10 Year Anniversary of Blogging

Today is the 10th anniversary of my blogging.

Starting from Sept 11, 2002, with my first blog, I have been blogging for ten years. I cannot believe it! Ten year doing one thing everyday seems crazy for anyone, and I am surprised I am that crazy guy.

However, the bad news is, I realized that I am not as calm and as peaceful as 10 years ago. With the increase of age, and increase of responsibility, it is harder and harder to sit down at the desk, and write something. Email flys in; mobile rings; Weibo checking; Yifan calls…. More importantly, within my mind, thousands of things flying to different directions. I heard something ┬áthis morning: with the increase of age, especially after 35, there are too many distraction that few can stay calm and concentrated. It needs a lot meditation and understanding of what is important than the younger time. I believe I may entered another stage of life after 10 years of blogging. Look at the frequency, topic, and depth of the blog entries I wrote in the last three years, and I can clearly see the path of the declination in frequency, decrease in interestingness, and decrease in depth. I am full aware of it, and I know it is the competition of attention for me. The competition just get stronger when I am connected to more, and it is the time to cut something from my life.

Look at the simple life of Yifan, and I know days are long for him. There are a lot I can learn from Yifan – to keep focused and keep doing the important things.

That will be the word for my next 10 years of blogging.


Blog is Better than Microblog of me

Disclaimer: I am only talking on behalf me, and stating a fact that just works for me. Not anybody else.

More Honest to One’s Self

There is some benefits about not being that public. Weibo or twitter is really good at spreading the message to as many people as possible, but it is too public that you can hardly have time to be quiet and be honest to yourself. Writing a blog, if you are too concerned about the public response, chances are, you are not writing anything that worth recording. We often fell into the trap to believe we are somebody. We try to act everyday to be a “proper” person, but it turned out that no one really cares about you as much as ourselves. Well. One experiment I did for almost years is, to publish my mobile phone number to this popular blog – check the home page and look at right. So far, basically nothing happened. We are way too concerned about privacy, about this and about that. But if we are not honest with ourselves, blog is not a blog. It will be a personal propaganda to the world.

In short, blog is an environment that selected people will take the time to follow your writing, not everyone, and that helps us to write more honestly. Hmmm. Do you think twitter or weibo is better for showing off?

Time for Reflection

The time devoted to blog are deep nights for me most of the time. That is the better time to do a little bit reflection on the day, sometimes on the last few days. The time alone is critical for people’s improvement. Ann has the habit of running 7 kms everyday to have that lonely time to face her heart. For me, the time is more like blogging. Twitter? The time are more likely to be in cars, or waiting for coffees. That just does not work for me.

Blog Works Better

When I am back to the pace of writing blog in my way, I am more confident in keep writing. At the end of the day, I am the most important reader of this blog, not anyone else.

Shall I be Back with Blog?

I tested to work on Weibo for some time, and it is good for instance publishing, and it did consumed much of my time. Now it is the time to do some reflection of the experiments, and understand what is the next thing to do.

Shall I return to blog after pausing for some time?

I think the answer is “YES”. You may be happy with my final decision. Here is why.

Distribution? Microblog wins

On the distribution of content, Microblog definitely wins. If you post something on Sina Weibo, it gets many comments immediately – 2 to 100 comments, which is hard to get from this blog, even at the peak time.

Time Used? Microblog wins

The time needed to publish a Weibo is much less than a blog, and if you just want to share some photos, like photos with Jack Ma, or other important people, it is nice tool. Share some scenery photos, Weibo wins.

Depths, and Help on Thoughts? Blog Wins

However, the reason I want to start a blog is not about the readership, and not about getting responses. To be honest, the response I got from Weibo is not as high-quality as I got here, and it is not easy to engage in in-depth discussion.

I am Back

After leaving blog for a while, I just realized I thought less than before, and didn’t take the chance to summarize what is happening around me, and reflect on what I did. Writing takes time, but so does thinking. No writing, no thinking (at least no in-depth thinking). That’s it.

I am back.

Categories of My Blog

I have put the about 3000 blog entries into many categories. Here is a list of all the categories I created, and you can explore more about the content of this site. I am also trying to write in a balanced way that I can cover most of the categories within a year.

Death of Blogging?

I am trying to avoid this topic, but as a 9 year blogger, I have to admit that the declining of blog sphere has been an obvious trend, and we have to face it.

The whole Internet is involving quickly. Just like the Geocities.com cannot be hot for ever as its first few years, blogging cannot be as cool as 2001 – 2005. Comparing to the newest media, and tools, blog started to fall short in many aspects.

Real Time Web

The Internet has never been as instant as today. The whole Internet is more like a big IRC chat room by itself. When you enter some short messages, and hit enter in twitter.com or t.sina.com.cn, you are like chatting with the world like old MSN or chat room days. Your message is broadcasted to people, not only at the other side of your IM, or people  in a chat room, or a IRC channel. Your message is seen by the whole Internet. That type of real time is never possible before.

Blogging has been the frontier of the Internet of real time web. Blogs have been quicker than news in early days, but now, it is slower than twitter, or weibo.

Information Fragmentation and Defragmentation

To make real time web possible, you have to cut what you are going to ship into smaller chunks. You just cannot input 500 worlds before you hit “Send” in your Instant Messager (MSN or QQ). Only information pieces, not articles, or longer paragraphs can goes fast enough, and make it easier to consume on the reader side. It is easier to combine many short 140 characters sentences into a bigger article that makes sense, than putting many paragraphs togather.

Information defragmentation involves a process of information distribution, and combination. “Follow”is a much easier action than RSS – people can learn to click a button quicker than installing a RSS reader, locating the small orange RSS icon, get the URL of XML, and add it to the reader. People like simple stuff. Always.

Personalized Web

With the fragemented information in real time, that is huge volume of information. You have to personalize the web. Different people should see different thing on the same page. To give everyone the same thing – the last tweets from everyone – just does not make any sense. The reader will complain there is nothing interesting on the homepage of twitter, and the writer complains that their message got skip to the 100+ page in one secnd. The only solution is personalized web – everyone has its own news feed (in Facebook’s term) or time line (in twitter’s).

Blogging itself is not personalized to user. It has to be used in combination with a RSS read and manual work of many people. That is also a reason why people prefer microblogging.

The Death of Blog?

Does the evolution of Internet claim the death of blogging? Not that quick yet. Although I see significant decline in number of blog posts people write, and less readership than before, and at the mean time, the microblogging writer and readership went up dramatically, I still think blogging will survive and be a long lasting platform for people to write stuff, although not as hip or cool as before.  It is still the best way to write longer articles that has long last values, instead of real time information like news, or dinner appointments.

At the end of the day, blogging or microblogging or the future stuff are just the tools of thoughts, and the only thing that matters are the thoughts behind it, and the people around it.

Attending China Blogger Conference 2010

I am going to attend the China Blogger Conference 2010. This year, the conference will be held downstairs of my office – at 55 Guangyuan West Road, Haoran Hi-tech Building, Shanghai, China.


This is the sixth conference. I attended the first one in Shanghai and the second one in Hangzhou. I missed the Beijing one, didn’t go to Guangzhou conference, and completely ignored the Lianzhou one. Since this year’s conference is in Shanghai, I am happy to return to the conference.

Are you going there? See you at the conference.

Ping me at twitter @jianshuo, or send me SMS. My mobile is on the homepage of this blog.

Busy Days for Blogging

I skipped blogging in the last few days, rare in the 8 years of history. Here are some outlines of what I did.

  • Went to Hangzhou via the highspeed train for a  day – 45 minutes, and the experience was great – better than Maglev.
  • Welcome to the new hires on Baixing. There are many recruiting events going on and I continue to feel honored to work with the talented young guy got on board.
  • Played tennis and basketball at nights and Sundays. It is good to get back to sports.
  • Yifan is doing well. Wendy went to school during the weekends in the last few weeks, so I took the role to take care of Yifan – we hung out in KFC for three hours this morning.
  • Watched movie "The Social Network" – first on pplive.com, and then downloaded from verycd.com. Good movie, although it is said to be far from reality.
  • Conducted some interviews and the article to be published was pushed back to the next week because of the Asia Games opening the last Friday.
  • I enjoyed the ceremony of Guangzhou Asia Games – good one without being too exaggerate on money spending.

Anything else I left?

I will be back to blogging gradually.

Using iPhone to Blog

With the help of iMT plugin, I am using iPhone to publish this entry now. Although the iPhone keyboard is more suitable for 140 character of twitter, at least I have some decent tool to blog on the go. I still don’t have any idea how it changes the way I blog. The most possible outcome of this tool is, I simply forget about it soon. The other possibility is, it may turn my blog into a mini blog, or twitter (if you want to use the more popular name for that kind of thing). It will be both good and bad – good to capture the inspiration on the go, but the other side of the coin is, maybe it is not as worthy as before.

BTW, I am still at Qingdao. The city is too charming to leave.

8 Years of Blogging

I almost forgot about the 8 years of blogging anniversary if my reader hadn’t notified me about it. We should celebrate it a little bit, right? (Well, as always, I don’t want to be too high-profile of it due to our respect to the people who lost their lives in 911 – The two days are just co-incidentally the same).

8 years – about 10% of one’s life – with daily blogging. Isn’t it crazy?