Expo is Nearer

Expo is officially 31 days away. I saw the expo site from the Inner Ring Elevated Highway tonight.

They are testing the Expo light effect today. At night, the site is so beautiful. From the gap of two buildings, I saw a pavilion with OIL logo on it. That redish shining pavilion is like a magic box. I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of it.

The Nanpu Bridge is lightened, with color bar on the side facing the Expo site. I do have some blurred picture for the decorated Nanpu bridge.

It seems this part time Expo journalist need to get busy.

P.S. Get excited.

From time to time, we need someone around you to get you excited, and you pass the passion on and on. Some times, it is yourself initiating that passion, some times inspired by others. But always, it is good to keep passion about what we are doing, and do our best to be best.

Bye Bye Goudaner

Tonight, Goudaner left his sweet home in the last 6 years in the night rain. Man is a kind of animal that loves cars. A good car is part of his life. I stayed in the car for a long time before my friend pick him up. The mileage is 79020 KM – in 6 years.

Bye bye Goudaner, and have a great life. I am very sure that you will be take care of very well.

I Sold Out my Google Nexus One

One month after I bought Google Nexus One (I Should Not Open Nexus One at Night), I finally sold it out in Baixing.com Second-hand Phone category at a little bit lower price than I bought. If I had sold it the first day when I am got it, I can make a decent profit out of it, but the price of the new phone dropped from 6% higher than US to relative the same price in the last month.

I never wrote a serious review of this phone. My summary is: a full function phone that does not work.

Full Function

This phone has all the interesting input features that a phone should have – GPS, a magnetic sensor to report south and north, a nice high resolution camera, multi-touch touch screen, and all type of motion sensors.

The hardware and the Android platform support many great applications from the Google Android market place. I downloaded many of them. Among the applications, the most used are

  • Twidroid

  • Google Maps
  • Google Mail
  • Google Reader/Buzz

Most of the functions are also popular in other platform like iPhone, and Nokia.

A Phone that Does not Work

The Nexus One gives me similar impression as a Dell with Microsoft Windows – an ecosystem that many application run, but crashes from time to time, and can be slow.

  • It hangs from time to time (maybe because I installed too many applications)

  • Application crashes often, or stop responding
  • The ring tone is really bad – not bearable to use speaker
  • Touch screen frequently do not work

There are more than that. To be fair, it is a nice phone, but does not justify the price. I decided to get rid of it when it still sells a good price, and switch to others.

The Transaction

I listed the phone on Baixing.com and was called immediately by a man. It turned out he is a dealer, and since he is the first person to call, I met him at the Xujiahui Metro station. I gave him the phone and he gave me the cash. Deal done. When we conducted the transaction, some called to offer higher price, but it was too late.

Giving up my Stuff

The modern life is life full of different fun toys. We are surrounded by all type of things we buy. After I sold out my phone, I immediately regret. I missed the high-resolution camera, and large screen, and very well integrated GMail client on the phone… I touched my phone pocket three times, and suddenly stopped on the way back, thinking that I may have lost my phone – the feeling of having nothing on the right pocket in my pant is so strange. I spent the next 3 hours without a phone – rare moment in my life. I only have a SIM card in my wallet.

Besides that uncomfortable feeling, another feeling is refreshing. I felt my life is lighter, and I am fresher than before. We have to sadly accept the fact that we are going to lose everything around us in 100 years. To try to start to sell our stuff help to keep us in a mood of losing our favorite stuff, and that can help us to appreciate what we already have (but not lost yet) much more. I sold out many stuff many months ago (Chinese blog), and will continue to sell it on Baixing. That is not just about money back, it is more of a philosophy of living lightly, happily, and wisely.

Metro Line #11 Extension Opens

Metro Line #11 from Jiading 嘉定 to Shanghai opened for a while. Now, one month to Shanghai Expo 2010, the extension of the line opened.

To give you some sense about where the extension is, look at the current full map (I attached larger picture at the end of this blog to give you more detailed view (meanwhile not blocking the screen in case you have smaller screen or read it in other software than a browser).

Map credit: Google Maps

The Metro Line #11 is the purple line from the top-left corner to the middle of the city. Thanks to Google Maps. They provide a “transit” option under More… button to allow you see the current Metro Lines.

The new extension is the left side of the Y shaped line. In the map, the two lines are not connected (which is inaccurate). Now the Y shaped Metro Line #11 is a full Y now. The south extension is under construction now.

Below is the full screen bigger map of all the Shanghai metro lines that is current running.

Stay Tuned for More News

The month before May 1, the opening date for Shanghai Expo, is determined to be a Shanghai-news intensive month. Stay tuned of many future events. Here are some (including those just happened).

  • Hongqiao Airport T2 Opens

  • Metro Line #2 extends to Hongqiao Airport
  • Metro Line #2 will extend to Pudong Airport
  • Metro Line #10 will open
  • The new Bund opens to public.
  • The new Bund Tunnels opens to traffic
  • 42 Expo bus lines will start to operate
  • New Expo taxi started to serve passengers

I will report here live from Shanghai about the Expo and its impact to Shanghai.

GM EN-V Unveild in Shanghai

General Motor unveiled a new concept car – EN-V. That car is expected to hit market in 2030, 20 years from today. EN-V is electronic driven, and there will be a plug to re-charge the car. Once fully charged, it is said to be able to run for 40 km.

Thanks to Xiaojing and Jia to give me this very nice toy – a EN-V model. You can see the details of this car from inside out. Here are the photos:

Below is the local report about the launch of this concept car on TV.

More Hongqiao Airport T2 Photos

I took the photo of T2 two weeks ago. Let me share the rest of the photos in this blog.

Below is the arrival hall of Hongqiao Airport T2. It is hard to distinguish it from the arrival hall of Pudong Airport T1, and T2. The three halls are very like each other.

In my memory, this is the few decorations I found in the four airport terminals in Shanghai – the paper airplane on the top of the pole.

The new display board of flight departure information.

The path from the Hongqiao East Transportation Building (metro and taxi!) to the check-in counter.

For a list of airlines in this airport, check this table:

This is the diagram of the airport:

Bund Re-opened

The biggest local news in Shanghai today is, the new Bund re-opened. There are two part of it. The first part is the new Bund Tunnel – they put all the through traffic into the two-layered tunnel. The other part is the new Bund – they renovated the whole area in the last two years.

I haven’t visited the area yet. Will find time to be there to take some photos to share with my readers.

Travel is Life Intensified

Elliot Ng has many great thoughts. He does not talk too much, but from time to time, I think of something that often turned out to be from Elliot.

Elliot said this before:

Travel is life intensified

As an travel industry expert, his comment is very sensational from a personal level.

I searched for the term “life intensified”, and found out this interesting blog entry: Why I Travel:

Travel is intensified living.” The actual sentence reads “Travel is intensified living – maximum thrills per minute and one of the last great sources of legal adventure. Travel is freedom. It’s recess, and we need it

A topic I was thinking for a long time is, how to enable people to travel in their own city. Travel is a life-altering experience, and if we can get that experience without long distance travel, that would be both financially efficient.

One of the program I can imagine to help people in Shanghai to actually travel in Shanghai – get away at weekend to a little hotel at the city center (or far away) and start the day from there? Anyone has the same idea?

P.S. Another favorite quote about travel, and life is: Life, an Accumulation of Mileage.

Forward Hindsight

Forward Hindsight is the name of my friend Ashish’s company in Minneapolis, MN. It was because of this company name did I learn the English world: Hindsight.

Hindsight: recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.

I started to love this word, and started to appreciate the name of Ashish’s company – how good it will be to have forward hindsight.


In University, I attended a class named “Photography”. The experienced photographer taught us how to take great photos. The key learning was, always keep notes before you take any photo on your notebook. Write down

- why you want to take this photo.

- what you want the viewers to see.

- what techniques you use to archive that

- what the final photo look like in your mind

- how you did to make it better.

After you write down all these on the notebook, you can take the photo. At that time, there were not digital camera, and you need to wait for the film to be developed before you see it. After you get the result (the photo), you can compare it with the note you took, and find out what is different from you see, and improve it the next time.

Today, I don’t now how digital photography impacted people’s photograph skill. It may improve it because it shortened the feedback loop, but it may also make it harder to master the beauty of nature, because people think less about taking photos – they always have chances to re-do it if the photo on LCD display is not perfect.

Decision Making

We all make decisions of all kinds, like what stock to buy, when to buy it; what house to buy; what car to buy; which school to attend, or what event to attend when there are many.

For all the decisions, I wonder if I can lesson to my photography teacher, and apply what he taught: write down the decision making process on a piece of paper, or on this blog if it is public, and take actions to make the decision. Then after a while, revisit the reasons of the decision and compare it with the result – that is the way people learn. Most people do it implicitly. I will try to make it explicit, and I hope that will continue to help me to learn and make better decisions in the future – that is, get the most out of the same experience.

Experienced Security Guard

Let me record the experienced I had in Pudong airport before I forgot.

At the X-ray security check machine, a female security guard is supervising people to put their stuff into the machine. This is the conversation.

Before I put the bag there, she asked: “Do you have a laptop?” I pulled my laptop out of the bag.

She asked: Anything in your pocket? I used my left hand to pull the wallet from my pocket.

“Phone?” She asked prompted. I got my phone from the other pocket.

“Coins left in your pocket?” She is right again. I got two 1 RMB coins. I laughed.

Then she said without any emotion: “You can go now.” She is right again. I have nothing in my pocket or hand at that time.

Hmmm… This lady is very experienced.