information you need about me on this web site. It is

updated frequently.

5. Contact my friends and ask.

I don’t concern too much about my privacy. You can easily get my contact

information from my friends if you remember any of their names. If any one asks

for my mobile number or email address, just feel free to tell him/her.

What if I forgot your name? I only remember I once hit an interesting

personal web site?

It is usual that you visit a web site, feel it interesting, want to go back

and …. you don’t remember the URL or the name. There is no keyword to search

in Yahoo!, there is no hints so that you can ask others? What can you do?

Check the History of your browser. Press Ctrl+H in your browser to call the

history pane if you are using Internet Explorer. Take a look at the items in

history list one by one, carefully. If you are lucky, you can find it.

P.S. This post was previously published on Tuesday, January 01, 2002