Pigeon Point Lighthouse

At the west coast of US, there is a lighthouse called Pigeon Point. Wendy and I arrived at that lighthouse at a dark night, thinking we were in the middle of nowhere.

We were driving lonely around 9:00 PM along the CA-1, planing to leave San Francisco the second day. Along the dark route, we only can barely hear the wave of ocean on the left, from deep down the cliffs.

Then there is light far away – the lighthouse. The house is always there, shining inn the dark, with reflection of the light on the surface of the ocean.

We have passed the lighthouse, but out of curiosity, I made an U turn when possible, and got back to a spur road leading to the lighthouse. That was pretty adventurous drive, since we didn’t know anything about it, and didn’t know what to expect. At the foot of the road, an old badge read: “Pigeon Point”.

It turned out the lighthouse was not lonely. At the foot of the lighthouse is an Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. From the number of cars parked outside the hostel, we understood the hostel is more of a happy home, instead of a perfect background for a criminal scene.

We really wanted to get a room in that hostel, but the nice reception told us he had nothing left in that area. Anyway, we spent some time at the lighthouse, watching the stars on the Pacific ocean and listening to the “sound of waves crashing the Pacific coast”, as the hostel website put it.

I hope one day I can get back to the lonely Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Many really great scenes are on the road, without any planning, and without any expectation. Only afterward you realized how beautiful it is.

Photo by (nz)dave

Shanghai is Hot and Humid

After a week of incredibly nice weather, and beautiful sky, Shanghai returned to its gray, hot, and humid nature of summers.

Currently, the temperature of Shanaghai is 35°C, and humidity is 53%. I often pay more attention to temperature (well, this time, the visit to US enforced my attention to this metrics), but generally ignore humidity.

What does 53% means? I need to find out later. According to Wikipedia article on Humidity, “Shanghai and Hong Kong in China also have a extreme humid period in their summer months”. It is talking about weather like today. The 6km SW wind does not help at all.

Visiting Shanghai these days? Bad choice.

P.S. I am still keeping the sleep early and raise early theme after getting back to the States. The jet lag on the way back always helped to keep me an early raiser for a week or two before I return to my normal status. The key learning is, the only way to raise early is to go to bed early enough that you cannot fall asleep easily (an indicator that you slept early enough).