Cheat-Sheet of Shanghai Road Names

Claire Li wrote an interesting article on the translation of roads in Shanghai in That’s Shanghai.

If “Central Tibet Road” on the road sign is correct, why is “Xizang Road middle” also used for the same street?

Source: ref: page 11, That’s Shanghai Magazine, Nov 2004 Edition

He/she also mentioned that a committee of 26 experts has been formed. It is great.

If they have time, they should at least take a look at the typos in Metro Stations first. To get ready for an international city, more initiatives like this are needed.

Since the name roads have already been named inconsistantly, and the philosophy of this site is to help, not to complain, I am offering you this cheatsheet so you can still find your way in the complicated naming systems.

Variations of Road Names

Always take the first one or two words as the key element for that road. Than take the following translation:

Middle = Zhong = Central = M = C

East = Dong = E

West = Xi = W

South = Nan = S

North = Bei = N

Road = Lu = Rd *This is important

Station = Sta = St

Yi Lu = No. 1 = No. 1 Road = One Road

Er Lu = No. 2 = No. 2 Road = Two Road (example: East Zhong Shan Er Lu, Zhong Shan East Road No. 2, Zhong Shan Er Lu East all refer to the same road)

Road Names

The main part (the first one or two words) of the road names also varies from location to location. Remember the space between to words are optional (I don’t know the official suggestions). For example

  • Pudong Airport = Pu Dong Airport

  • Yan An Road = Yanan Road
  • Wu Lu Mu Qi South Road = South Wulumuqi Road = Wulumuqi Nan RoadÂ…

While most of the roads are translated to English using Pinyin, there are some English translation for some places and roads. For example, Xizang is translated as Tibet. So both appear. Renmin Square and People’s Square may be both used. Pay attention to this.

Learn Some Chinese

The easiest way to avoid the confusing translation is, to learn some Chinese and always read the road names as a Chinese does. No matter how confusing the English road names are, the Chinese name for the roads are unique. For example, just ask for Fu Xing Dong Lu (Fu Xing East Road, remember the translation formulas?) so local people can easily understand and help you.

Good luck and don’t get lost in the big Shanghai maze.

Interviewed by my Favorite Magazine

I was interviewed by my favorite magazine in Shanghai. We had a great conversation. I cannot disclose the name or the reporter of the magazine at this time, before the article is published, but it will be very interesting after it goes out.

Readers of this Blog are Invited for Interview

The magazine is looking for some readers of this blog to participate an interview conducted by reporters in Shanghai. They are very interested to know how readers use this website. Volunteers need to meet the following criteria to be qualified:

  • The participator should be a frequently reader of this site (Wangjianshuo’s Blog). How frequent is frequent? If you think you are, you are.

  • The participator must live in Shanghai (relocated, visiting, or permanent residents, etc). The baseline is, you are in Shanghai when the interview is conducted. I am sorry that many very nice readers do not meet this rule. But this interview is conducted in Shanghai.

The reporter wants to discover how people (with an expat focus) in Shanghai use websites to survive in this city and improve their lives. My site was chosen as a good example. I’d like to take the chance to hear some voices from my readers too. The reporter is very professional and his questions are very interesting.

If you want to share some comments, and (maybe) be mentioned on a very good magazine in Shanghai, please enter your name, your day-time phone number, email address and a very short (optional) description about yourself in the form. All the information you entered will be directly mailed to me and the reporter. I don’t keep the information on the server so it will be used for the interview proposes only. The enrollment closes at 23:00, Dec 10, 2004, Shanghai Local Time.


Day Time Phone Number:

Email Address:


I am looking forward to your participation.



United Airlines UA858 is a symbol. It connects two important cities (Shanghai and San Fransisco) in China and the States. Millions of passengers visit U.S. via this flight. All of my previous trip to the States was via UA858. It is often the starting point of many stories. If I were an artist or novelist, I will definite create something around this flight. I didn’t see arts or literature for this flight. At least I didn’t see one in Google search.

Here are more information about this flight.


Departs at 1:45PM and arrives at 8:10AM the same day. This is the most interesting part of the trip – after many hours of travel, you go to the past because of the international day line.The trip is 6168 Miles.

Check status of UA858.

My trip on UA858

Inside UA858. (src)

Pacific morning

Wendy will also go to U.S. via this flight.

United Airlines in Shanghai

Company name: United Airlines

Toll Free Phone (inside China): 800-810-8282. This toll free number works very smart. It is a Beijing based toll free number. When dialed in Shanghai, it will transfer to its Shanghai office seamlessly.

Direct phone: +86-21-33114567. (The old number, as published in the and almost all the publications of United +86-21-62798009 does not work in Nov 2004).


Location: Second floor of Shanghai Center, or the Ritz Carlton Portman Hotel.

After checking all the airlines, we finally choose United Airlines to fly to U.S. It is interesting that almost all flight booking system used the wizard to check flight information. They ask for a departure date and a return date, the origin and the destination and the system calculate the best route. This is convinient for most passengers, but not for me. China and American are on the two sides of the pacific. The choice to fly across the Pacific is actually very limited. It seems only very few lines connecting the two continent.



Image in courtesy of Uninted

The new office of United on the 33rd Floor of Central Plaza.

Xiang Yang Market Again

I went to the Xiang Yang market again to buy shoes for the U.S. trip. It is said the temperature of Chicago may drops to -30°C when I arrive there. Oh. I have to be serious for this because I have never been to any place that is so cold. I went around the Xiang Yang market for several rounds before I found a parking lot. It was too crowded and I have to very careful about the cars rushing by and the bikes and passengers. I LOL when I saw a foreigner hide himself behind a large bus and extended his head out to see if it is safe to go, and they jumped out and rushed to the other side of the street. It seemed he was a solider fighting with his enemy in the WWII. He is so funny. Of cause he was scared about going crossing the street. I finally parked my car at 10 RMB for two hours.

The Deal

I never really know bargain in the market. I bought a pair of shoes at 230 RMB. It was labeled Camel. I believe it is fake, but I am not sure.

I have to admit that I don’t know whether the goods in the market are real or not. Maybe they are off similar quality of the real goods, or even from the same manufacture (in case of OEM), but not authorized to use the brands. That is the reason why it is so cheap.

40 Brands Forbidden

At the entrance of the Xiang Yang Market (the entrance near the Huai Hai Road and Xiang Road), there is a notice board. On the boards, the market administration announced according to blah-blah regulation, “selling fake goods of the following 40 brands are forbidden”. Louis Vuitton, and Vacheron Constantin are on the list. In the market, products labeled as Northface, Camel, Nike are displayed everywhere, but non one dare to put on a L.V. bag or Vacheron Constantin watch. I don’t understand why there are differences. Wendy guessed maybe they don’t have a China office yet.

Ironically, when I was reading the notice, as every other minute, the vender approached me and asked me if I am interested in their watches and bags. He was really humorous to open the conversation this way: “Hey. Don’t waste time reading this notice. It is my catalog. Everything that is not forbidden to sell in this market can be found in my store. Why not go and have a look?” Interesting, but why?


I had the other two tennis lesson tonight. I completed my fore hand course and started to learn back hand. Mrs. Liu, my tutor is a very nice one. I would like to recommend her to new learners.

Hong Qiao (SHA) v.s. Pu Dong (PVG) Airport

I read two travel books these days: one on Boston (by Marie Morris) and the other on New York (by National Geographic Society). Both of them offer a section on transportation, like Entering Boston or Gates to New York. It is very helpful and let understand the locations of LGA or JFK.

This experience reminded me that not many people really know the difference between PVG or SHA. Let me explain it.


Here is the typical Jian Shuo Wang style of map:


© Jian Shuo Wang

Wendy rated 7 point out of 10 for this map. I thought she may give a 9. :-(


As you may guess, neither of the airport is located in the downtown.

Hong Qiao Airport (SHA) is much nearer to the city than Pudong Airport (PVG). SHA is on the west of the city and PVG is at the far-east. A20 is the outter ring of the city. SHA is exactly located at west part of the ring while the PVG connects to the A20 via a highway A1. You get the idea, right? Refer to the map.

Hong Qiao Airport (SHA) is older than Pudong Airport (PVG). SHA was the first airport in Shanghai. PVG was built when the expansion of Hong Qiao Airport became impossible when the city grows and surrounds the airport. The equipment of Hong Qiao Airport became old while PVG is brand new.

Hong Qiao Airport is for domestic flights only. Pudong Airport serve both international and domestic flights.

Pu Dong Airport is bigger than Hong Qiao. With the second run way constructed, it aims to be an international aviation hub like Tokyo or Hong Kong.

Pu Dong airport has MagLev connected to the Metro Line #2. There is no Metro or Maglev for SHA.


No Metro (subway) access at both airport.

There are airport buses for both airport, and Airport Bus #1 connects the two airports.

Avis serves at both airports.

How to Choose

Unless you are flying between Shanghai and large cities in China, like Beijing or Guangzhou, you often have no choices. For international flights, the only airport to depart and arrive is PVG. For many small cities, there are only very few flights every week and there is only one possible airport, SHA or PVG.

If you do have choices, you can consider the following factors:

  • Price. The construction fee for both airports are the same (50 RMB for domestic, 90 RMB for international flights and 10 RMB for short distance branch flights), but the transportation from the airport to other places are of big difference. It takes at least 100 RMB to get to downtown from PVG, while the price is about 60 – 90 RMB for SHA.

  • Are you an Airport fan? If you’d like to see a modern and beautiful airport, definitely go to PVG. PVG has great architecture and great facility. Beside that, you can also take a ride of Maglev and experience a train running at 430 km/hour. For business travelers who fly between Shanghai and Beijing so many times a year, they often choose SHA because it is nearer to the city and smaller, which means less money, less time and less walking distance.
  • Arrival time. If you arrive late, SHA may be better since the Maglev closes at 5:30 PM now and you only have two choices to leave the airport – bus or taxi.

Edward’s New Satellite TV

Edward sent me something new today, his new Satellite TV. He did it by himself. What impressed me a lot is:

  • The total cost is only 880 RMB or 106 USD.

  • He mentioned interesting technical details about satellite.
  • He also mentioned the legal risk he takes to install a satellite TV receiving in China. I covered it in this article: Satellite Dishes Still Forbidden in China.
  • He can receive 100 channels from 2 satellites now.

© Edward Wang. Used with permission.

Read on for more details in his blog.

Area Around Xin Tian Di (Xintiandi)

Bricks of Xintiandi:


© Jian Shuo Wang

On the Zi Zhong Road, there are three newly opened shops. Very interesting shops!


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

Highnote only sells DJ music. There is a nice audio room inside.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Pointtolife was opened by a Hong Kong architect. It sells design books only and serves coffee. Nice place to visit. I don’t see many customers there and I believe the owner doesn’t care about revenue. It seems the shop only opens for fun.

Temperature Drops in Shanghai

The easist way to get an idea of the weather of a city is to check the picture of what people wear outdoors. Here you are. The picture was taken before the Pacific Department Store in Hai Hai Road. Taken from the north toward south.

© Jian Shuo Wang

Sleeping Cats

The happy (and lucky) cats sleep in the Sun. I cannot help posting it here. Sweet little thing!


© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

I read a slogan at Ichiban Ra-Mei, “Your happiness of eating our Ra-Mei makes us happy”. I guess they are happy not only because customers enjoy their food, they enjoy getting paid for it better.

The slogan works better for me. The happiness of the two cats for eating what I feed them makes me happy – no matter they pay or not.

P.S. One Year for

Run issued the one year memorial stamps for his group blog site


Image in courtesy of Run Liu

Congrats Run, Linda, Bw, Vivian, Angela, Kevin, Charles and Bear

Casual Talk on SJTU Min Hang Campus

Just delivered an one hour short casual talk on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang Campus. I left the home page URL to them and I guess some of the 20 participants will visit this page and I’d like to provide some pointer to the fun stuff I mentioned.


  • Date: November 25, 2004

  • Venue: Room 302, Yi Fu Building
  • Time: 7:30 – 8:30 PM
  • Host: Shanghai Jiai Tong University Microsoft Technical Club

Min Hang Campus Became Big

I was so amazed on how big the campus became. It seems triple its territory in the last several years.