Typical Taxi Fares in Shanghai

I talked with a taxi driver from Qiangsheng Taxi Company on may way back home. He is a experienced driver. I consulted him about the typical taxi fares from Pudong Airport to downtown Shanghai. He said he is very confident that the fare he estimated will not differ from the real charge by 10 RMB.

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to

People’s Square – 130 RMB

Pudong Shangri-la Hotel – 115 – 130 RMB

Xujiahui – 140 RMB

Hongqiao Airport – 150 – 160 RMB

Hong Qiao Area (ShanghaiMart, Ressaniance Hotel, Sheraton Hotel) – 140-150 RMB

Fudan University – 125 – 130 RMB

Shanghai Railway Station – 135 RMB (via Lupu Bridge)

Metro Longyang Station (End of the Maglev) – 90 RMB

To any place within the Outter Ring Road (A20) – less than 200 RMB

To any place within the Inner Ring (The Elevated Highway) – less than 150 RMB

From Pudong Airport to Nearby Cities

Ningbo – 600 KM, 1800 RMB (+150 RMB Toll Fee)

Hangzhou – 200 KM 500 RMB (+60 RMB Toll Fee)

Suzhou – 100KM 300 RMB (+30 RMB Toll Fee)

How to Use the Number

The number the driver gave is a very good reference for people new to Shanghai. If there is traffic jam, the fare will be higher (5 minutes of waiting = 1 km. Waiting means speed lower than 12 km/hour).

So you know if the taxi driver over charges you.

9 thoughts on “Typical Taxi Fares in Shanghai

  1. Thanks, I find a lot of very helpful info from your blog. I will print many of them out and bring them with me to shanghai.

  2. I am thinking of the idea to vote for the most useful page on this site. I have put a lot of articles there, but not sure which of them are most useful in the eyes of a traveler or visitor.

  3. Great info!

    I add this too

    From Pudong Int’l Airport to Dong Fang Road , about 120-130 RMB

  4. Hi… I just booked a ticket from Tokyo to Shanghai and have found the info on your pages really helpful!! I am travelling alone and on a budget, so knowing about taxi fares etc is a great asset (should I pluck up the courage to get in one). Thanks

  5. FYI, Shanghai cab fare rose 10% since October 2009, plus an additional charge start from 11pm to 5am the next morning.

    The Shanghai taxi rates are so complicated that I created this tool to calculate taxi fare in Shanghai with the latest rates: http://kuber.appspot.com/taxi/

    Even more, I have included some popular spots as shortcuts for route selection.

  6. The shanghai cab rates rose since October 2009. In the daytime, the price is CNY 12.00 for the first three kilometers, an additional charge of CNY 2.40 for every succeeding kilometer within 10 kilometers and CNY 3.60 for every succeeding kilometer after 10 kilometers.

    From 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM the next morning, the price is CNY 16.00 for the first three kilometers, an additional charge of CNY 3.10 for every succeeding kilometer within 10 kilometers and CNY 4.10 for every succeeding kilometer after 10 kilometers. You can bargain over prices when taking taxis at night.

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