Back from Donews Shanghai Meeting

I am back from Donews Shanghai Meeting. It is a successful event. Recently, I have to give up some very good habbit, including “camera-on-hand all-the-time”. I don’t have a photo of the event to share, because I spent the whole afternoon talk with all great people and got around 100 name cards.

Donews is an IT community with many active users in IT industry and IT related media. Around 600 people attended the event – a very big one.

Shanghai is lack of this kind of peer to peer gather. There are no such big event in my memory. Shanghai has transformed into a great platform for IT startups.

There is a long list of people I want to document the meeting but I guess to go to bed is a better choice for me. :-)



Credit: Donews

Back to Tong Ji Univ. with Jun

I am back to Tong Ji University again with Jun Tang, CEO of SANDA (NASDAQ:SNDA) and my old manager Hong-Wei Hua. This time, Jun presented his fantansitic experience in U.S. The students were so amazed by the presentation. The lecture ended about one hour later than expected because of students’ request to share more stories, and un-interruptable Q&A session. MC’s several attempt to stop Q&A failed many times. Meanwhile, a book named “Beyond” written by Miss Xie was release today. It is a book about Jun and Microsoft. There are some short paragraps about me in it. The book will hit the market tomorrow.


Image from

Mao from UUZone created a portal specially for this book.

Shanghai Weather in Oct

We are going to enter October.

October is among the best weather in Shanghai (if not contain spring in April). Typically, it is not hot and not cold – just the best time for people to live and visit.

A T-shirt can do and a sweater is also OK. The autumn comes. As the old sayings put it, it is the time you can wear whatever you want – not so hot and not so cold.

The average temperature in Shanghai in Oct is 18°C (66°F). The average high temperature is 22°C (72°F) and average low temperature is 15°C (59°F), according to the previous 21 years of record

The reason I wrote about this topic is, I found there are many hits from Google to my site when searching for “Shanghai Weather in Oct

Comment System is OK Now

I felt strange that there were no new comment after I posted my last comment at 25, 2005 12:55 AM. I thought it may because of weekend. To my surprise, I found the site stopped accepting new comments after that.

The reason is, I put “…” into the banned world list of my MT-Blacklist tool. Three dot means to match any three chracters. Some readers may lose some comments that they spent much time to write. Sorry for that. The good news is, the system is back to normal…

Do You Believe in Living Cost Index?

The big difference between really living in a city and not is, you have better sense of the relative environment of a city.

There are many reports on living cost. Shanghai sometimes ranked very high in the list – in the top 10 most expensive cities. The recent 2005 report says, Shanghai is the 30th most expensive city in the world. One of the key factor is the change of RMB price.

What is the Standard

I don’t doubt that the report has been generated in a scientific way. However, I don’t know what the standard they are using. I didn’t check out the questionnaire, but I guess they may use a western standard. For example: the price of Hamburg. The price of a Golf course, the price of car, the price of apartment, the price of gym…

The problem is, there are many things like Golf and Gym that is not necessary in the life of Shanghai. The average cost of those rare activities is much more expensive than many cities, just like everywhere in the world. People in Shanghai can make good live with only several thousands RMB, while using the standard,, 10K USD may not be enough.

Living the Chinese Way

So my conclusion is, living the U.S. way in Shanghai is much more expensive than living the U.S. way in U.S., but to live in the Chinese way in Shanghai is much more cheaper than living the U.S. way in U.S.

100 Anniversary of Fudan

Today is 100 Anniversary of Fudan University. Big congratulations to this famous university in Shanghai.

Typically, the two best universities in Shanghai are:

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

And people typically list the order with Fudan in the front.

100 Years of Fudan

Although China is an old country, there are not many old universities. SJTU past its 100 anniversary in 1996. Beijing University followed at 1998. Now, Fudan, and Tsinghua’s 100 anniversary will be held in 2011.

I have many good friends who graduated from Fudan. They are excellent. Fudan is more focused on literature and theoretical analysis. When I was in SJTU, students may be more fond of talking about Fudan’s higher rate of girls:boys ratio than SJTU…

Is this Water Safe to Drink?

Wendy and I was in a decent restaurant the other day. A well-dressed couple from Florida were seated next to us. We chatted a little bit when they seek for help to order the Chinese dishes.

After they completed the order, the lady pointed to the glass of water before her and asked: “BTW, is it safe to drink the water here?”

“Well. I think so”, I answered.

Safe or Not? What is the Standard

I know they just arrived in Shanghai and had started a short vacation in Shanghai. The whole route was arranged by a professional foreign tour agency, and they just want to grasp something to eat before the dinner arrives about 3 hours later. It seems we are the only persons to ask whether it is safe to drink water in Shanghai.

I can understand their questions. Just as I just landed in the U.S., I suspect the water is different from Shanghai and asked the question to myself. It is even so when they just arrived in a city in which the average water quality is not as good.

Don’t Drink Water directly from the Pipe

It is for sure that do not drink un-boiled water in Shanghai. Although it is still safe to drink the water (I think), it is not recommended.

In restaurants, I think it is pretty sure to assume the water in the glass is drinkable.

Not Perfect English is Fine, So does Correction

After I arrived to home, ate a banana, took a hot bath, and logged onto my home computer at around 11:00 PM, I was surprised to see hot argument in my previous entry: Removed my Email from Blog. I wasn’t able to checkout comments at day time yet.

The thread started by bob’s correction of a sentence in my English writing. Itself, to be honest, does NOT seem offensive to me.

Not So Perfect English is OK…

I know, that I am not writing perfect English. And I also know that recently (in the latest half year), the misspelling and grammar mistakes are worse. I didn’t always have time to read what I typed for the second time as I did before. And I didn’t always copy and paste the content from MovableType into Word for spelling checking. As you may notice, most of my entries were created around mid-night, the time my IQ for language is among the lowest. I guess fifteen minutes more sleep is more appreciated for a sleepyhead like me in mid-night.

However, I also remember that keeping the most basic spelling and grammar checking is also critical for a good blog (as stated in bulletin 10 of Writing Good Website Content).

… So does Correction

I admit I felt a little bit embarrassed whenever someone pointed out some errors on my blog. I felt even stronger when the erros are so obvious. I tried to correct the original version if the suggestion makes sense. Don’t worry. I am not discouraged at all for these cases.

I think I have built enough confidence after the three years of blogging. Being confident means to truly understand what one can do and what one cannot, and to accept imperfectness.

Peace, Please

I appreciate everyone’s encouragement to keep on blogging with the “creative spelling” (as Carroll put it in her privous comment. It does give me much courage. However, I felt not good for some later comments with some not-so-respectful tone toward bob. As I outlined in this article: Peace in Discussion, I cannot bear anyone writing flaming comment against my other readers, no matter what attitude he has toward me. Here are some points I selected from the article:

  • As you can see again, there is a comment system on this site. I value everyone’s post and it is part of the blog – actually, it is very large portion of this website.

  • The comment entries provide very informative and updated content to the readers. I have my principle on comments (check the My principle on comments section).
  • I cannot bear anyone writing flaming comment against my other readers
  • Thank you for your defense for me, but I just want to make it clear that I value any disagreement as much as those supporting comments.
  • I don’t think (helping me by flaming other commenters) hurts me as much as people’s attempt to discourage others from express their opinion.

I have hidden the comments with offensive comment to bob in that thread. I hope a peaceful environment for everyone to participate. Meanwhile, let me give blogging more time to correct those obvious grammar and spelling errors. :-)

Have a wonderful night – sleepyhead Jian Shuo is going to bed now.

Removed my Email from Blog

Today, I removed my email address signiture from every page of my blog.

Old footer of individual page in this blog

I put on my email into my blog from day one of blogging. I enjoy being interactive with my readers. When there is not so much traffic, it was very rare to get any email from reader. Later, after my monthly page view reached about 1 million, I got two or three emails everyday. Most people seek for help about Shanghai. The questions helped me to find good topics to write about Shanghai.

This March, after my job change, I find it very hard to follow the emails. Now when monthly page view mraches to about 2 million, I simply don’t have time to even read all the emails in my email box. It is very bad that someone put effort to write an email to me, waitted somewhere in the world, but I don’t have the ability to reply. So I decided to remove my email from this site. It is not easy to balance being “open” (by posting my email address), or being realistic (by realizing that I don’t have time for it), I finally choose the easy one – to keep my email to limited audience…