Backup Plan

This blog is my most important digital assert. I cannot imagine what happens when it crashes someday, or I lose all my data. So backup is critical for me – even more critical than my bank account. Here is the backup plan. I hope it is also helpful to other bloggers like me. It also reveals some backstage information about the architecture of this blog.

Critical Server Information:

Hosting Started at: 28-Mar 2006

Current Hosting Plan Ends at: Sat 28-Mar-2009

Host provider:

Download Database Backup

I guess this is even more important than file backup. So I will do it first everytime.

Here are the links to the 5 database I have on this server:






It should be named as backup-sql-databasename-m-d-yyyy.tar

A typical file size should look like:

backup-sql-926-3-20-2007.tar 37,305

backup-sql-bbpress-3-20-2007.gz 39,926

backup-sql-blog-3-20-2007.gz 5,984,544

backup-sql-blogcn-3-20-2007.gz 2,487,559

backup-sql-public-3-20-2007.gz 954,123

Daily File Backup

I should transfer data from this URL:

to this URL:

D:\jswangmy\Web\History and Backups\

Please make sure the backup file using the backup tool is always named as

Home Directory Backup

Instead of the Full Backup, I found the Home Directory Backup Even more helpful, since most of the (huge) data outside my home is useless for me.

That is from:


d:\jswangmy\Web\History and Backups\


Hosting Provider:

It is less strait forward than the You have to enter an email address at (new window)

and email you when the backup is created.

I have put the backup files in the backup folder. So the only thing I need to do is to click the backup file to download it. (Password required, of cause)

I Have a BIG Hosting Account

Look at this:

public_html/home 6142.90 Meg

public_html/translate 861.92 Meg

public_html/user 126.04 Meg

tmp/webalizer 83.62 Meg

tmp/awstats 77.74 Meg

tmp/cpu_exceeded_logs 12.39 Meg

tmp/mysql_slow_queries 2.64 Meg

It seems I need to spend some time to kill some of these files to make sure the system is not over-sized. Although I have 200G of disk space, but that does not mean I always have 200G disk space on local computer to keep the backup, and not to mention the bandwidth and time to wait to download.

Then by a closer look, I found this:

public_html/user/mt-user/error_log 126.01 Meg

Well. It is a single file, and it is 126M in size. Not good.

Then I found out this:

public_html/home/axs/log-backup.txt 398.03 Meg

public_html/home/axs/log.txt 307.42 Meg

There are two log files, and their sizes are 398M, and 307M. Not good. I will kill them.

After killing these three files, I already saved almost 1G of data. So, how important to periodically check the sites, and make sure there is no hidden problems.

It is the same for a business or personal life.

Translate folder is also a big folder, but I only need to backup one file in it. The other 750M is useless.

The whole BBS is nothing. It is just some program files. There is only one folder that need to be really taken careful. That is my_templates

Cookbook is nothing. I shouldn’t start some test project on this important server. Since it is there, let it be..

There is another domain called I don’t know when I created, but I don’t think there is nothing in it. It caused backup problem. So delete it.

After checking the top level domain, the only folder that really matters is public_html. So in the future, I will only focus on back up this folder.

Some Interesting Reading

I didn’t read too much recently (I mean on website). The abundance of information turned Internet from a book into a endless maze. I often follow a link just like a cat chasing the wool ball, and forget where I was, and even where I am going. I don’t like this kind of reading experience. Reading is turned into glancing, and my limited attention was evenly distributed to 20 sites and 200 articles (article titles to be more exactly), so I almost read nothing.

Well. Recently, I did spend some time to read some high quality blog, and got some interesting articles, like this:

Mark Suster’s experience with Venture Capital (via Feld’s blog).

How interesting. People often think they have the privilege to be superior to others – as a manager? as an interview? or simply as a customer? They show completely different attitude to different people. Maybe this is called civilization. Interesting post, and I like Mark’s description that turned the experience into a vivid blog post.

This is also via Feld’s blog:

Deal Size

What is particularly interesting for me is,

Brad and I have been doing early stage investing since the late 80s (me) and early 90s (Brad).

This may be a standard opening sentence of many articles in U.S, but investing from 80s is amazing for me. What does China look like in early 80s? The change with name “Reform and Opening Up” just happens, and people just enjoy to have the right to “make money” – I mean more money than the country wide same-salary approach. If you see how big the change is, you can see how much the opportunity is. It is not easy to compete with someone who have accumulate professional skills for 20 years. However, in China, in many fields, it is blank market with no strong professional. So there are huge opportunities. That is what I see this market.

Bus from Luoyang to Zhengzhou

There are at least one bus from Luoyang to Zhengzhou every hour.

Here is the schedule.


Start from Luoyang. The travel time is 2 hour and 30 minutes, just good for watching a DVD on the bus – if you include the annoying TV commerical interval in the DVD.













Where is the Bus Stop

The bus stop in Luoyang is at the Tianying Hotel (天鹰大酒店) at Jinghua Road and Wanzhong Road (景华路皖中路). There is a small shop selling tickets, and you won’t miss the place – there are many huge buses waiting there from morning to night.

The Bus

Inside the bus:

The seats:

They have drinking water on board:

and best of all, they have toilet on board:

This is the bus:

The Bus Stop in Zhengzhou

The Bus Stop in Zhengzhou is near the Minhang Hotel (民航大酒店). It is just one cross road away. You can transit to the Airport Bus there. The interval is 30 minutes, and the price is 15 RMB to get to the airport (it takes 70 RMB to take taxi there).

The Trip

The trip was good.

Other Routes

I am Back in Luoyang Now

At the last minute (several minutes after we wake up on the first day of the New Year), we decided to go back to hometown instead of staying in Shanghai for 7 days.

I am in Luoyang, my hometown, and the capital of China for more than 9 dynasties…

There are limited Internet access, so I am be Out of Blogging for several days.

My flight back to Shanghai is on Feb 22, 2007.

So hope you have a peaceful, and “idle” Spring Festival.

The Year of Pig Comes

The year of 2007 is the year of pig according to the lunar calendar.

Let me use Keso’s Google style Piggie Year Greeting Card to send my new year wishes to you.

Image created by Keso

May you have a fruitful new year!

P.S. I just lit up the firecrackers. It is the biggest firecrackers I have ever had – 3000+ of them. Wendy and I were so happy to watch the fireworks in my garden, and I am as happy as a child. It is so good to have a New Year!

Happy New Year via SMS

With technology, people can send more greeting faster, and easier. However, I do doubt about the message it get crossed. If I can send 1000 new year greeting using the time I do it for sending just one card, the value of the card to recipient maybe is only 1/1000 of it, or even less.

SMS was a fashionable way to send New Year greeting. I checked each SMS I got, and I appreciate the card, and will send out a reply personally. However, I feel disappointed when I see so many SMS on my mobile.

In the last two hours, I put my mobile in the bedroom, and when I check it, I saw this:

There are 52 New SMS (in the last two hours). When I took the picture, upload it to flickr, and start to write, it went up to 60.

Well. Among them, like 50% of them does not show up with a name in my mobile – only the telephone number. That means, their telephone number is not on my mobile. Some didn’t put a name, so I totally have no idea about who they are. How sad. The even more sad SMS are, they have a name and a company name, but I still don’t know who they are.

I am pretty sure about how they did it – find a SMS people send to them, change the signiture, and have the mobile to send it to everyone in his contact list. I don’t know how much name card I distributed – maybe 1000 in my last year (I used up several boxes). In a Donews meeting, I may send out 100 name cards, and get about 100. That is the reason I received those SMS. My Nokia 6670 had really slow CPU, so it takes long time to open all those SMS…

When technology helps people to get things done easier and faster, it still cannot replace the human. Just as photography helps to capture image easier, the understanding of beauty was still as hard. When Social Network Software, and all kinds of software helps to make communication easier, human’s feeling like love and hate still works exactly the same way as 1000 years ago. I agree technology helps, but cannot replace what human has to do.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Two Year Ends

There are two year ends in China.

One is Dec 31, the last day of the western calendar.

The other is today, the last day of the 12th month in lunar calendar. (I don’t think I should also call it December).

This year end seems to be more like the last day since it allows more time (7 days) to take a break. Many business also shutdown, and so do my friends, so it provides a better environment to really take a rest, and do some reflection.

This is THE moment for people to return home and reunion with their families. The peak of transportation for returning people will sharply goes down, and be ready for the next return peak 7 days later.

Reading Books

Today, I start to read some books, like The Importance of Living (1937) By Lin Yutang. It is a great book. It expresses simliar philosophy toward life as Alan De Botton in The Art of Travel. To be more exactly, it is the wisdom of living from long time ago in the history. I’d like everyone who are interested in Chinese culture to read this book. It explains a lot of interesting things in China and compare it with the western culture.

The book was written in 1937. So many things changed after 70 years. It seems current Shanghai is more like New York and Boston in terms of culture, and is completely from the values of traditional Chinese culture. For example, the “cult of idle life” disappeared from daily life in Shanghai. A idle afternoon is nothing compared to 10 dollors of business for many people.

I feel like a Lin when I try to bridge the western and eastern culture, however, I don’t have the wisdom to see through the true difference, and how to brigde it culturely. So let me just start by introducting some handy information first…

So, have a great Chinese New Year (if you celebrate it in your country/area/region).

It is Approaching to the Year End

Tomorrow is the last day of the Chinese lunar year. After that, is 7 days of Spring Festival Vacation, from Feb 18 to Feb 24.

P.S. Yesterday, I got an email asking me about my suggestions of how to get to the Great Wall during his one week of Shanghai business trip. I know he will be surprised if I tell him that it is in another city (Beijing) which is two hours of flight away. The Great Wall is still about one or two hours’ drive from the airport.

The similar questions I received from email were:

1. How much does it cost to hire a taxi to go from Shanghai to Chengdu.

2. Does Shanghai has electricity supply. …

I am used to questions like this. Sometimes, people just need some basic information about a completely new city. I happen to be willing to help.

My Top 5 Favorite Streets for Walk

Along with my favorite road, I have the Google Map Satellite Image with you. If you want to see clearly where it is, you can click the “-” minus button to zoom out.

No 1: Xinhua Road 新华路, Xuhui District

Xinhua Road is always quite, and peaceful. There is almost no business along the road, and the tree forms a deep and green tunnel. It is splendid especially in springs.

No. 2: Huashan Road 华山路

No. 3: 复兴西路

No. 4: Kangping Road 康平路

Kang Ping Road does not seem to a road in a big city. It is more like a village, with few traffic. Actually, it is the heart of the area.

No. 5: Yong Jia Road 永嘉路