Conflicting Ideas from SJTU EMBA Program

Immediately after I came out of the class of SJTU EMBA program, Wendy and I went to a villa in Zhujiajiao. There are too much stress in the previous week that I have to find a place to stay quiet for some while.

During the class, surrounded by 60 executives in the eCommerce course of the SJTU EMBA program, I demoed how to blog with this entry: I am at an EMBA Class in SJTU. I showed how easy it is to create a blog, and helped people to understand that you don’t have to enter a file name for what you write…

The topics were around how to make money from blog, and why blogging. I feel I did a not-bad job explaining everything. To be honest, I feel a strong contrast of “old-fashioned” thinking in the class.

EMBA, and MBA programs in Shanghai

In Shanghai, there are three major places to go for MBA classes. The best, of cause, is the CEIBS (where the magic wall stays). The CHINA EUROPE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL is among the top management school in Asia. It is expensive but if I have any chance, I will definitely choose to study in this school.

The other are SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Fudan MBA programs. As a new program, both school charges high for the program and I have many friends in the program. They typically have their classes taught in Shanghai or Suzhou or sometimes they go to other countries (I take it more as a tour instead of a class). :-D

SJTU and Fudan’s program are new and I hope the best to them. Harvard Business School started about 100 years ago and I can imagine with good strategy (it is one of their most important course), after 100 years, these two programs will be also be perfect.

Why Blogging? How to Make Money

Thanks for Andreas to invite me as a speaker to the class. After the one our session, I felt strong challenge from the participants about what we have just discussed. It was not easy for those CEOs (most of them are very successful) to understand the basics of blogging. Some asked “Can I open a blog?” and then got confused “why I can do it for free?” Being free, the most interesting economic phenomena seems interesting to them. Meanwhile, after they accepted “being free” is possible, some asked: “How can I make money if I blog?” They got even more confused when they were told that nobody is giving money to bloggers. “Then why I blog?”

Some directly challenged the course design that “Why not teach us something like B2B, B2C? Why does it make sense to tell us something that does not generate money, like blogging?”

Andreas’ Class

I don’t know how to tell the participants that Andreas is one of the best professor I have ever met. He jumps out of academic thinking and directly connects students with the latest technology and latest ideas. Not everyone has the chance to be exposed to the most advanced topics.

Andreas’ slide includes lots of great new sites that represents the future of Internet. For example:,,,… and gives a strong thread “tag” to pointed out the common things. Later, the afternoon session is called “Architecture of Participation”. It is a great name, I have to say. This umbrella put all these concepts into a unified way to present. Yes. A much better name than “web 2.0″…

The Conflict of Thoughts

However, these are just too new for these EMBA class participants. It is very common that people asked the tough question. I totally understand what the CEOs are talking about. I wasn’t able to really understand why my students (about three years ago) asked “Tell me what Microsoft did when it is still small?” At that time, I was sharing the Microsoft “PM-Tester-Develop” team model with the CEOs of software companies. My answer at that time was: “When Microsoft is small, there were not much processes, but it does not mean that if you don’t implement something what Microsoft has created over so many years, you will become Microsoft.” Now, I understand them better since it was almost impossible to replicate everything into their company.

This time, I felt a strong gap between the two generations of thinking. For example, when bloggers take it for granted that no censorship is the beauty of blogging, majority of the participants in the EMBA program think no censorship of what a blogger write will cause big trouble to the society and is something unbearable. “Hey, does anyone read what you write everyday?” I was asked by one CEO. She was obviously shocked when she was told no one read, edited and censored what I wrote. “It is too dangerous!” She commented. Well. I kept silence.

I intend to think that they are right. The newest things do not always mean the better things. The conflict is just there. I appreciate their patience to be there, to smile at me, and to listen to what I told. This session at least helped me a lot to understand what the older generations of CEO are thinking and helped me to understand maybe 5 years makes a new generation of CEO in this Internet-speed world. I hope I continue to be a fresh CEO after 5 or 10 years.

According to Supervisor’s Notice


Notice in metro city

This is a typical notice in Shanghai, or in China. The note says:

According to Supervisor’s notice, this W.C. will be removed

I recently notice almost all the posters in Shanghai metro starts from the same sentence: “according to supervisor’s notice”. Following this starting sentence, there are many events, like: “no baggers are allowed”, “the business time will be extended” or the “Dongfang Road station will be closed”…

It is a very interetsing way of expressing something in national-owned large enterprises. All the actions are driven by the supervisors, not the customers. :-)

Kevin Wen

I met Kevin today. Blogging, helped both of us to connect with each other so we seem to be good friend already. Actually, not blogging, the continuous writing, and updating that connects people.

As I told Kevin, the top 3 beneficial blogs in the blogging/it category I read are Keivn‘s, Chedong‘s, and 6e.

Face of Kevin’s name card


Back of Kevin’s blogging name card


When I enter the class room of Andreas, I read a banner outside the building: 2005 EMBA Autumn Class. This morning, when I took a short walk in my garden, I found many yellow leafs in the garden. It is a strong indicator of Autumn in Shanghai. I am going to plant some tulip in the garden at the end of Nov. So I have some hope for March the next year when the cold winter comes.

Andreas’ class

Recently, when I am drafting strategy, and I found to foresee many years ahead for a business is a weak point for me, or most people at my age. So I spent this Saturday to attend Andreas’ EMBA class. Thanks Andreas to genouerous allowed free admission for me. To my surprise, I was put the spotlight and finally turned out to be one of the speaker for the afternoon session when we talked about “tag”, “participation architecture”. I start to wonder whether I should take some time to attend some EMBA education.

Kevin’s Word

Kevin quoted the CEO of

Focus on one thing;

Do it really well;

and enjoy it!

Well said.

Biggest Kijiji Logo So Far

This is maybe the largest Kijiji logo we painted so far in Kijiji China.

Update November 16, 2005

More information about the pictures.

I took the picture in Anji in Zhejiang province. It was an outing with Kijiji team. We brought projector and projected the slide to the mountains or village houses. The last picture was the Chinese version of the Kijiji logo on the mountain. It is HUGE. Although on the picture, it is not as bright or big as it really seemed to be.

Kijiji links

Kijiji China

Kijiji Canada

Kijiji Spain

Kijiji Germany

Kijiji England

Kijiji France

Kijiji Australia

Kijiji Switzerland

Kijiji Poland

Kijiji Turkey

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Kijiji Ireland

Kijiji Wales

Kijiji Scotland

End of update


Kijiji Logo on roof


Kijiji logo on wall


Kijiji from people


Logo on mountains

KFC Dropped Potato Wedge in Shanghai

Wendy reported that from today, KFC removed Potato Wedge and Pepsi Coke from all the suites. Instead, they provide vegetable salad and orange juice.

It seems it is a national wide change in KFC.

I remember this Monday when I had lunch there before the Beijing trip, Potato Wedge was still included.

There is always big conflict between a product in U.S. and in China. I think KFC is making a wise change to adjust their product to China marketing. Kudos.

Back from Ji’An Trip

Just back from camping in the mountains of Ji’An in Zhejiang Province with Kijiji team, media and community members. Here are some pictures I took during the trip. See what happened on the date of 2005-10-23. Obviously, we only have this day once in our entire life.

Thanks for Flickr (of which I am a pro users). It seems I can use only very few percentage of the bandwidth limit they set for me – 2G.

Picture 015

Picture 014

Picture 013

Picture 012

Picture 011

Picture 001

Picture 145

Picture 144

Picture 143

Picture 142

Picture 141

Picture 140

Picture 139

Picture 138

Picture 137

Picture 136

Picture 135

Picture 134

Picture 133

Picture 132

Picture 131

Picture 129

Picture 128

Picture 127

Picture 126

Picture 125

Picture 124

Picture 123

Picture 122

Picture 121

Picture 120

Picture 119

Picture 118

Picture 117

Picture 116

Picture 115

Picture 114

Picture 113

Picture 112

Picture 111

Picture 110

Picture 109

Picture 108

Picture 107

Picture 106

Picture 105

Picture 103

Picture 102

Picture 101

Picture 100

Picture 099

Picture 098

Picture 097

Picture 096

Picture 095 Picture 094

Picture 093

Picture 092

Picture 091

Picture 090

Picture 089

Picture 088

Picture 087

Picture 086

Picture 085

Picture 079

Picture 078

Picture 077

Picture 076

Picture 075

Picture 074

Picture 073

Picture 072

Picture 071

Picture 070

Picture 069

Picture 068

Picture 067

Picture 066

Picture 065

Picture 064

Picture 063

Picture 062

Picture 061

Picture 060

Picture 059

Picture 058

Picture 058

Picture 057

Picture 056

Picture 054

Picture 053

Picture 051

Picture 050

Picture 049

Picture 046

Picture 045

Picture 044

Picture 043

Picture 042

Picture 041

Picture 039

P.S. I realized I am always in too rush time to publish blogs these days. Most of the blogs are updated after midnight, and I start to think whether I should spend more time on each entry while write less, so always keep the blog interesting for both my readers, and (I think more importantly), to myself.

Fudan, Tongji and SJTU

Recently visited the three universities in one month: Fudan, Tongji and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Received three small gifts from each university and I will post photos later.

Now on the road to Anji in Zhejiang Province. Tomorrow will camp on the mountain. Must be interesting.

Update Gifts from three universities November 15, 2005

Gift from Fudan University


From Tongji

Thanks for giving me the honor.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me. It is my 28th birthday. Mean time, happy birthday to my friends who enjoy the birthday these two days: Dengjia (tomorrow), Joanna (yesterday), and burcu from Turkey…


At McDonald of Hongqiao Airport. Wendy is flying back from Beijing tonight, but the flight was delayed till 21:55. No surprise at all. The flights are always like this. It is the right time to sit down to look back to what happened in my life in the last year.

Thanks for the wonderful greetings from my friends around me. I love the photo album yiyi and the team created so much, as well as the flowers and the cards. Henry and Run even changed their display name to “Happy Birthday to Jian Shuo”. Thank you very much. Mr. Xu, the life ensurance broker also dropped a SMS message to me. He has kept sending us flowers, SMS, greeting cards on all our birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other important days of Wendy and me. I am very moved by his professionalism and care. Thanks everyone. I’d love to thank RC as a good friend and as a mentor. What I have learnt in the last two days is a great gift for my birthday – I love to grow up as fast as I can. My expectation is my experience grows faster than my age…

Here is a list of events that happened from my last birthday in 2004.

October 2005

September 2005

August 2005

July 2005

June 2005

May 2005

April 2005

March 2005

February 2005

January 2005

December 2004

November 2004

October 2004

There are much more in the previous two years after my birthday in 2003 and 2002


Birthday cake this year

Call a Taxi on the Phone? In English?

My friend dropped an email and complain about waiting for half an hour or even one hour for taxi everyday – seems he is living in a very “decent” place that even taxi won’t go there to break the peace of the area. He asked if there is any telephone number he could call to book a taxi. He does not speak Chinese.

Well. There are many numbers to call in Shanghai for taxi services, but not many offers English service, so far as I know.

My Preferred Call Center – Qiang Sheng Taxi

After the previous year, I have formed the habit to dial +86-21-62580000 for taxi services. There are many other lines, like 96822 from Da Zhong taxi, but the chances to get through to Qiang Sheng call center is much higher (Dazhong’s taxi is much better though).

I checked with the center. They don’t have special English service line, but there are some agents who are able to answer English phone calls. So just call it and say whatever language is not Chinese. If an operator cannot understand you, chances are, he/she switch it to a person capable of English.

Lunar Calendar is Moon Calendar

Lookup and see the moon tonight – it is full moon, and I know it is the 15th day of the 9th month in lunar calendar. The beauty of Chinese lunar calendar is, it always exactly meets the face of the moon.