Categories of My Blog

I have put the about 3000 blog entries into many categories. Here is a list of all the categories I created, and you can explore more about the content of this site. I am also trying to write in a balanced way that I can cover most of the categories within a year.

View of Chengshan Road and Jinzun Road

I got to the top of the first row of the buildings to take some photos of the Chengshan Road, and Jinzun Road area. About 5 years ago, there is nothing in this area. The both roads didn’t not exist, and the area are occupied by farm land, and village. Here is what it looks today.





Along with the building of Paris Spring department store, and the restaurant section, the chain restaurants followed quickly. Here are the stores appeared there:

  • KFC

  • Starbucks
  • Jason’s
  • Ajisen Ramian
  • 85°C
  • Dairy Queen
  • Papa John’s
  • Yonghe

China is starting to be like US – the same brands combination replicate to many places. If you are go to another residential area, it is likely to see the same combination of brands, sometimes with the same order. Pudong is more like Puxi now.

This is also part of the urbanization that wrap out the whole China these days.

My Secret Weekend Picnic Place

I admit I hesitated a little bit before I want to share the place. It is my favorite place to picnic, which is within walking distance from where I live. The best part of it is, no one knows about it, so it is always “one-family” picnic camp ground. Anyway. Let me share the secret with the hope that others may also be able to enjoy the great place.

Culture Park

Its address:

Gaoke West Road, and Bohua Road. If you drive from west to east on Gaoke West Road, turn left at the traffic light. There is a small blue gate that you can drive your car into it

It is the site of future Culture Park. It has been planned since I moved to the area in 2004. 7 years past, the park is still the grassland. Now, it is the cultivating place for trees that may be used in other parks. Strictly speaking, it is not an open park yet, so no one knows its existence. The half closed gate effectively drive most of visitors away.

Here is the map.


Map in courtesy of Google Maps

The Camp Ground

I took some photos of a small picnic of this afternoon. Nice weather, and it is completely relaxing to sit there, look at the kids to play ball on the grass, and laugh together in the tent, or brings them to a walk between the trees. The best part of this camp ground is, it is free – money free, and people free.





There are certain rules, I hope everyone honors if you visit the place.

  • Never part your car on grass. There are small grassland among the main entrance, and branch road. Park ON the road, not the grass. It is OK to block the road since there is no traffic at all, and you can move your car if needed, but do NOT let the tier touch the grass.

  • Don’t liter. Bring everything you bring in with you. It is a free park, and the maintaining staff were kind enough to open the door to allow families to coming, so don’t give them additional burden to clean your stuff. They are not obligated to do so.

Maybe I will see you some day in the Culture Park site. Enjoy your weekend.

All Apps Crashes after iOS 4.3.3 in iPhone

I cannot believe Apple can have such a common and show-stopper bug. It did happened.

After I upgrade my iPhone to 4.3.3, all my downloaded application (from App Store) crashes. I can only use the native applications.

The solution was also amazingly simple:

Delete any App, and download it again from App Store again. Restart that App.

Not only that App works, all the app works normally. If you want more certainty about the steps, I delete Instagram and reinstalled it. Then it worked.

Hope this helps.

The Possible Death of Fixed Line

Why? Because of telemarketing.

I have been using my phone number since 2001. Everyday, I got a lot of phone calls. Most of it comes from fixed lines. Most of them, if not all, start with “Are you Mr. Wang? May I interrupt you for a moment. We are a company ….”. They are real estate agencies, credit card companies, securities company, etc.

I have formed a pattern recognition that all calls from fixed lines are telemarketing calls. I started to natually skip any phone calls that is from fixed line to my mobile. From time to time, I pick up some randomly to check the reliability of this rule. So far, there is no false positive.

Does it mean the death of fixed lines? When telemarketing becomes more and more mature and the do-not-call database has no song to emerge in China, my choice maybe increasingly popular.

I Went to Karaok

I went to Party World (originally the Cash Box) with the team tonight. OMG. When was my last time to visit Party World? I suspect it was in 2002 – about 9 years ago in Puxing Park. After that, I don’t remember I have went to sing Karaok. It may be too far memory for me.

For the songs, I don’t know most of the songs people sang. “When did this song come out?” Often the answer was “Last year”, or “2008″… I am not interested in songs. Does it mean aging (while, just a little bit?)


Looking back, there are some big life changer. Having a baby is definitely the biggest change about 4 years ago. That is the good bye to party life, and even to friend’s world. To some extend, that is also the end of the two-person world, and become a one person world – Yifan’s world. Night means at home, seeing Yifan play, and send him to bed. Night, is no longer the time to kill with many different ways.


Marriage is another smaller life changer. It means the end of life surrounded with friends (either female or male). It is a new journey. That means most of the friends of both world come to emerge into one big circle – I know many of the friend of Wendy’s and she knows mine, and to find the perfect circle of knowing everyone is harder.

Keep Younger

I am excited to be surrounded with college newly graduate. It was my situation about 12 years ago.

Does it explain why my friends who don’t have a child in their life (late 40s, 50s) are still pretty young? It is not related to physical change – it means people have about 10 years of uninterrupted time of being young, being party animal (when their peers are baby sitting), and be surrounded with really young people (when their peers are surrounded with too young baby).

One question: can people with a kid can still live like those without? Possible?

Xizang S. Road Tunnel

It has been quite some time since I had the relaxed time to update the construction of Shanghai. Today, I am going to talk about the Xizang S. Road Tunnel, which opens many months ago.

It opens along with the Renmin Tunnel, and added it to the many of the tunnels, and bridges along the Huangpu River. It starts from the Xizang S. Road in Puxi and connect with the Gaoke W. Road at Pudong. It is the tunnel I am using everyday, instead of the previous Lupu Bridge, or Nanpu Bridge. It provided a traffic free shortcut between my home to Xujiahui.

Tunnels and Bridges on the Huangpu River

How many tunnels and bridges are on the Huangpu River? I don’t know exactly, since there is too many. Dapu Road Tunnel was the first tunnel in Shanghai and the first bridge was Nanpu Bridge. After that, the construction of the connection between Pudong and Puxi became crazy. Here is a list.

(in the order from the north to the south).

===== Outer-Ring Road Tunnel 外环路隧道

===== Xiangyin Road Tunnel 翔殷路隧道

===== Jungong Road Tunnel 军工路隧道

/////////// Yangpu Bridge 杨浦大桥

===== Dalian Road Tunnel 大连路隧道

===== Xinjian Road Tunnel 新建路隧道

===== Yan’an Road E Tunnel 延安东路隧道

===== Renmin Road Tunnel 人民路隧道

===== Fuxing Road E Tunnel 复兴东路隧道

/////////// Nanpu Bridge 南浦大桥

===== Xizang S. Road Tunnel 西藏南路隧道

/////////// Lupu Bridge 卢浦大桥

===== Dapu Road Tunnel 打浦路隧道

===== Longyao Road Tunnel 龙耀路隧道

===== Shangzhong Road Tunnel 上中路隧道

/////////// Xupu Bridge 徐浦大桥

/////////// Minpu Bridge 闵浦大桥

/////////// Fengpu Bridge 奉浦大桥

/////////// Minpu Bridge II 闵浦二桥

Too many, isn’t it?

Shanghai’s Visibility Depends on Wind

I am sure I am not the first one to discover it. The rule is, if the wind blows from the east to the west, Shanghai is always as clear and beautiful. The visibility is very high, and I can see both Jinmao Tower, and the World Finance Center in Pudong from my office in Puxi. The wind from the east is from the Pacific Ocean, and it brings fresh air.

If the wind blows from west to east, Shanghai will be dirty and visibility is very low.

In most of the time, the wind in Shanghai blows from the north west to south east – as the wind of this latitude around the world, and the blue sky and clear sky in Shanghai is not as many as the bad time.

Anyone also observed the same thing?

Yifan’s Drawing of Dad and Him

Yifan pick up a chalk and drew the following drawing on the floor at home.

I assume the left bigger one is Dad (me) and the right one is Yifan himself. I don’t know where he got the inspiration from. From kindergarden or from some of my drawings?

I just cannot keep it on floor for too long so I take the photo and save it digitally.

Yifan was very happy today because we took him to a Japanese restaurant downstairs to eat the “all-you-can-eat” package. Wendy and I paid for our parts and Yifan is free of charge because he is not o110 cm in height yet. Obviously that was a bad rule since Yifan actually ate more than I did. He was so happy with the food and kept singing for an hour after dinner.

Yifan, we love you.

Always Make New Mistakes

Last night, I had nice dinner with my friend Doug, Haisong and a group of venture capitalists at Lao Maotou (we talked about the silliness of it’s English name, the Cool Dock).

I was impressed by Pascal Levensohn. He mentioned about his belief of his work: always make new mistakes.

I assume the meaning was

1. Don’t make the same mistakes twice.

2. Be aggressive and brave enough to try new things, acknowledging the possibility that it may be a new mistake.

Thanks, Pascal.