I am a Patient Patient

Let me explain what is the “Last tooth in mouth”. :-) It is the inner most tooth, that just grew out last week. In China, people call it “The Tooth of Wisdom”. However, it is troublesome, really troublesome.

I went to hospital three times these days, and my body temperature was as hight as 39.8 C.

If it were stock price of a company, I believe many shakeholders will be happy, but for me, stakeholders, including me and Wendy, were not happy.

These two days, I was a patient. A very patient patient. It is the most serious health problem in my last 10 years. Can you imagine that I sit at my living room (and sometimes sleep) for the whole day on Saturday without doing anything? I believe I havn’t do so at least in the last 10 years. :-D

Anyway, water and medicine help, and now I am pretty good. The temperature has get down to less than 38 C. Hope I will be fine soon.

15 thoughts on “I am a Patient Patient

  1. hehe, bless your tooth, I pulled one of that wisdom teeth last year and almost cost me $300….in U.S.

  2. i had all 4 taken out at once back home… total cost was $250. luckily insurance covered it. universal health care is greeeeeat!

  3. If that was the worst health problem you have had in 10 years, that means your health is (in spite of this) pretty good.

    Hope you will recover soon! Good luck!

  4. Thanks everyone. I feel much better this afternoon (so I can sit down at my computer for several minutes). I guess I am able to go to work tomorrow. :-D I hope so.

  5. “The Tooth of Wisdom” is a general troublesome to everyone, don`t worry.

    One of the most important thing currently is rest to you, don`t try to force yourselft to go to work at once.

    Good luck!

  6. I had my four tooth taken away before, for sure not at one time.Felt myself like a helpless hippo to the “Zoo keeper” when the dentist put his jaw in my mouth.Poor guy,take care.

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