Mop Acquires Donews

The news of MOP acquiring 100% share of Donews arrived to me first from Yubo on SMS the day before yesterday. After that, many friends dropped me the news on MSN Messenger. I was not that surprised.

Liuren and Keso are my very good friend in Beijing. They helped me a lot when I just started to work for Kijiji, both on professional or personal aspect. I feel very happy about them after I heard the news. Although there are a lot of controversial discussion on the pro side or the con side, but I firmly support whatever decision Liuren and keso made.

Life is all about making decisions and it is only the person who are involved has the right to make the call. Comments are just comments. Donews is the dream of two admirable persons. It is a great place to work, although there are only 4 people working for the company. (BTW, is it a company already? :-) )

I met Ren in a Microsoft community party in 2001 when I was working for the community team, but the first in depth talk only happened in May this year. It was in a Starbucks somewhere in Western Beijing. Ren said some very good words about me. Thanks for that.

After that, I often visit them and really enjoyed talking with them or reading Keso and Ren’s blog. There are some very interesting threads, like this, going on as well. This summer, I was honored to be one of the people reponsible for the Shanghai Donews meeting. The meeting was so interesting. I even spent the night watching the Super Girl Final in Donews office (a.k.a 5G). Many people thought it was a very important night. I thought so, but Liuren definitely didn’t think so. That was a nice night. They have good wine and chocalates. P.S. I finally bought sofa very similar with the sofa in that office at my home. :-)

Good Luck!

Now Donews is part of Mop family. I believe no matter what changes in corperate structure, people won’t change. I’d like to offer my best wishes to my two friends in Donews and hope they have very good luck in the year of 2006.


Image in courtesy of Keso (left) and Liuren (right)

P.S. I didn’t drop a line on the MSN Messenger to them (for Keso, not on Google Talk yet). I can imagine how much SMS, emails or chat messages they need to handle these days. In short, it is a piece of good news. It is a good decision, and I congrate them for the archivement of 5 years for Donews, and years of wonderful blogging for Keso.

P.S. 2. I like the post from Keso after the acquisition. It is so candidate and well-writen.

Getting Back Home Late

Getting back home late from a small gather of old friends. 2005 almost past, and it was nice for us to review the year and talk about the interesting year. Everyone is looking forward to a great 2006. I am the same. It is late so I I will skip blogging tonight. (actually, it is not skipped – just a short one)

Meeting Place: Starbucks, Raffles City

Meeting Place:

Starbucks, Raffles City, 268 Xizhang Middle Road, Shanghai

About the Location

The Starbucks at the Raffles City is not a good store in the Starbucks family. It is small and crowded. However, it is very convinient with the location near the exit of Metro Line #1. It is the nearest meeting place for me (Jian Shuo), and easier to find. I have other locations that I choose to meet people, like Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs, but it is a little bit harder to find and only works for people familiar with the area.


Metro Line #1, People’s Square Station, Exit #2.

It is not straight forward to get there. When you get off the train, take the elevator to the uppper floor. Do not exit at any gate. The one to upstairs and other exit checking machines will lead to mass ground maze.

Follow the sign (or follow the flow of people) to Metro Line #2. At the end of the hall (south of the hall if you still have the sense of direction), there are a long role of Exit Machines on the left and there is a U-turn tunnel on the right. Take the exit at the Exit Machines and turn right to enter a long tunnel – always full of people. Go straight ahead for about 4 minutes, and you will see a sign pointing to left – Exit 2. Enter the left branch of the tunnel and take the elevator to the ground. The Starbucks is right at the exit.


Here is the map:

Meeting Place direction is created to help my friends, partners, and visitors to easily locate the location I propose to meet. If there is any error or suggestions that makes the guide easier to follow, please comment using the form below. If will also be handy for others who propose to meet somewhere in Shanghai but don’t know exactly where the location is.

Pressure at Year End

End of 2005 marks the enforcement of the ICP license and recordal requirements. This time, it seems they really mean it.

In my previous story, I outlined the requirements for the registration for website. The first requirement came out in the year of 2000, and asks all website with a domain name to file registration with detailed information with the government. Nothing happened after the deadline.

In 2002, it was said to be enforced again. Nothing happened.

All the websites are in an environment that the law and regulation requires all site registration unrealistically from the year of 2000. The whole five years was under the pressure but not too much action. 2005 is different.

In the year 2005, it is announced that all websites need registration. This time, it seems it will be enforced. At the end of the year, especially recent two weeks, many websites were shutdown.

The homepage of the, the largest virtual server provider in China pops up the following notice:

Image in courtesy of

It explained the reason why their client’s website were shutdown – because no registration license was found on the home page – it was required by the regulation. The service providers are required to pause the service. This requirement was there for 5 years and these two weeks are the starting point of the real enforcement.

In Shanghai particularly, the network service is very unstable. The backbone network stops function from time to time. Many ADSL users were affected. For several minutes every few hours, Internet seems not accessible at all. I am confused whether the websites are down or just the network infrastructure. For example, the MSN Messenger will logoff for no reason and after sometime reconnects. It is the same for my friends. I bet the MSN Server receives much more logout (lost connection) or logon request these days from Shanghai. Beijing seems not impact from the network failure.

Anyway, the end of 2005 is not a happy ending. The network blocking and shutting websites added a lot of stress to the atmosphere of the new year. It is annoying, very annoying.

High-Tech Company Logo Plate

Hengge and his is going to move to a new warehouse in Longhua. He is obviously excited about the move and asked me for some photos of logo plate for high tech companies. He think it may inspires him about the design of new blogbus logo outside their small building. I am sorry that I didn’t response in a timely manner. Here are some I grabbed in my photo folders.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Logo on the buildings

© Jian Shuo Wang. Directions to buildings

© Jian Shuo Wang. eBay Main Logo

© Jian Shuo Wang. eBay Main Logo

© Jian Shuo Wang. eBay Main Logo 2

© Jian Shuo Wang. Microsoft main logo.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Microsoft company store

© Jian Shuo Wang. Microsoft Museum

© Jian Shuo Wang. Google road direction

© Jian Shuo Wang. Logo on Buildings

© Jian Shuo Wang. Sun

© Jian Shuo Wang. Stanford Graduate School

© Jian Shuo Wang. A VC at Sand Hill Road

20 RMB per Month Unlimited WAP

It is old news already, but I think it is valuable information to visitors to Shanghai. China Mobile has decreased the price of GPRS. They are offering a package to give unlimited WAP access for 20 RMB per month. Here are the configuration details:

Access Point: CMWAP



I have been using GPRS from China Mobile for some time but I never really understand the difference between the two AP – cmwap and wmnet. The only thing I know was, to be able to access Internet, for example, from my laptop, or Dopod Smartphone to access Internet website like, I have to use cmnet. If I only need to access WAP site, like WAP comment feed for this site, cmwap is enough. CMWap is cheaper – 20 RMB for all-you-can-eat while CMNET is charged by bytes.

You need to answer the question in the configuration section of your mobile.

Now, I understand the situation better.

CMWAP and CMNET are intentionally divided by China Mobile. They are two access points. If you configure your mobile to access CMNET, your mobile phone is assigned an IP address and the client can directly connects to web servers on the Internet, like,,…

CMWAP is an application layer seperate that your client is assigned an IP address in the range of 10.*.*.*, and you can ONLY access sites with IP addresses in this range. That means, only the servers hosted by the closed system in China Mobile. There is one exception though. It is the mysterious configuration. That is the ONLY WAP gate server on the 10.*.*.* network range. With this WAP gate way, you can access all the website (like a proxy) on the Internet that provides WAP protocal, like Wangjianshuo’s Blog WAP Edition. However, it is slow since there is only one point that you can access for the entire China Mobile.

So, just call 1860 to enable your unlimited WAP access today. :-) (Seems I am a China Mobile agent now).

Merry Christmas for My Friends and Family

Merry Christmas! The Christmas Eve arrives.

I’d like to send my Christmas gifts to a lot of people. As the saying: “Friends are the flowers in the garden of lives.” I love all my “flowers”. Merry X’mas to them.

Merry Christmas to Carroll screen-flower.png and Jim . You gave me most of the “Christmas feeling” for sending me may X’mas greetings and inviting me to the trimming tree party. Hope you have a wonderful new year.

Merry Christmas to my friends in San Jose – RC , Nancy , Yumi , Selim , Dan , Max , Erik , Tom , Richard, Rachael, Jacob… The list is too long that I cannot put all names, but X’mas means a lot and give me the opporunity to say how I am happy to be able to be part of this big family.

Also to my friends in San Francisco: Tom (BV Capital), other friends in BV I met in my last trip there, Andreas , Jing , Nina (KQED), Christ (Rojo), and Ginger (Six Apart). 16 hours later, the Christmas eve will shift to San Francisco. Merry X’mas to you!

Friends in Seattle, like Robert Scoble , Zhang Ning , Zhang Chen , Roger , Stone

Merry Christmas to my family in Luoyang, Tongchuan, Fuzhou, Portland, Toronto, New York, Cleveland and York in UK…

Merry Christmas my friends in Shanghai. Oh. I realize it is a really long list that I may not be able to capture all. The recent contacted include: my old friends like Mvm (sorry, the blog is still not back yet), Liurun , Linda , Hacky , Liang Ming , Steven , Yale , Grace , Hwhua , Claire , Danny , Steven Huang , Jiale , Edward , Hotcan , Jackgu , Zhao Yan , Henrygu , Wangchen , Eddie , Eddy , Tim , Helen , Hippy , Zhouxiang , Xiaowen , and many others. I listed about 30 names, but found it not possible to mention all. I do want to say Happy New Year to you.

Merry Christmas to my team at Kijiji – Ji , Vi , Ir , Ga , De , Lv , Me , Se and … just two letters without revealing too much details. ;-)

Merry Christmas to my friends in the IT industry. Thanks Hengge for treating us the Christmas evening dinner, and Happy Birthday to you today. Also Robert Mao and his wife , Gary (from Toodou), ABei (douban), Lv Xinxin (Feedsky), Isaac (special thanks for leading me to the field of innovative application I am in now), Xiaoxiong (askyaya), Zhang Zhang and Lisa , Dash , Xdanger … Also say Merry Christmas to Shangjin , Yang Linhua , Feng Dagang , Wangzhen , Keso , Liuren , Huang Fang , Fang Gang , Yubo , Fang Xingdong

My friends in Hangzhou – Huangwei and Pan Xiaowei (edushi)…

Last but not least, to Wendy . I don’t need to put it here, since we are just back from Christmas Eve Celebrate for only two of use.

Ops. It was already a long list, but it is only very small part of people I want share the happiness of a holiday with. (Sorry if your name is not here, or not in a way that you can easily discover. It is only the top of mind names at in a massy brain of about 1:00 AM). I cherish every day we spent together and expecting for great years to come. When I was at Carroll’s party, many of hers and Jim’s friends went to the party almost every years in the last 35 years! What an accomplishment. I cannot imagine that before to have close and sincere friends for that long period of time. What I learnt was, to cherish every friendship I have and maintain it as long as life lasts…

Look back, I am proud to see how many brililiant friends I have in my garden of life. I hope I am also one of the flower in yours.

Age of Crazy Ideas

It is moving season. Joi Ito is also moving his blog to a new machine – according to Jio, he was changing IP address. DNS always take long time to replicate. I hosted my DNS with I hope it will be working in the years to come.

Yesterday, talked with Yale in the decent place called Peace Masion (Wendy mentioned this place in her blog). We talked about lots of “crazy business” models, like the million dollar homepage. (In China, it was translated as Bai Wan Ge Zi – million boxes. I believe it is a great translation to reflect the pixel nature of the “business).

These days, Joi Ito also discussed about some strange business, like typo-domains. I believe to really survive in the Internet world, people need to be sensitive enough to these “trends” and “tricks”.

Yesteday, chatted with Xdanger with another site: Its rank raised incredibably high. Within two months, it is the No. 596 largest website in term of traffic in the world. There are lot of untold story behind it though.

On Xdanger’s blog, he mentioned the other 700 replica of milliondollarhomepage. I was surprised how many people replicating the same idea. I actually should not be surprised, since setting up a website or selling online, or blogging is an idea that many people practice everyday.

Copying a successful business model seems to be a shortcut to money (not neccessarily success). Last time, people juked that there are C2C model (Copy to China) and B2C model (Bring to China). It was funny.

It is cold

Yesterday was Dongzhi, or winter solstice. It is the shortest day for locations in the north part of the earth.

According to traditional Chinese saying, after this day, we count days in nines. Every nine day will be counted as a “jiu“. After three jiu, the temperature will drop to the coldest according to how people feel. That is about 27 days from today.

Got Cold

I got gold cold these days due to the exteremely cold weather, and the recent backup/restore/recover work was also anonying. When something happens to digital files like website, people will always regret that we don’t have the latest backup.

Hours after it happened, I drove out to computer store to buy DVD Writer, so I can backup every file or picture I have to my DVD. I drove very carefully, and sometimes slow. Wendy asked why, I said: “None of us have backups for ourselves….”

The 8-Day of Nightmare

Oh. I almost forget how to blog after 8 days – almost the longest pause in the history of three years. Let me explain what happened in the last 8 days.

Ipowerweb, the hosting company

First of all, I’d like to thank ipowerweb for hosting my site since April 03, 2004. The migration to ipowerweb was very painful, so did everytime I talk with them, but I have to say, the hosting experience was not bad – they only experienced very few server down, and for the rest, it is fast and smooth. But whenever customer service is needed, it will be exteremely bad experience for me.

Dec 13, 2005

On Dec 13 (U.S. Pacific Time, and shown as Dec 14 in my blog), my site was suspended by the abuse department. The reason is, they found there are phishing content on my website – which is comment posted by my readers, known as comment spams. There are too much comment spams on my site – that according to the log, every hour, there are at least 20 comments or trackback spam attack for this blog, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. So I used blacklist to filter the spams, and added almost 3900 banned words and URLs that frequently appeared in comment bodies.

Even so, there are still huge amount of comment spams appearing on my site, as many of you may see everyday. It was my job to delete everyone of them – about 4 – 5 everyday.

Despite of all the effort, currently, there are still some spams out of the exisitng 13351 comments. Among them, at least one was phishing content that ask people to send their account information to them. That is the factor that triggered the abuse department of ipowerweb, so they suspended my account.

Nightmare to work with ipowerweb

I just want to skip the days to work with them. As a experienced person in customer service industry (particular the years in Microsoft global customer service organization), I would rate the response from ipowerweb was very unprofessional. Of cause, I also don’t think I behaved as a professional customer after the site went down for three days and there is still no one I can talk with. :-(

Finally, it is up

Since all the data were destroyed, I managed to pulled out the data from database, and reconstructed the site. Thanks God that I still know some technical stuff.

There are one challenages after the other, like the DNS replication delay, the domain names, the large file (35M MySQL backup) importing, and file uploading.

During the process, I upgraded to MovableType 2.66 to MovableType 3.2. I kept the resistance to update, because I want to spend time more on content instead of technical stuff – I am that type guy who enjoys geek happiness. If I had spent time to improve the system, I will found myself deeply dive into the technical details, even to create a lot of plugins without writing anything, like my friend Hacky did before.


It is interesting that comment spams are my enemy, and it is also the enemy of ipowerweb, and finally, it turned out that I became their enemy to get rid of.

The more interesting things are with the Great Fire Wall in China. Since I banned some spamers, and they happened to be on the ban list of the great censorship machine. As a result, I was not able to view anything in the blacklist tool before. It is the same.

Nightmare may continue

Be prepared that this site may experience further problems in the next few days. Several hours after the site was moved to another server, the site went down again. This time, I suspect to be because the great fire wall of China. People in some companies started to have problems to access the site, and then ADSL users. People in Beijing can still access, but I suspect they will not be able to view the site soon. Recently, the ICP requirements for blogs are greatly strengthed. My friends are complaining that their servers’ network cable are unplugged frequently because of not having recording with MII. The possibility to be shutdown for the site is now a real threat for me.