The Scare of Shanghai Heals

One part of travel is to see the other side of the world (like my recent two travels), and the other interesting part is to leave Shanghai for 10 days and get back to see how things change quickly. It is always good to get a reasonable distance from daily life, and when back, you discover more changes than you are always there.

This time, the change is the roads.

In preparation of Shanghai Expo 2010, which is just 2 months away, huge constructions spread out through out the city. That includes new elevated highways, improvement of current roads, and new metro stations. In early or March, many of the constructions are completed, and the scare of the city heals quickly, and perfectly.

Zhaojiabang Road

Zhaojiabang Road 肇嘉浜路 is one of the road that is impacted most. The 7 something new metro stations make it almost impossible to navigate, and delays directly caused our decision to move from Pudong to Puxi.

I took a taxi yesterday. The same road is back to its original status, and even better. The road is newly paved, and the lanes were marked with freshly painted white lines. That kind of “brand new” feeling is so strong, that I just would love to drive my cars there. The metro station is finished leaving many exits with Metro signs.

Other Roads

The other roads I paid particular attending includes the South Yanggao Road 杨高南路, and Longyang Road 龙阳路. The elevated highway and viaducts were completed, and the crowded roads suddenly become pretty empty with the new addition of the same size of capacity (but without red lights).

Good. Good. Shanghai started to become charming again.

1 thought on “The Scare of Shanghai Heals

  1. JS,

    You’ve made the right decision to move closer to your work. Just imagine how much time and money (gasoline/car maintainance/taxi fares etc) you will save from not having to struggle with the horrific traffic jams each day. Many people fail to calculate the economic value of their time by moving far away from the city or their work just because they can live in bigger or newer houses. In addition, you get to see Wendy and Yifen that many more hours from not having to travel far to work.


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