Transportation Problems in National Holiday

National Holiday from Oct 1 to Oct 7 is the first long vacation after SARS hit China in summer. Millions of people canceled their travel plan in May so it is inevitable that people will rush out these days.

In Shanghai, from Sept 30 to Oct 2, the intensive traffic control is applied. The Henan Middle Road. Station of Metro Line #2 and People Square Station, the conjunction station of Metro Line #1 and #2 will be closed to avoid traffic overload.

We originally plan to travel outside the city. But we were informed by the travel agency that all tickets for Oct 1, 2 and 3 to any possible destination were completely sold out. They suggested us to come to the ticket office before 8:30 AM next day to see if there is ticket for Oct 10 or later….

My Big Fat Wedding

Finally, I find out some time to upload the pictures of our wedding to my site. Sorry for the week long pause of this site.


Picking up the bride to the new home.


Reading the greeting cards at the new home.



On the grass of central park


Cutting the big cake


Lighting up candles on all the tables

Cheers to all guests

More Pictures

More pictures can be found at

Out of Blogging for Wedding

I was out of blogging since Aug 19 since I held my grand wedding ceremony at Garden Hotel, Shanghai on Sept 21, 2003. This will definitely be a big surprise for every one who gathers at this blog. I am just too happy and too busy (for sure) these days to upload the pictures. I promise to put it online tomorrow. Thanks for all and best wishes!

Shopping Malls are Always On Sale

I went to shopping at Hui Jin Department with Wendy today – I mentioned about the store two months ago. I was surprised that Hui Jin is on sale again after its last champion.

Almost all the goods are selling at 20% off. Besides that, they offer 50 RMB rebate coupon for every 200 RMB purchase. That is not all. According to how much you buy, they give you gifts worthing 40-200 RMB. That means, for goods of 500 RMB, you only need to pay 400 RMB and get 100 RMB coupon and some gifts worthing 40 RMB. So the original good is actually sold at 260 RMB – the half price.

I know in U.S, shops go on sale in the month around the Christmas. Here in Shanghai, it seems all major shopping malls are on sale every month and every day. It seems the goal of the program is to keep the customers in their mall as long as possible. They always put the counter to claim the rebate at the top floor or the mall – 7th floor for Hui Jin. People just go up and down and see more goods. Chances are, people will spend more money than they plan to when they 1) Have to pass by the goods (which they didn’t intentionally to see) 2) Has coupon on hand which will be garbage after serveral days’.

Very clever way to sell, isn’t it?

Thunderstorms Week

When there is nothing to talk about, people usually choose to talk about weather. It is the case for me recently. Life is so busy for me and I feel lucky enough to still be able to find sometime to write something on this blog every day instead of leaving blank pages. However, it seems the only topics I can share is about the weather. According to Yahoo!Weather, the coming week in Shanghai is a thunderstorm week.




Thunderstorms will last till next Tuesday.

Long National Holiday

There is something special recently – the coming national holiday. It is a long vacation from Oct 1 to Oct 7. This is unique in China since the national holiday is actually 3 days (Oct 1 to Oct 3), but combined with the weekend of Oct 4 and Oct 5, and shifted the working days with Sept 27 and Sept 28, the holiday become very long.

The holiday is also called the golden week since it will generate exteremely huge market for local travel industry – the travel agencies, the hotels and transportation industries….

I learnt that the travel price from Shanghai to Hainan (including round trip air tickets, 5 days and four nights, and 3-star hotels and some gate tickets) is only 1380 RMB for groups leaving at Sept 24. The price for the same group leaving at Sept 28 raised to 2600 RMB and for Oct 1 tour, the price is above 3000 RMB. The golden holiday is the major time for people to travel and relax, especially when the May long vacation was canceled this year due to SARS.

Today in Last Year

One oof the advantages to keep the weblog running for the whole year is, I can always go back to the same day in the previous year and check what I was doing or thinking about at that time.

Today, I added the function of Today in Last Year to my blog. Under the Navigation section of each page (starting from today), there is link named:

  • Read Today in Last Year

Click the link and you will be directed to either the article posted on the same day of last year, or to this page. If you hit this page, this is the possible reasons:

1. You clicked a link on a page posted before Sept 11, 2003. I started posting on Sept 11, 2002 so there is no Today in Last Year.

2. You clicked a link after Sept 11, 2003, but I happened not to post anything on the same day last year. This is possible since I posted 316 entries, making 87% of 365 days last year.

Enjoy the magical ball of time and history.

Scrawl on Shanghai Buses

Shanghai’s buses are either new and clean, or dirty and old, but I have never seen any bus with scrawling besides the buses No. 43.

The bus No. 43 runs from Shanghai Teacher’s University to the Nan Pu bridge. The two store bus without air condition provide very good places for young university students to scrawl. Here are some seats that were covered with their “art”


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

P.S My good friend just put her website online. Here is the link, so search engines can find it.

Old Houses in Shanghai

Shanghai is a lovely city because it has a lot old houses. Each of them are telling their own history. Shanghai is unique since most of the old buildings reflects the unique history when foreign traders enters China and build their own style of building. Taking the France Club as an example, it was built in 1900′s by German and was rebuilt in 1928 and becomes the France Club.

France Club in 1928. Credit:

The old picture below take at 1930′s clearly show the France Club, the large grassland before it, the tall apartment (which still stands there till now) and the Mao Ming Road between them.


A centuary past and the building was still there, but the new owner is the five star hotel – the Garden Hotel. The Art Decro style building reminds me of the old times when 500 people went to Chen Yun Shang’s wedding at this palace, the famous film star at that time.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Some change did happened. A 120 meter tall building (with 34 floor) raised behind the old house. I love this architect so much because it combined the history and today together.

© Jian Shuo Wang

There are so many old buildings of builders from different nationality in Shanghai. I am so interested to visit them, to find out the history behind them and learn how spendid and famous they were when they were “young”..

Update Jian Shuo Wang and Wendy’s Wedding September 25, 2004

Wendy and I got married at this fantastic place on September 21, 2003. This place means a lot to me.

My Previous House at Meilong

I suddenly missed my previous house at Meilong badly. It was on the forth floor of a 6-floor apartment building, which is 15-minute-walk away from Lianhua Road Metro Station. The 64 sq meter apartment with two bed rooms, one guest room, one kitch, one rest room only cost me 600 RMB per month. That was a great deal and currently, I cannot image any apartment with less than 600 RMB, let along the two-bed room apartment.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Look at the nice and romatic bed room. I lived there for three years.