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Blog is a community. By referencing each other, the network of hobbies or information is exchanged in a way that is not possible in traditional website. I am always amazed by how other blogs referenced my site. Here are some interesting references.

Bamaster, an active participator in BBS (with 2036 posts) quoted my article of Stop MSN Messenger Spam as his signiture

Robert Scoble mentioned:

Wow, did you know that Bill Gates was murdered by the media in China? Turned out to be a hoax, but it had Microsoft employee Jian Shuo Wang worried.

I’d like to meet Jian someday. His weblogs about life in Shanghai are great.

Well. I am very hornorred to be mentioned in his wonderful blog.

Bryan wrote to me days before:

I wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoy the information you have provided on your web site. I hope you keep it going for a very long time.

This piece is also interesting, by G:

I am sure you have received a lot of email from overseas and helped a lot of visitors to Shanghai. Shanghai Tourism should hire you as minister of tourism.

You are well qualified for this position. You can travel to the world and promote Shanghai.


Trekking Kanas – Detailed Plan

This is the detailed plan following up my previous draft plan to Kanas, Xinjiang.

Day 0: From Shanghai to Urumqi by air. Staying at Urumqi.

Day 1: From Urumqi to Burqin by mountain car. Arrive at night after 6-8 hours via G216.

Day 2: Drive from Burqin into the mountain and begin trekking. Stay at the interaction of the two rivers.

Day 3: Continue to march to Hemu and stay in the village that night.

Day 4: From Hemu to Heihu (Black lake) and seattle down near the lake.

Day 5: Last walking day and reach Kanas Lake at night.

Day 6: Start from Kanas and return to Burqin.

Day 7: Come back to Urumqi via the west route and pass the Ghost City.

Here is the route map I draw before again:

Update: July 23, 2003

I am sorry that my trip to Xinjiang was canceled.

Learn to Drive

I am learning to drive a car from today. To get a driver’s license is not easy – it is both complicated and expensive.

I try to get a driver’s license in two months. It is type C which is good for the cars under 3 ton.

I am lucky to learn on completely new Volkswagen Santana GLi – it is really new since the odometer shows 42 km when I drive on it and after one afternoon, it shows 102 km. :-)

It is interesting that I begin to drive on the real road at the afternoon of the first day. It sounds astonishing, right? I think so too. I believe I need to put a large notice board on the area I drive:

CAUTIONS: Jian Shuo Wang is driving here. Do escape, as fast as you can

In case you really what to know the most dangerous area in the city, it is in Xinzhuang near the Xinzhuang Central Park. :-)

Lupu Bridge Opens

The infrastructure of Shanghai is improving at amazing speed. After the new outer ring tunnel opened in Shanghai last weekend, the 6th bridge on Huangpu river opens today.

When I first came to Shanghai in 1995, the Yang Pu bridge was just completed. There are one tunnel and two bridges over the river. Now, from the north to south, six bridges are ready:

  1. Yangpu


  2. Nanpu


  3. Lupu


  4. Xupu


  5. Fengpu
  6. Songpu

Meanwhile, five tunnels are ready (from the north are outer ring tunnel, Yanan Rd tunnel, Tourism tunnel, Metro Line #2 tunnel, Dapuqiao tunnel). Two more (Dalian Road Tunnel and Fuxing Road tunnel) are under construction. By the year 2005, 20 tunnels will connects the Pudong area and the Puxi area.

Express ways

With increasing number of the new express way, I suggent found the new names for the express ways. Here are a list I found on the Internet.

A20 The outer ring



A30 The county ring

























A8 Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway



A9 Huqingping



A11 Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway



A12 Shanghai-Jiading Expressway



A13 Shanghai-Chongming Expressway






Server Down Again

I believe I am one of the most frustrated persons in the world now. The server goes down frequently. That is the reason you cannot visit the server in the last few days.


Server down time

I hope I can find a better place to host my site soon. The ISP I am using is

Sorry for the inconvinience this brought to you.

Life, An Accumulation of Mileage

Life, an accumulation of mileage – I loved the sentence when I first saw it on the airplane of China Eastern Airlines.

My Hobby

I love to travel. Actually, I seldom see people who do not like travel. What I mean is, I am very keen to map and compass. With the simple tool, I can get around. Last serveral days, I cycled to Tai Hu (Lake Tai) and covered 147.72 km. If I setup a frequent bicycle club, I can accumulate this mileage and give me a big prize.

My accumulation on mileage with frequent flyer program

screen-marriott.rewards-logo.gif MarriottRewards Membership ID: 982 789 265. Their service center in Singapore is very helpful. United Airlines Mileage Plus Membership: 0153 106 2422 Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Membership ID: 530 503 411

China Eastern Airlines Golden Swallow Club Membership: 500 912 874

PriorityClub Member: 260854870

Golden Circle 503 041029 980


o AIR CHINA CLUB 180 022 183

o SKY PEARL CLUB 2800 0643 2374



Another repository of membership ID is at here.

AVIS Wizard Number Z6P94J

Back from Taihu by Bike

As I forecasted before, I completed my trip to Taihu by bike today, covering 147 km in distance. Here is the actual route.


© Jian Shuo Wang

I started at 7:30 AM of Saturday from 77 Caobao Road – near the Metro Caobao Road station. Then I headed to Qibao 七宝. Within two hours, I arrived at Sheshan 佘山. At noon, I passed the Oriental Green Boat 东方绿洲 and Zhujiajiao 朱家角 and arrived at #8815, Huqingping Road and had lunch there – free lunch.

In the afternoon, I cycled on the best road for cycling – from Daguanyuan – Shangta – Zhouzhuang – Tongli (大观园-商榻-周庄-同里). At 1700, I arrived in Zhouzhuang and took pictures below. After having dinner there, I continued my journey to Zhouzhuang – it is about 10 km between and I finally get Tongli at around 1915. The sun just set.

The night at Tongli is amazing – my personal advice for anyone who want to visit a historic town like Tongli, Zhouzhuang or Luzhi 甪直 have to go there at night. The village looks so nice with all doors (the doors for shops) closed and all visitors just left the town – I didn’t see anyone in the town during my stay.

The next day, I started late at 0800 and arrived in another historic town Mudu 木渎 at noon. Having lunch there, I completed the last 3 km from Mudu to Xukou 胥口. It was so hot at the time I arrived – 34 degrees C or even higher since 1400 is the hottest time for the day and there is no tree alone the road. After that, it seems no possible for me to get back home within that day and I have to get back since I have already booked my flight to Beijing early next morning. So I ride back for a while and took the bus from Suzhou to Shanghai. As luck would have it, there is a car model called “North” from Neoplane. It is large enough to accomendate my bike and I left Suzhou on bus from 1820 and arrived at around 2000.

Below are technical metrics of the trip

Dst = Distance (km)

Av = Average speed (km/h)

Mx = Maxium speed (km/h)

Odo = Odometer (km)

Tm = Riding time (hh:mm:ss)

Nw = record time (hh:mm)

8815 Huqingping 沪青平 Rd.

Dst 54.95

Av 15.8

Mx 33.3

Ca 574.8

Odo 65.5

Tm 3:28:30

Nw 12:44

Zhouzhuang 周庄

Dst 81.00

Tongli 同里

Dst 97.30

Av 15.1

Mx 33.3

Ca 1010.7

Odo 107.9

Tm 6:24:27

Mudu 木渎

Dst 139.73

Av 15.2

Mx 43.4

Ca 1439.9

Odo 150.3

Tm 9:04:23

Nw 13:37

Taihu @ Xukou 胥口

Dst 147.72

Av 15.3

Mx 43.4

Ca 152.41

Odo 1581.3

Nw 14:26


Below: Reached Zhouzhuang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: My bike and I on the bridge in Zhouzhuang 周庄.

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: Early morning (3:40 AM) in Tongli.

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: Too tried so I lied down on the ground on my way from Suzhou to Mudu 木渎

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: Finally reached the destination – Taihu.

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: It is the hottest day of this year. It was 34 degrees C. When this picture is taken, it is 2:00 PM, the hottest time of the day.

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: Boats waiting on Taihu to enter the river.

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

© Jian Shuo Wang

Below: returned from Taihua, on the bus from Hangzhou to Shanghai

© Jian Shuo Wang

PVG: From Pudong Airport to Nanjing

It is hard to find the answer to this question on the Internet:

How can I go to Nanjing from Shanghai Pudong Airport?

I definitely know the problem people meet. This can be seen from my website log. A lot of people are searching hard for terms like Pudong Airport to Nanjing train. :-)

I hope this page will help you if you are among the many to seek for the result.

Locations of Pudong Airport and Nanjing

Before I offer the route, I suggest you to take a look at my hard work – the map of East China. Thanks for NASA‘s Visiable Earth project, I created the map below using the satellite image of the eastern China cities AND the Pudong Airport.

On the map, the dark spots are cities. The right most largest brown sport is your Shanghai. From Shanghai and moving westward, you will pass Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and at last, arrive in Nanjing. This map will give you clear concept about how far Shanghai and Najing is and the relative locations for the two cities.

Pudong Airport is far from the downtown Shanghai. I marked it with a red dot on the map. Yes. There are still 40 km from PVG (Shanghai Pudong Airport) to downtown Shanghai.

How many options do I have to go to Nanjing?

Well. Based on my current information, there is no direct bus or train connecting the airport and the city of Nanjing. Here are your options:

  1. By Bus

  2. By train
  3. By taxi

(listed in order of recommend level)

By bus

As I said, there is no direct bus to Nanjing, but there are at Hong Qiao Airport. Well, we meet the new name – Hong Qiao Airport. Where is it?

Again, I mark it on another satellite image of Shanghai since I trust what the land really looks like more than maps. It is a pitty that the image scope is small and I cannot mark Pudong Airport directly on the map. Fortunately, you can get some idea by referencing the two satellite maps with each other.


Credit: NASA. Used with permission

In case you want to see the runway of the airport more clearly, here are the image:



There are 50 km between the two airport. You can take the Airport Bus Route #1 to get there.

Price: 22 RMB / 2.65 USD

I have a special page for the buses. It is clean and comfort. See picture below. Bus interval is 15 minutes.

After you arrive in Hongqiao Airport, you can take the bus to Nanjing at the same bus stop of Airport Bus Route No.1.

Price from HongQiao to Nanjing: 20 USD (Actual price should be cheaper since the source I got included $8 for handling fee)

By train

If you are first time visitor, don’t try to go there by train since the railway station is very confusing. If you do want to take this route, here are some suggestions:

  1. Take airport bus route No. 5 to Shanghai Railway Station (marked on the map). Price: 18 RMB /

    2.16 USD

  2. Buy train tickets there. There are many trains to Nanjing eveyday – with average interval of less than one hour. I suggest you to take T712 (SH14:10->NJ17:20). See my previous experience.

By taxi

If you do want a comfortable trip, AND you don’t care too much about money, hire a taxi and ask the driver to take you directly to Nanjing. Most drivers will be more than happy to do that if it is not too late. Let me check the average price and be back with you.


Use the comment system below if you have any question regarding the trip. Not surprisingly, I will not garentee an answer. :-)

This is part of the series article on Pudong Airport to help visitors to the airport. After SARS, the traffic in Pudong airport dramatically increased, so does page views of my Pudong Airport website and query emails I got. If anyone interested in volunteering to gather more information or help to answer emails, please send email to me. Please be advised that I reserve the right to publish your email with your name if you don’t instruct me not to do it in the mail.

Q: Arriving late to PVG


Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2003 8:44 AM

Subject: PVG-> Nanjing question

Hello, Jianshuo,

I appreciate your website a lot. It provides lots of info. for visitors to Shanghai. Although I am not a first time visitor to Shanghai, I have not been there for a while and don’t keep up with the changes. Could you help me with the following question?

I will arrive in Shanghai PVG at about 5:50pm. It may be about 7pm by the time I claim my luggage and check out the customs. I wonder if there is still ‘route 1′ bus (via Hongqiao Airport) available to Nanjing by then? When is the last bus from Hongqiao Airport to Nanjing? How long does it take? If I decide to take a taxi, how much should I expect to pay?

Thanks and have a good weekend.


Daisy, you are right that after you claim your luggage and check out the customs, it should be 7:00 PM at least. (Maybe you are aware of that you check out the customer BEFORE you claim the luggage.)

According to Pu Dong Airport Bus Services (+86-21-68346612) via Pudong Airport Service Hotline +86-21-68341000, via Yellow Page Service +86-21-114), the scheduled last bus leaving Pudong Airport is 11:00 PM and the interval is about 30 minutes at night. They provide serivce that as long as there are still flights operating at the airport (due to delay), the airport bus will be available. It stops until that passengers from the last flight arrive.

I just got the latest information that buses from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Nanjing started operation recently. You can find the bus at Gate 19 of the Arrival Level. There are 6 schedule every day.

From: Pudong Airport To Nanjing

Departs at





Price: 122 RMB

Time: About 5 hours

Bus stop location: The Bus Center at the opposite side of Gate 19 of Arrival Hall

Note: It will stop at the Hong Qiao Airport to pick up more passengers before they continue the journey to Nanjing

The bus from Shanghai to Nanjing at Hong Qiao Airport will stop operation after 7:00 PM. So it is impossible for you to catch it considering the 1 hour transportation from PVG (Pudong Airport) to SHA (Hong Qiao Airport).

If you take taxi, it is about 1300 RMB (150 USD). You can call a taxi at PVG. I am sure the taxi will be extremely happy to send you there since this will be a very big business for him/her. However, some one may ask you to pay the money back from Nanjing to Shanghai (almost the same money) since they need to come back with an empty car. You may need to negotiate on this. I know you can also send an email to and they will arrange reliable taxi drivers for you and negotiate the best price for you.


Jian Shuo Wang

Updated Latest Bus Information September 22, 2004

Here is the updated information of the bus to nearby cities.

Hangzhou 100 RMB 1030 1200 1330 1530 1730 1930

Qing Tian 青田 192 RMB 1310

Kun Shan (via Hong Qiao Airport) 76RMB 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 1630 1730 1830 1930

Suzhou (via Hong Qiao Airport) 82RMB 1050 1150 1250 1350 1440 1520 1610 1650 1750 1850

Wuxi (via Hong Qiao Airport) 100 RMB 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620 1720 1820

Zhangjiagang (via Hong Qiao Airport) 110 RMB 1140 1250 1440 1540 1740

Nanjing (via Hong Qiao Airport) 122 RMB 1120 1320 1510 1640 1840

If there is any conflict between this table to other time table, this one should be more accurate since I recorded the time table from the poster of the ticket office at Pudong Airport for my visitors.

PVG: Car Rental Service

GL asked: Is there any car rental service in Shanghai Pudong Airport?

Yes. You can rent a car at Shanghai Pudong Airport easily. Your familiar car renting company AVIS has came to Shanghai.


You can call their reservation phone number 86-21-6229-1119 to contact AVIS.

AVIS Pudong Airport Office:

Phone: 86-21-68346668

Fax: 86-21-38480736

Office Hour: 8:30-17:00, Monday to Friday

Tip: If you are in U.S., diall 011-86-21-68346668 to reach the office. Shanghai is located at GMT +8 zone.


Volkswagen Santana 2000, 370 RMB or 45 USD

Passat, 520 RMB or 63 USD

Buick G: 600 RMB or 72 USD

Buick GL8: 680 RMB or 82 USD


Volkswagen Passat. Credit:


Buick GL8. Credit:

Tip: 1 USD = 8.3 RMB

Above price is RMB/day if rent within one week. If you rent longer, the price will be lower. Source: (Chinese site)

Disclaimer: The information provided is for your reference only. There is no garrentee for the accuracy of the information. This personal site is not affiliation of the sites mentioned.