Microsoft in China

This is the mail I replied to my friend seeking for internship position in Microsoft in China

Hi xxx,

Thank you for visiting my web site and your interest in Microsoft internship program. I have forward your resume to our HR manager. First thing you need to know about Microsoft in China is that Microsoft has four independent organizations in China, namely, Microsoft (China) Ltd., Microsoft Global Engineering Center, Microsoft R&D Center in China, Microsoft Asia Research Center.

Microsoft (China) Ltd. is a subsidiary focusing is on sales and marketing. Just like Microsoft (Singapore) or Microsoft (Malaysia), there are positions like sales, marketing, channel manager, product manager. Typically, they do NOT offer summary internship position. Visit It is located in Beijing and has branches in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Microsoft R&D Center is located in Beijing focusing on localization, localized test for Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) version of Microsoft product. It also owns Chinese specific product like PinYin IME, Chinese word breaker? There are some summary intern positions there.

Microsoft Asia Research Center is the famous research organization, formerly held by Kai Fu Lee. It is a pure research organization and has lots of summary internship opportunities. A lot of students from Tsing Hua and Peking Univ. got internship position there. It is also located in Beijing.

Microsoft Global Engineering Center (a.k.a. GTEC), the organization I am in, is mainly the support center serving Microsoft customers around the world. We support customers in Asia region, helping other Microsoft subs in other countries in Asia. We act as escalation center focusing enterprise customers. We also support customers in U.S., with a very long product line. Recently, we began to support Europe and Australia. Besides the support business, there are more and more other opportunities so many projects are going on within the organization. It is a very successful organization led by Dr. Jun Tang. There are internship program in GTEC. GTEC is located in Xu Jia Hui of Shanghai.

Knowing this, you may want to choose an organization you are interested in and send resume to the right place.


Jian Shuo Wang

Project Manager

Microsoft Global Engineering Center

P.S. This entry was previously published on Thursday, January 10, 2002

Web Construction History

Here, I would like to release a construction history log for your reference. As you can see, the site continues its growth since the first page is created back to 11/12/2001. Up to today, this site contains 377 all kinds of files, including 257 photos/pictures and 120 web pages. The total size reaches 14,541KB.


Date source: FrontPage report Created at January 8, 2002 by Jian Shuo Wang

P.S. This entry was previously published at 2002-01-08 20:42:51

Attended Media Conference in Microsoft

The 30 medias cover almost all famous national wide or Shanghai local newspapers and television, such as CCTV, Guang Ming Daily, China Youth Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, CEO&CIO, Xin Hua News Agency, China News Service,

People’s Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, Computer World, China Infoworld, China Business, Global Entrepreneurs, Jie Fang Daily, Wen Hui Daily, Xin Min Weekly, Xin Min Evening News, Shanghai Morning Post, Orient TV, Shanghai TV, and Shanghai Online.

I presented “Growing with GTEC?on my experience in Microsoft and Microsoft culture such as passion for technology, customer focused and broad opportunities.

Afterward, I was interviewed by Miss Huang Qinlei from Shanghai Broadcasting Network. The topic is about my experience in Microsoft, the training mechanism in Microsoft and employee life.

The report on China Youth Daily

For complete report, please visit web site of China Youth Daily.

Hereby, I would like to correct the fact in the report.I didn’t visited tens of countries as stated in the report. The number 2000 is not the number of customers. It is the number of cases.

The report on Economy Observer

For complete report, please visit web site of Sina.

Hereby, I would like to correct the fact in the report.It seems the reporter mixed the fact that I appeared only in the media conference held in Shanghai and the Beijing event. The fact is, I didn’t go to Beijing with Jun at that time.

Report on China Central Television Channel 4

P.S. This entry was previously published at 2001-11-30 20:35:04

5 Easy Ways to Find Out This Site

Sometime to find a long lost friend is not easy. You don’t have his phone number

and you forget his email. Maybie it is the situation when you want to contact me

after several months or years. To prevent this from happening, I am trying to list my

name on many directories as possible (both on the web and using traditional

ways) so you can reach me wherever you are and whenever you want. Now what I

need to do is to tell you who to ask if you lost my contact information one day.

New! A new method to access added

Directly type "Jian Shuo Wang" or "Jian

Shuo" or "wangjianshuo" in IE

toolbar. You will find my name listed #1 in as result.

1. Dial 114 and ask for phone number of Jian Shuo Wang

I have asked the Shanghai Telecom to list my home phone in the 114 directory.

The most convenient way to locate me is to dial 114 (021-114 if you are not in

Shanghai) and ask for the phone number of me. By the way, if you want to list

yours, dial 1000 for residents in Shanghai.

2. Search for in

You will get tens of result from Yahoo!. Pick up the one which leads you to

my homepage at

and you will find my contact information at [Contact Information] section.

3. Search for Jian Shuo Wang or

Wang Jian Shuo in any search engine

At least it works on,…, more and more search engines

are listing this web site now.

4. The most easy way, remember this web site

You will find all the information you need about me on this web site. It is

updated frequently.

5. Contact my friends and ask.

I don’t concern too much about my privacy. You can easily get my contact

information from my friends if you remember any of their names. If any one asks

for my mobile number or email address, just feel free to tell him/her.

What if I forgot your name? I only remember I once hit an interesting

personal web site?

It is usual that you visit a web site, feel it interesting, want to go back

and …. you don’t remember the URL or the name. There is no keyword to search

in Yahoo!, there is no hints so that you can ask others? What can you do?

Check the History of your browser. Press Ctrl+H in your browser to call the

history pane if you are using Internet Explorer. Take a look at the items in

history list one by one, carefully. If you are lucky, you can find it.

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Business Travel to Changsha

December 01, 2001. Chang Sha

Starting from December 03, I will travel to Chang Sha to deliver training. This is my first time to Chang Sha, also the first time to Hu Nan province. I will leave Shanghai by flight MU5301 at 15:30 and return to Shanghai by flight CZ3867 at 12:40 on December 05, 2001.

I will post more pictures about Chang Sha when I am back.

December 02, 2001 Chang Sha

I arrived in Chang Sha and was hosted in Huang Tian Hotel.

On plane. I was at

22A, a window seat. It is the emergency exit.

Wow. What

a cool digital camera. I just hold it, pointing to me and took a photo like

this. I mean the bird eye is really bird eye.

Wow. What a cool digital camera. I just hold it, pointing to me and took a photo like this. I mean the bird eye is really bird eye.

P.S. This post was previously published at 2001-12-02 18:04:34

I am on My Trip to Daocheng, the lost Shangrila

Note: This weblog will be paused from Sept 29 to Oct 6.

I will be away from the Internetized world for the next 8 days. From 6:00 AM tomorrow, I will be on my way to Daocheng, the lost Shangrila in China.

The small town is at the west part of Sichuan. The scene is exteremely beautiful. I am taking my cameras with me so I can share my photos with you when I come back. It will take me more than one day to get there by bus. Some areas can only be reached by horses. I may not be able to access computer or Internet there — actually, the mobile phone does not work in most areas and some of the towns I am going to tour are not covered by the electronic power network.

Sorry for the pause, but I will defintely share the best pictures you have ever seen with you as soon as I am back after Oct 6.

Hotels in Chengdu

This is my forth day in Chengdu, the capital of the south-west province of China.

I am very supprised by the poor service quality of a four-star hotel here (Xi Yu Business Hotel). It seems all the people here are very nice, very happy to help, but, there is no process and some of them are not professional. The operators yelling at me on the phone, the laundry fee must be paid in cash, no tea or orange juice for breakfast, and no equipment is completely work…

Based on this experience and those in Wuhan, I believe it is the time for me to set the right expectation for a four star hotel. Five star means perfection or near perfection – the expection is unlimited, but for any non-five-star hotel, the expectation should be set correctly to avoid depress.

BTW, Chengdu Sheraton is very good. It has a grant lobby and the elevator and rooms are very nice. It will be definitely a good choice to stay.

My Site Remains Illegal in China

Notice: You are reading an illegal site in China.

Today, I received an email from Hichina Corp. (Chinese site). I am their client for domain names. They reminded me that I report and register for my web site – yes, for my personal web site.

China State Concil Order 292

The order (unofficial English translation) came into effort two years ago, namely, Oct 1, 2000. (via the explaination of Paul McKenzie in his article China’s State Council Issues New Rules Governing “Internet Information Services”)

Article 3. There are two types of Internet information services, namely business-oriented and non-business oriented services.

Business-oriented Internet information services refer to service activities such as the provision of information or Web page creation for online users via the Internet for compensation.

Non-business oriented Internet information services refer to the service activities of providing public and shared information to online users via the Internet without compensation.

My site belongs to the category of nonbusiness oriented site. In the regulations issued by Shanghai government, it is explicitly expressed that all personal web site, as long as it has a dedicated domain name, is required to carry out filing procedures.

Article 8. All those who engage in non-business oriented Internet information services shall carry out filing procedures at the telecommunications administration authority at the level of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government or at the authority in charge of information industry under the State Council. When carrying out filing procedures, the following materials shall be submitted:

(1) basic particulars concerning the sponsoring unit and the person responsible for the Web site;

(2) address of the Web site and its services;

(3) where services fall within the scope set forth in Article 5 hereof, the approval documents already obtained from the relevant competent authorities.

As I understand, it is my responsibility to file my site since my site operates in China.

Article 4: No one may engage in Internet information services without obtaining a license or completing filing procedures.

Article 19: If any person engages in non-business oriented Internet information services without completing the filing procedures or provides services exceeding the filed scope of services in violation of these Measures, the telecommunications administrative authority at the level of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government shall order correction within a prescribed time limit. In the event of a refusal to correct, the Web site shall be ordered to close.

Sure. I need to file my web site, as stated by the Order 292. I decided.

With whom I need to register? A question not easy to answer

The first problem is to locate the government authorities who accept the application. I asked Shanghai Informaiton Administration, and Shanghai telecom, and any telephone I believe is right. After about about ten calls, I finally figured out I need to send filing application to Shanghai Communication Adminstration (Chinese site). I begin to wonder, why it is so difficult to follow the Order.

Unrealistic requirements

On the web site (Chinese site), I found it is almost impossible for me or anyone who like me to meet the requirements to file. The Order issued by Shanghai Communication Administration (SHCA) requires:

  1. All web sites, including personal web sites, as long as it has an independent domain name, are required to file. Actually, it is impossible. The domain names registered is boosting. If I understand it correctly, every domain name owner need to go to SHCA to register for the domain name again in SHCA again, which is a exteremely large number. I don’t know the exact number, but I believe it is far beyond the processing ability of the Administration. It is even more sure if you know the process for filing – it is all done manually now.

  2. An annual review of the license is required for each site. The time ranges is Dec to Jan of next year. I am afraid the annual review itself will be a big problem if all domain name owners rush the administation in the two month window.
  3. The application should be sent to SHCA 60 days before the launch of the web site. I garentee no one will wait for two months just for this license and postpone the launch of a personal web site.
  4. Detailed information for at least two persons responsible for the BBS is required. Really hard for me. According to the definition, the comment system included in MovableType is also type of BBS. It requires to person who administrating it. I have to write down my name and my GF’s name in this column.
  5. A dedicated Information Security Specialist is required for any one who provide information service on Internet. An Information Security Specialist must hold a certificate named “Computer Information Network Security Specialist Training Graduation Certificate” issued by Shanghai Policy. I never heard of the certificate and don’t want to hire any body for my personal web site, but I am obviously not a “dedicated” Security Specialist. Again, is it possible for any company in Shanghai who has a web site to attend a single training? I believe it is only joking, not a very serious requirement.
  6. All web site need to post a logo at the right-bottom corner of your web site. This one is very reasonable. If you want to see the logo, you can check Yahoo! China is always a very good citizen in China. I found it always stand up and follow any regulation from the government recently. Just when Google is banned, Yahoo! switched to
  7. Any organization or person who has aquired a license SHALL NOT link to any site without the license. It is another intersting requirement. It seems our good citizen Yahoo! will have trouble, since I don’t think all the site listed in its directory has a license.
  8. No web site will pass the annual review when: 1. it is infected by virus for many times with bad results, or 2. it is hacked for many times, 6. it links to any ICP without an ICP license. It seems no web site in the world can pass the annual review unless it has only one required logo.

After carefully reviewed the regulation, I found myself hopeless to get a license. Later, I decide to have a try, even though my site didn’t meet any of the requirements.

The final call – no money, no registration

When I call SHCA to ask for procedures to get a license, the operator told me to download the Word documents from their web site first. It is very cool the government is going electronic. Good job.

Later, she told me that I need to mail it to SHCA. Fax, email or another other method is not accepted. OK. I will send it out. I decided.

Then, the girl continues: “We will inform you to come to SHCA to hand in the money”.

Money? What money? Do I need to spend money on that? The answer is simple, it is free to registeration, but 500 RMB (60 USD) is required to publish a notice on newspapers. No monay, no registration.

Now it seems I am totally hopeless to get a license. I don’t want to pay the money, it is more expensive than my domain name + my hosting + ……

Most Importantly, Is the License that Imporant?

The Order 292 came into effect on Oct 1, 2000. It claimed that only 60 days time window is given before any unofficial web site is forced to stop operation. After 60 days, nothing happened.

On Nov 25, 2002, SHCA issued an order with strong voice: all sites without the license will be disconnected after Jan 31, 2001. ISP MUSTNOT provide service to these web site. Nothing happened.

On May 22, 2002, SHCA issued a third order that all site who has no ICP license should be shutdown by SHCA before June 10, 2002. After that deadline, nothing happened.

Actaully, I am very confused when I am facing this embarrasing situation. I am reviewing an Order that is impossible for me to follow. I guess 99% of personal web site cannot reach the requirements and not all business-oriented site can reach it. The order has some problem in itself.

To be or not to be, it is a question

Pardon me if I am too serious on the regulations. I am analysising it in a very interesting manner. If I did take the regulations seriously, I may have three choices:

1. Shutdown the web site immediately.

- or -

2. Do not use a domain. Register a free space without a domain name. The regulations say, such personal web sites don’t need to file.

- or -

3. Follow the requlations. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Shutdown the site for 60 days

  • Hire a dedicated “Information Security Specialist”
  • Send him to the training
  • Pay for the training so he can get the certiciate (or I quit my job to be a dedicated Security Specialist for my site)
  • Hire two more person who will be responsibile to monitor the comments posted and delete anything the law or the order does not permit. – I have only 1 comments every two or three days.
  • Filling out the form and send it to SHCA.
  • Hand in 500 RMB and wait my site appears in the long list of web site on major newspapers.
  • Get the license, if everything goes smoothly.
  • Remove my link to any page out side China – they don’t have an ICP license yet.
  • Remove my link to all my friends in China. I don’t remember they have a license yet.

After that, my site is legal, it will not have the risk to be shutdown “immediately”. After that, I am already mad. Moved Out of my Home

This is the quickest decision I have ever made in my life – apply a hosting service for my blog

Why so urgent

My site has been down for more than 24 hours. It is not acceptable for my site. Although it is a personal web site without any sponsor, I am still want to keep it as stable as possible. But 24 hours downtime has made the avaiablility of the site to be less than 99.7%. The commercial web site is targeting to 99.99% availability. I need to fix it, as soon as possible. is a good company

Thanks for Google (Chinese site), I found in the first page of the result.

I’d like to especially thank Miss Cao who helped me a lot during the setup of the web site in 24 hours – from sending the cash to the company, to setting the domain name system, and to configuring the Perl with the required modules by Movable Type.

The price is pretty good, 380 RMB (45 USD) for one year’s hosting for Perl, ASP and PHP. It is fine for me since it is still cheap after I compared the price between hosting it in ISP and in home. provides a very good report on the history hosting of this web site. From the report, you can monitor the hosting change:

Web Server and Hosting History for

OS Server Last changed IP address Netblock Owner

Windows 2000 Microsoft-IIS/5.0 26-Sep-2002 Shanghai Telecom Co. Qingpu Telecom Breaure